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Monday, July 14, 1997
by SunsetBum

Desperate to pay off her debts, Annie again sets her sights on obtaining the Deschanel jewels. Olivia has another nightmare about her unborn child's uncertain paternity. Hoping to find Meg devastated and in dire need of comfort, Tim is sorely disappointed when she cheerfully informs him she's through moping around. Meanwhile, Ben asks Mark to find someone to replace Meg at both the Java Web and The Deep. Gregory sadly told Olivia about Alex's terminal illness. After Meg reveals that she's quit her job, Tim hints that a change of scenery might be in order and suggests she move back to Kansas. Olivia learns that she's about to finally receive the jewels Del left her in his will. Later, she confides to Bette she's decided to keep the baby and have a paternity test performed as soon as it's safe enough to undergo the procedure. Gregory invites Ben to join him in a major real estate development deal. Short of cash and reluctant to take yet another husband , a shuddering Bette contemplates lowering herself to find an actual job. Olivia asks Dr. Robinson how long she must wait before she'll know if her husband is the father of her child. As Gregory secretly plans a second honeymoon in Spain, Olivia's doctor warns her that flying could endanger her pregnancy.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997
by Lisa Smith

Paula was thrilled at the fact that her tattoo is gone, with no scarring. Paula tole Gabi that she's ready to continue her relationship with Ricardo. Gabi isn't too happy with that news and convinces Paula to take things slowly with Ricardo...if she moves too fast and pulls away, that may hurt him more.

Cole sent Caitlin on a little adventure that lead her to THE DEEP's wine cellar where he had a candlelit dinner waiting. Caitlin asked Cole why would he ever want to give up his lavish life as a jewel thief where he experienced all of Caitlin's fantasies...Cole responded that he loves her , and will never regret choosing her over his former life.

Virginia faked calling a apartment realtor when Michael and Vanessa walked in. Michael offered Virginia the garage apartment, while he moves into Casey's room. Virginia agreed while Vanessa was just a little bit jealous, and curious as to how Virginia wasn't able to find a apartment after all this time. Mark asked Michael if Gabi could take Rae's room, Michael agreed. Casey phoned saying that a hospital in Oslo is doing some experimental protocol on Alex.

Mark informed Gabi that Ben okayed her working for the DEEP, he also told her she could have Rae's room in Surf Central. Gabi responded with a kiss on the lips, and telling him "Te Quiero"...Mark smiled happily.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997
by Saron Shevelon

As we know Olivia was told by her doctor not to fly because of her high blood pressure. She calls the nurse and asks if she could fly to a convention next week and told by the nurse that she can not fly. Little does she know that Gregory is making plans for them to go away for the weekend.

Olivia is thinking about the baby not being Gregory's and decides that at least she will have the jewels to live on in case that Gregory leaves her. Gregory walks in while Olivia is fingering the jewels and asks when she was going to tell him that she got the jewels. She told him she was afraid that it would stir up some bad memories for him about Del. Gregory told her that this is all in the past and that he wants to make a complete new start. Olivia puts the jewels under the bed, thinking they would be safe.

Cole enters the room to hide the brief case that he is hiding for Caitlin to find. He hears someone entering and jumps down beside the bed. It is Gregory making the final arrangements for their get away. He went into the bathroom to take a shower and Cole puts the brief case under the bed and gets out of there.

Bette is waiting for Olivia downstairs. Olivia asks what Bette is doing there and she says that she needs to know if Olivia has talked to Gregory about the job yet and Olivia told her that there has not been time. Bette tells her she has to make the time, and then apologizes to Olivia saying that she is desperate. She said that she just doesn't know what to do now. She never thought that she would ever be this way, broke.

Caitlin enters the bedroom by way of the window. She starts looking for the brief case that Cole had hidden. As she is on the floor she sees the edge of the case and reaches for the brief case and leaves the same way that she came in. Just as Caitlin leaves Gregory enters the room and notices that the window is open and says to himself "Rose", and he closes the window.

Gregory enters the livingroom all decked out, and Olivia asks if he is going somewhere and he says "We are going somewhere". At that moment the door bell rings and it is Annie. She enters telling Olivia that she knows that Olivia has the jewels and she wants them. Olivia states there are a lot of things that she has that Annie would surely like to have. Annie says a tramp does not deserve to get paid so well. She told her to take the customary $2.00 and to give the jewels to her.

Caitlin told Cole that she wants to do this just once to see if she can do it without getting caught. Cole told her that he is happy to be with just her and that he does not want to steal anymore. Caitlin doesn't let it go, she told him she wants to do it just once. Cole gives into her and tells her that he will hide the brief case at her home in Olivia's bedroom. He tells her that she must enter the room through the window that has the plant in front of it. Caitlin asks him how he knew that there was a plant in front of the window and he told her that he noticed it the night of the cocktail party. He told her that he will hide the brief case and that it was up to her to get it without being caught.

Meg enters the Deep with Tim in tow. Meg told Mark that she is there to pick up her things. Mark told Meg that Ben was there earlier, then when she looks toward the door, there stands Ben. Meg can't take her eyes off Ben. Tim is trying to get her attention. Meg watches as Ben approaches them. Ben asks Meg if he could talk to her alone. Meg agrees. They go into his office and Ben asks her if this is what she really wants to do. Meg asks him why he always answers a question with a question. Ben stops a moment then hands Meg her final check. As she is taking the check from Ben Annie rushes in and puts her arms around Ben's neck crying. Meg flashes on Ben and Annie kissing and leaves the office. Annie told Ben that she is upset that Olivia has the jewels. Ben told her that they belong to Olivia and that she needs to get over it and maybe find a job. Annie doesn't take to this too well.

Paula decides that it is time for them to really be together again. They start to make love when Ricardo stops, and told her he wants this to be perfect. Ricardo went to the juke box and plays a love song. They are in each others arms when the phone rings. It is Gabi telling Paula that she really needs to talk to Paula right away and asks her to come to the Deep as soon as she gets this message. Paula decides that this must be important, and told Ricardo that she should go and see what is wrong with Gabi. She tells Ricardo to stick around and when she gets back that she will make his wait worth while. After Paula leaves Ricardo replays the message and is worried that this is not a good thing. Annie knocks on the door. She enters Ricardo's home and told him that he has to go get the jewels. She said that she knows that Olivia will have spent the money before she is able to contest the will. Ricardo told her that if she is successful that Olivia will still be liable for the monetary value of the jewels. Annie is satisfied with this answer.

Paula enters the Deep when Gabi is telling Eddie that she is going to tell Paula the truth about her and Ricardo the night of the abduction. Paula comes up and asks Gabi what the trouble is. Gabi told Paula that she needs to tell Paula about something before she hears it from someone else. Eddie's mouth is sitting on the bar at this time.

Gabi told Paula that she is going to quit the Police Department job. She said that the job that she has at the deep is going to do just fine. Paula tells her that she will miss seeing her sister every day. Gabi then hugs Paula pretending to be so sorry about having to tell her this bad news. Gabi leaves Paula and Eddie wanders over to Paula and told her that he is sorry for her having to find out this way. Paula doesn't understand and he tells her that he knows that she knows that it was Gabi that was with Ricardo that night. Paula is shocked.

Caitlin is all excited when she enters the motel room with her prize. She places it on the dresser. She opens it and finds the jewels inside. She looks at Cole and asks him if he set her up to steal the Deshanel jewels. Cole is dumb struck when he sees the jewels that Caitlin has.

Meg is reading over the conversations that she had had on the internet with Ben. She can not believe that this is the same man. She grabs the diary and thinks that it may be better if she puts the diary back and be done with it. She then thinks that there may be a clue in the diary that will tell her what really happened that night.

Meg is dreaming of the accident and she wakes up screaming "Save me Ben, save me".

Ben is at his desk and he puts something into his pocket. After he does this he makes a statement. Now no one will ever know what really happened that night.

Thursday, July 17, 1997
by Sharon Shevelon

Eddie told Paula that Ricardo was with Gabi the night that she was abducted. He thought that Gabi had already told her, and then he realized that Gabi had told Paula something different. Paula thinks Eddie just wants to ruin Ricardo, but Eddie told her that this is the truth. While Eddie is talking to Paula, Ricardo enters the Deep. He is looking for Paula. He finds her and then Paula confronts him about Gabi. He told her that it was all innocent.

Eddie grabs Gabi as she is passing by. She told him that it hurts and he tells her that is for the pain that she has caused Paula. Eddie told her that if she had given Paula a chance that she would have been the best sister she could have ever wanted. Gabi just laughs and walks off.

Ricardo tries to tell Paula that he tried so many times to tell her but things kept getting in the way. He told her that his guilt has eaten him up all this time. He told her that he is sorry but Paula told him without trust there is nothing and Ricardo told her there is love and Paula says that is not enough and leaves the Deep.

Ricardo stops Gabi in her tracks, and told her that doesn't understand why she would do that to Paula and she pretends that she doesn't know what he is talking about and then realizes that Paula must have found out about them. She swears to him that she did not say anything to Paula and told Ricardo that it must have been Eddie.

Annie and Olivia throw remarks back and forth about the jewels and who they belong to. Gregory tries to get them to come to some agreement. Olivia is not happy that Gregory is siding with Annie over this situation. He tells Annie if she does what she threatens to do, go to the tabloids, that she will let it be known that the jewels are the Deshanel jewels. They in turn will lay claim to them and then they will all lose out on the jewels. Olivia realizes that Gregory is jealous of the jewels and swears her love for him. Gregory then thinks that they can come to some sort of arrangement about the jewels, when Caitlin walks in. Gregory told Olivia that they are going to be late for their reservation. Olivia thinks it is for dinner, and Gregory tells her that they are flying to Casa del Sole for some R and R. Caitlin pipes up and told Olivia that she should not be flying. Olivia is shocked that this has come up and told Gregory that it is because her blood pressure is a little high and the doctor told her not to fly. Gregory walks Annie to the door and told her he will contact her about the jewels when he gets back to town.

Caitlin tries to stall her parents by telling them that she will go and pack for their trip to Carmel. Gregory says that he will pack for them. Caitlin still trying to stall told her father that she knows they will be gone for a while and that she wants to talk with them. Gregory told her that they should talk and invites them upstairs to talk while they are packing. As they enter the room Cole is leaving by way of the window. Gregory turns the light on and catches Cole and asks what took him so long.

Caitlin is all excited about having the jewels in her hands. At first she thought that Cole had set her up to steal the jewels. Cole informed her that his brief case contained his dirty laundry. He told her that he thought the jewels were cursed just like his grandmother said. He told Caitlin that Del got the jewels for stealing him, Olivia got the jewels for almost ruining her marriage with him, and now that Olivia has them there is bound to be more to come. Caitlin then agrees, but she is still intrigued about the possibility of running away with the jewels and having never to worry about money again. Cole says he would love nothing more that to throw the jewels in the ocean and never see them again. He told Caitlin that they must return the jewels before Gregory and Olivia realize that they are gone. Cole said they must have put his brief case in the safe in the bathroom by now. Caitlin wants to know how he knew that there was a safe in there and Cole told her that she had told him. Caitlin agrees that this should be done and that she will return them herself. Cole says that he will do it and if he gets caught that Caitlin is not to let on that she knew anything about it, and reluctantly agrees.

Paula is frantically packing to leave Ricardo's home. Gabi is outside and saying to herself " Gabrielle get ready for the performance of your life". She went in and told Paula that she is so sorry, and that she doesn't know what to say. Paula asks why she didn't tell her and she told Paula that she thought Ricardo was going to tell her. She didn't want to hurt her. Paula asks Gabi if that was the only time and Gabi told her about the time that she was taking a shower and got out and there was no towel and when she went to look for one that Ricardo was there and saw her naked. Paula tried to say that it may have been an accident but then Gabi asked where her towel had gone. She told Paula that as far as she was concerned that nothing happened the night of the elopement. Paula wanted to know what she meant about that and then Gabi made it sound like Ricardo was acting like it meant a lot more to him and that she thought that he was having second thoughts. Gabi apologizes to Paula saying that she hopes this won't come between them, and Paula assures that will never happen.

Gabi needs to cover her tracks so she told Mark that she thinks Paula may not believe her. Mark told her not to worry that he will back up her story. Gabi says she is so glad that she has found a friend like him.

Ricardo confronts Eddie. He talks to him wondering why he couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Eddie told Ricardo that it didn't matter as Paula was bound to find out whether or not he kept his mouth shut.

Ricardo tries to get Paula to listen but Paula has heard enough. She tells Ricardo that she has all that she needs right now and that she will send for the rest of her clothes later. She walks out on Ricardo.

Friday, July 18, 1997
by SunsetBum

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