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Monday, June 9, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Alex pulls a note out of her knapsack and uses the phone and makes a call to check in with someone. Casey and Michael walk in and scare her. They tell her the news that Elaine will just be on probation. They start to get ready for the party. Alex is making a native drink as she claims. Michael says that the stuff tastes horrible. They referred to it as green mud. The party begins with Elaine being congratulated by Alex. Everyone is shocked to see her. Elaine and Alex run off to talk about Cole. Elaine is wondering where Cole is. Paula gets a call from Caitlin and finds out that Cole is being detained and that he is in trouble. Alex is in the kitchen and is hides the pills when Elaine comes in. She sends Elaine back to her party and is taking her pills when Michael comes in. She tries to dance her way around Michael. Elaine walks in and says how she can't wait to spend more time with Cole. Paula runs in and told her that Cole needs her. Meg walks in and asks Casey and Michael if Annie was at the courthouse and found out that she was. Mark and Meg talk about the situation to try to figure out what is going on.

Elaine, Bette, and Olivia are celebrating her verdict. Gregory holds Caitlin back as a shocked Cole is put under arrest. Ricardo told Elaine that he has never been so glad to see someone under arrest go free. Annie digs into Gregory about the fact that he got the one that killed her father, Del, off a murder rap. Elaine asks Gregory to lay off on Cole. He told her that she doesn't know what Cole has been keeping from her. Bette notices that Olivia is "looking a little green". Bette told Olivia that "nobody will find out about her and Cole if she keeps her mouth shut." Gregory calls an agent to find out the status of Cole heading to Europe. Cole told Caitlin to go and find Paula to help him. Caitlin is very ticked off. Gregory tells Olivia what is going on and her only response is "make sure that Caitlin is safe." We all know why she is glad that he is headed for Europe. There is a flurry of activity at the station as Ricardo and Paula run into the station and Cole is being dragged out of the station cuffed. Paula is going to get her mother. Caitlin is very angry at her father and Olivia looks confused and green. Cole told Caitlin to stay strong and that he will call. They share a moment alone with the officers keeping their eyes on them. Cole promises that he's not going to lose her.

Tim and Annie are conferring about Ben and she told him of Maria's anniversary that is the next day. He asks if Meg is in any danger.

Meg and Mark go into the "LOCKED ROOM" and it is spotless with no trace of any disarray to the room. Meg is convinced that she is going crazy. She first suspects that Annie is trying to gaslight her. Mark told her that they better get out of there before they get caught. Later on the beach, Meg is a nervous wreck is trying to figure things out. Mark tries to rationalize the situation. Mark told her that perhaps someone might be trying to scare her off. Mark told her that "she is not anymore crazy than the rest of the them." She says "thanks I think." After Mark takes off for THE DEEP, she returns back to Ben's house and gets scared just remembering what she saw in the locked room. She talks to Maria's picture and begs for some answers. Annie comes up and is listening on the deck and surprises Meg. She asks Meg "did Maria talk about to her." Annie and Meg are talking and they both don't know where Ben is. You can only imagine what Meg is thinking and feeling. Ben walks in and asks "what is going on?" Bern told them that Mark never showed up so he was stuck at work. They ask about the hand that he cut. He asks about the hearing. Ben is not in a good mood and Annie realizes that tomorrow is the anniversary or Maria's death. Alone, Ben has a drink and reflects back on the boating "accident".

Ben is wrapping a cloth around what appears to be a wound.

Tuesday, June 10, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

On the plane headed to Sunset Beach, Vanessa is having dreams of her and Michael. Meanwhile......Virginia is laying on the couch resting her ankle, Michael walks in and has breakfast. They share talk about her injury and all the help that she is getting. Virginia finds out that Elaine still wants her to keep working so that she can spend time with Cole. They also talk about her finding a place for herself. Virginia is feeling sorry for herself (supposingly) and Michael starts massaging her neck when Vanessa walks in and she doesn't like what she sees. Michael is startled and acts guilty. Virginia shows her the broken leg. Vanessa is not happy when she hears that Virginia is going to be around for awhile. Jimmy walks in and gives Vanessa a big hug. Vanessa explains that she can do the articles here at SB since she finished the interviews. The two of them are make plans and they are oblivious to how jealous that Virginia looks but you can be sure that Jimmy caught it.

Vanessa and Michael walk on the beach and they are both happy.

Cole and Caitlin are sharing a kiss, when Ricardo pulls her back as they take Cole off. Caitlin lunges away from Ricardo and one of the officers restrain her from Cole. Gregory walks in and orders the officer to let go of Caitlin. He is not pleased. Gregory orders that they release Cole. Ricardo fills Elaine and Paula that Gregory got papers for the release of Cole. Cole and Caitlin cling together. You can see that Cole knows that there is going to be a price for Gregory's good deed. Paula is finding it odd that Gregory is changing his tune. Cole and Elaine share a moment and you can see that Cole is perplexed about Gregory's actions. Caitlin is talking to her father and can't bring herself to trust him despite of the fact that her father got the writ for Cole to remain in Sunset Beach. Gregory told her that he has changed his mind about Cole. Cole thanks Gregory and he was sarcastic. Cole asks to speak to Gregory alone and confronts him with wanting to know what the price is for his freedom. Cole is going to go to his mother and Caitlin is going to run by and visit with her mother. The two young lovers share their concern about what her father's plan is and he once again pledges his love to her.

At the Richards, Sean and Olivia are talking and she told him that they are with Cole who has been arrested. Sean asks if Gregory was behind this and whether she believes him that he isn't. Sean asks his mother how she is feeling. Caitlin comes home and Olivia is so glad to see her and starts to go in on not blaming her father for Cole's predictment. Olivia is shocked and you can see her just sick once again. Gregory decides to throw a celebration party. Sean and Caitlin talk and she expresses her feelings and he asks if she thinks that their father was behind it. Sean went to see if Tiff will be joining them for dinner. Caitlin asks her mother if she is feeling okay. Olivia has a flashback of her and Cole.

Elaine and her two children are standing outside the restaurant and they share a moment. The three of them walk into the shop and are greeted with applause by everyone inside. Elaine is flying high. She watches her children leave together and is so full of emotion. Elaine looks at AJ's picture and hangs in up by the phone. Madame Deschanel comes and Elaine asks what is she doing there and asks if she is supposed to forgive her for stealing the time away from her and Cole. Cole walks in and says that she is just saying goodbye. She told them that she is sorry and that she is saying goodbye. Elaine looks on and is tearyeyed. Madame gives Cole a locket that belonged to his father.

Ricardo and Paula begin to unwind and they recap the days' events. The two of them share a tender moment. The two of them share a dance and it is a quiet evening for the two of them. They start to kiss and thier eyes express their raw emotion especially Ricardo. Paula looks down and sees the tattoo on her cleavage and has a flashback of the abduction. She and Ricardo lie on the bed and he is being so gentle with her but she stops him.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997
by Lisa M Smith

Ben is in a foul mood and everyone knows to stay away from him because that it is the week of Maria's death except Meg. Ricardo and Ben get into a public battle at the DEEP and the sparks fly. Ben throws everyone out. Meg stays and tries to break through Ben's wall that he has put up around him. The two of them start to share a romantic dance until Ben's demons get the best of him and he pushes her aside. He told her that he needs to be left alone. Gregory and Olivia try to tell Caitlin and Cole that they won't pressure them anymore and that they just want to start fresh. They want Caitlin to stay at Sunset Beach. Gabi intercepts a call for Ricardo and fails to mention that Paula called and tries to make her move on him. Paula came home and was surprised to see Gabi and Ricardo talking so intensely. Gregory invites Cole and Caitlin to a cocktail party as a good will gesture, you can see that Caitlin is uneasy about her father's motives.

Thursday, June 12, 1997
by Mary DeRock

A Party To Get Dressed For
Casey asks Alex why she isn't eating. She says she ate most of the food in the kitchen making breakfast. Gregory arrives at Surf Central and gives Alex a big hug. He questions Vanessa about avoiding his calls. He told her she is the guest of honor at his cocktail party and she must go. Gregory invites Alex and Casey to the party and Alex accepts, while Casey hesitates. Vanessa confesses to Alex how much she admires her work. Alex compliments Vanessa's work, and both go to get ready for the party. Michael told Virginia he hopes the night will be an "all-nighter" much to her disappointment.

I Need A Test
Gregory wonders why Olivia is going to bed early and rising so late. He leaves as Bette arrives to hit chat with Olivia about how ill she looks. Olivia says she has faith that her affair with Cole won't come out. She has one of her sickness spells and Bette told her she may be pregnant. Olivia laughs it off, saying it isn't possible. After Bette is gone, she checks her calendar and realizes she is late. She calls the pharmacy asking for the name of the most reliable home pregnancy test available. Olivia pages Tim and Gregory walks in as she told Tim she needs to go to the pharmacy.

Ben stands by a swing, and recalls Maria swinging in it. Meg watches him and Annie warns her "you haven't seen anything yet." She told Meg about Ben's ritual and "nostalgia tour" that he went through every year. Annie adds that Ben must be afraid to be around others since he is afraid he may do something, and Meg asks Annie if her comments mean she thinks Ben killed Maria. They argue about "clearing the path" for one another, and Annie mentions that she tried to approach Ben on the first anniversary and would rather forget his reaction. Annie starts to belittle Meg's understanding of Ben's grief saying Maria was her best friend and it hurt to lose her. Meg retorts, "Even though she took Ben away from you?" Annie says that did not matter, and describes Maria to Meg. Meg told Annie about the night in the cellar and Ben saying Maria betrayed him. She adds that "people can love again," and Annie replies that no one can love again after loving Maria. Meg leaves and Tim arrives sarcastically clapping about Annie's "performance." Annie cries as Tim makes fun of her abilities to fool Meg about her grief. She breaks down on Tim's shoulder, saying Maria was her only real friend. Ricardo approaches Ben at the pier and reminds him Maria is gone because of him. They argue about remembering Maria's death and the events. Meg overhears the conversation, Maria wanted to tell Ricardo something that day, but did not. He notices Ben is getting nervous and adds that Maria was different later the day she died. Ricardo pushes Ben to tell him what Maria wanted to tell him and that he could tell Maria was scared of Ben while she was on the phone with Ricardo. Tim asks Meg to stay away from Ben. She argues with him about Ben's guilt and heads to Surf Central. There, Mark advises Meg to stay away from her. Meg doesn't think Ben is violent, just "lost." She mentions to Mark what she overheard between Ricardo and Ben about Maria wanting to tell Ricardo something. Mark told her he saw Ben on the day of the accident and that Ben was upset. He adds that he doesn't think Ben killed Maria, but that something happened between them. Meanwhile, Ben is recalling going to open Maria's studio and Mark showing up at the door, asking if something is wrong. At The Deep, Ben drinks and recalls waiting for Maria at The Deep for dinner. A figure appears at the staircase and Ben asks,"Maria?"

Friday, June 13, 1997
by Mary DeRock

Vanessa and Michael go to the Richard's party in her honor. Gregory offers Alex a job at The Sentinel. Michael suspects there is more than appears to be with Alex. Olivia takes a home pregnancy test. Meg asks Ben to share his feelings about Maria's death and to get over Maria. Ben asks Meg to leave him to his grief and not press the matter. Meg sneaks into the locked room and puts on some of Maria's clothes, specifically s dress Ben loved to see on Maria. Tim call Ben at The deep to tell him someone is in his house. Annie slyly told Tim they can keep each other "company" while Ben and Meg realize their mistake.

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