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Monday, June 2, 1997
by SunsetBum

Ben's House
(outside the house) Playing on Meg's fears over Maria's room, Tim and Annie put their schemes into action once again. ("locked room") Meg still unable to get out of the room, sits and begins to read Maria's journal. As she reads of the love between Ben and Maria, Meg wonders what has actually occurred in the room. (living room) Ben stares at the painting and ask Maria why she couldn't just let him go~

Richards' Mansion
Gregory receives a phone call and races out of the house. As he leaves Bette is arriving. Olivia fears that Gregory has found Cole.

Sunset Beach Police Station
Cole refers to Elaine as mother. Elaine listens as Cole told her why he returned to Sunset Beach. When Elaine tries to convince her son to leave before Gregory locates him, Cole refuses.

Deschanel Cottage
Madame Deschanel assures Caitlin that Cole will return as he promised her. Caitlin and Julianna discuss the qualities of the Deschanel men over tea. As Caitlin's concerns of Cole's safety grow, Julianna told her story of how she waited for Armondo's return. Caitlin, fearing that she will have the same fate, refuses to stand by and do nothing. Caitlin calls home to talk to her mom.

Sunset Beach Police Station
Cole apologizes to Elaine for not believing her earlier. Elaine listens as Cole told how he left Sunset Beach confirm things with his grandmother. Cole tells Elaine that Madame Deschanel admitted to hiring Del to kidnap him when he was an infant. Elaine takes comfort in knowing that Cole finally knows the truth. Cole gives Elaine all the letters that she has written to AJ. Cole explains to his mother that AJ disappeared before he had received the letters or learned of his birth. Cole plans to take the stand on Elaine's behalf. Cole told his mother that his grandmothers actions are unforgivable. Elaine tells Cole that she doesn't want him to appear in court. Elaine pleads with Cole to leave Sunset Beach before Gregory locates him. Determined to support his mother, Cole doesn't want to leave. He assures Elaine that Caitlin is safe. Gregory walks in. As Gregory calls for Officer Ruiz to arrest Cole, Elaine pleads for Gregory drop the charges.

Richards' Mansion
Bette and Olivia discuss the repercussions of Caitlin finding out about her mothers affair with Cole. Olivia feels that Cole will probably tell all if back into a corner. Bette suggest that maybe if Cole loves Caitlin enough, he will keep quiet. As these two friends continue to reminisce of past mistakes and infidelities, Olivia fears that this one could ruin her marriage. Olivia hopes that she never sees Cole again.

Ben's House
(living room) Not knowing about their scheme, Annie and Tim arrive to try and talk Ben into leaving the house. Interrupted by a phone call, Ben heads upstairs to get a folder from his office. Annie sarcastically ask Tim, " now what?" ("locked room") Meg continues to read the journal about Ben and Maria's wedding day, when she hears a noise outside the door. (view from hallway shows shadow on the outside of the "locked room" door) Meg tries to decide what she should do, she tries to open the door the door again. Realizing someone has unlocked the door, Meg shuts out the light and leaves. Trying to find a way out of the house, Meg scales the outside wall. (living room) Annie and Tim continue to place concern of Meg in Ben's mind. Ben calls around to see if he could locate her. All to no avail, he decides to go look for Meg. As he opens the front door, Ben finds Meg on the porch. Meg told Ben she came to pick up the fax he mentioned to her earlier. Tim and Annie are puzzled over Meg. Tim leaves to go to work. Ben leaves to check on the fax.

Deschanel Cottage
Cailtin calls home and learns that her father has located Cole. She and Cole's grandmother plan to make a trip to Sunset Beach.

Ben's House
Meg confronts Annie about her scheme. Meg blames Annie for locking her in the room upstairs. Annie told Meg that she was with Aunt Bette. As Meg reminds her that she has used this same alibi before, Ben walks in. When Meg begins to explain things to Ben, Bette walks in and confirms Annie's story. Meg is confused and before Annie leaves she makes a point to mention that Ben was home all night.

Richards' Mansion
Caitlin walks in and announces that Gregory has caught Cole. Olivia tries to confort her daughter. Gregory, Officer Ruiz and Cole arrive. Gregory parades Cole around the living room to allow Caitlin to tell him goodbye before he is expedited to Europe. Cole warns Gregory not to come between him and Caitlin or he will regret it. When Gregory refuses, Cole blurts out that he has slept with both Caitlin and Olivia. Caitlin is stunned and runs out. Gregory is furious and calls Olivia a tramp. He told Olivia to get out of the house. (The phone rings and wakes Olivia up from a dream) Cole calls Olivia and threatens to tell all if she doesn't do something about Gregory.

Sunset Beach Police Station
(Elaine's cell) Elaine thinks of Cole and AJ. (counsel room) Olivia walks in on Gregory and Cole. Pleading for Cole, Olivia ask Gregory to drop the charges. As Cole continues to tell Gregory how he drove Caitlin away, Olivia faints. When she comes to, Gregory accuses Cole of causing the stress on Olivia. Caitlin arrives.

Annie's Home
Tim and Annie discuss their plan again. Annie told Tim how Meg is now thinking that Ben has locked her in the room.

Ben's House
Meg told Ben that she will be leaving now. Ben shares with Meg that he has had alot on his mind lately. He offers to walk her home. Meg says no. She leaves and Ben comments to himself on Meg's strange behavior. On the porch, Meg talks to herself about how she cares for Ben.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

The show opens with Michael and Virginia packing and unpacking boxes getting Cole and Caitlin are back in one another's arms. Caitlin told her father she will never forgive him for arresting Cole. Mark and Casey are talking and Casey is looking for Rae. Mark told him that he has a package from Alex. Casey told Mark about trying to get Rae back in good graces with her parents. Mark told him that Casey would be the first person that Rae would have wanted to see. In a restaurant, Rae meets with Wei-Lee and told him that it was a disaster meeting with her mother in San Francisco. She tells him that she needs to reconcile with them. At Michael's place, Jimmy is trying to cause problems with Michael and Vanessa in order to get her to come home. When she is talking to Jimmy, he implies that there is something going on between Michael and his mother. Michael is very upset and confronts Jimmy about Virginia. He told him that he is not after his mother. At the station, Paula is very upset that she is finding out about her brother through questioning him for a police arrest report. He promises her that after this is all over that they all will get to know each other. Caitlin and Olivia are trying to talk some sense into Gregory and he thinks that Caitlin is not thinking clearly with his heart. After a bitter arguement, Caitlin promises that Cole will stay in town and that there doesn't need to be a jail cell to keep him in town. Caitlin and her father finally draw a truce and he drops the charges against Cole. Little does Caitlin and Olivia know that he has something up his sleeve. Rae told Casey that they need to talk but not right now. She says that she wishes that she had married Wei-Lee and none of the problems would have occured. Virginia falls while standing on a ladder and Michael carries her off to the hospital because she is having trouble with her leg. As soon as the door shuts, the phone rings and it is Vanessa. Cole and Paula talk about the circumstances surrounding him with his arrest. They also talk about he and Caitlin. At the hospital, Mark sees Rae and asks if she wants him to find Casey who is looking for her.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Tim finds Annie basking in the sun and lights into her about not doing anything to break Ben and Meg up. Caitlin and Cole are looking through the newspapers looking for an apartment and Gregory walks in and told him that the two of them could stay there at the house. After the two lovers leave, you see Gregory smirking so we know he is up to something and he mumbles to himself. Olivia walks in and confronts him about what he is up to. Annie and Tim are still on the beach when Bette walks up to remind her that Elaine's hearing is today. Annie asks why men seem to love Miss Merry Sunshine and Tim has no trouble telling her what he finds attractive. Meg confides in Mark about her fear of Ben and that he is beginning to scare her. Annie has told Tim that she wants Meg to be a nervous wreck which is exactly what is happening. At the loft, Paula is afraid of what is going to happen to her mother at the hearing. Paula and Ricardo discuss the two of them working things out and having Gabi move out. Gabi overhears and told them that she has already made plans to move out that day. Paula told her that Elaine has a available room and that she will talk to her mother about having Gabi stay there. Paula leaves so Gabi and Ricardo discuss their feelings for her and how they need to keep it quiet about her being the woman Ricardo was with at the DEEP the night Paula was kidnapped. Gabi promises that she won't say anything to her but that she hopes that nobody else told her. Cole and Caitlin are talking about whether Gregory is being totally cool about everything. At the same time, back at the Richards' and Olivia is asking Gregory if he is going to keep his problem. Gregory gives her a lame answer, skirting around the issue. Cole told Caitlin that he is going to change his original plan of testifying at the trial. He say's that he going to talk to the judge in chambers. Caitlin admits that she can't trust her father and so that she completely supports Cole. Casey is moping around the house and has a flashback of Rae telling him that she wishes that she had married Wei-Lee. Michael walks in and is looking for Rae, Casey snaps at him. They talk about the relationship between both of the women that they care about. The two of them leave and Meg walks in. Mark told her that he doesn't think that Ben could have done anything wrong. She confides in him that she thinks that she is going crazy. Tim walks in and Mark heads to the DEEP at work. Tim puts Meg on the spot and asks if he interrupted him. At the jail, Cole, Paula, and Elaine are sharing some time together before the hearing and they bond. They talk about the feelings that Cole had growing up and that he is so glad that they have found each other and that he is happy that she is his mother. They also share some light bantering. It was a emotional moment that I cried, during which I cried through. Gregory gets a phone call from the judge's secretary telling him that something irregular has occurred regarding the Elaine Stevens case. Cole wants to speak to the judge in chambers since that he is going to be unable to make it to the hearing. Gregory calls someone that he wants to do something for him. Tim listens to Meg and told her that he was just checking on her and to find out how she was doing. At the Richards' house, Sean, Mark, and Tiffany are all talking about Ben letting Mark do some demo work. Olivia comes in and is looking for Caitlin and is worried because she can't find or get a hold of her. Cole and Caitlin are meeting at the beach discussing their plans to meet back to hit the road. Two thugs grab a hold of him and inject him with something and drag him off. At the courthouse, the hearing is about to begin and Bette is conferring with Eddie. Eddie told her that he has a lead on the financial advisor that took off her with her money. Bette is flirting with him and asking why he came all the way down to tell her instead of leaving a message. He told her that he has other business to attend to in the building. He went and has another round of barbs with Gabi. Meanwhile, Meg goes to Ben's house to talk things out with Ben. She hears a message from Mark that he's going to be late for a meeting. She went upstairs and starts reading Maria's diary again. Tim heads back to the beach and told Annie that Meg is about ready to crack. She is frantic when she finds out that Meg is planning to talk to Ben. The sexual attraction between these two is electric! Paula asks Eddie what he is doing down at the courthouse. Eddie tells of what he heard about at the gravesite. Sean and Olivia come to the courthouse and Olivia has another dizzy spell. The court hearing is about to begin and Cole is nowhere to be found. Caitlin is waiting on the beach while he is being shoved on a plane by the thugs. Meg finds a letter in the locked room and leaves, taking the letter with her. Meg comes downstairs and is reading the letter and finds out that Annie doesn't even know what the secret is that Maria is talking about. Annie is hysterical until she sees Meg fleeing from Ben's house and makes the observation that she looks distressed. At the courthouse, there is a flurry of apprehension about Cole not being at the hearing. Elaine and Paula are very nervous. Gregory is pretending to be distressed also. Meanwhile, Cole is handcuffed and still not awake on the plane that is headed to Europe. Will he make it to the courthouse in time?

Thursday, June 5, 1997
by Evonne

Rae thinks back about Saint Patrick’s Day and Casey. She is very distressed when Wei Lei rings the bell. She told Wei Lei she has made a decision to go back to San Francisco to confront her parents.

Later, after she is packed and ready to go, Rae writes a farewell note to Casey. As she is about to leave the note Casey arrives. Casey asks Rae what’s going on. She admits to a trip to San Francisco to try to work things out with her parents. He lets her know that he thinks she is leaving, possibly for good. Rae gets teary eyed and Casey gets mad. Casey asks Rae what about Wei Lei; doesn’t she know he still wants to marry her? Casey asks: what about Wei Lei, are you going to hold his hand, kiss him, sleep with him. Rae told him to stop it.

Wei Lei arrives to take a tearful Rae to the airport. As she is about to leave, she went to Casey, puts a hand on his arm, kisses him on the cheek and told him, “You will always be in my heart.”

Saddened, Casey went for a walk on the beach. Upon his return he discovers a suitcase in the living room. A woman comes downstairs and after some joking, Casey welcomes his mother home.

Friday, June 6, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Annie and Tim are at it again, trying to mess with Meg's mind. After being in the LOCKED ROOM, Meg went out onto the beach. She is a emotional mess and she runs into Mark. Mark talks with Meg and the two of them head back to the LOCKED ROOM. To Meg's disbelief, the room is in perfect order. The obviously distressed Meg feels that she has lost it and thinks Mark doesn't believe her. She went off into a tangent about everything that was wrong with the room. Mark looks at her and you can see that he wants to get out of there before getting caught.

The courthouse is packed as everyone is awaiting to see the outcome of the hearing. After a shocking closing argument in which Gregory calls Elaine a cold blooded murderer, (Cole is mad as a hornet until Gregory finishes the statement) but that there is not a person in the courtroom that would do anything different. Cole went to the stand and makes a very emotional plea for leniency for the mother he is just getting to know. He reads the letters that Madame Deschanel had given him. The judge leaves to go make her decision. Everyone shows their support to Elaine and hope that everything works out. Everyone that is, except Annie of course. The judge returns and renders her verdict which is three years of probation and 200 hours of community service. The crowd cheers and you can see the relief in Paula's face as she celebrates with her mother and Ricardo. Elaine feels so free and say's that she cant wait to get to know her son better. Unbeknownst to her, Cole is being whisked away to the station for questioning by Interpol. Caitlin is horrified and blames her father. Casey announces that there will be a party to celebrate at Surf Central. So they head back to get ready to party.

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