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Monday, August 18, 1997

Ben, looking at Maria's picture told her that he is moving on. Tim arrives at Ben's looking for Meg. Tim and Ben argue over Meg, and her safety. Tim is sure that Ben will harm her, but Ben turns it around saying that Tim is the one who hurt her by sleeping with the maid of honor. Ben blurts out that he wouldn't be surprised if Tim trapped Meg in the cave. Tim denies it saying he isn't sick enough to do that, that he loves Meg. Ben throws Tim out.

Annie taunts Meg about Ben not remembering sleeping with Meg. Meg acts as if she has no idea what Annie is talking about. The two get into a heated argument. Meg then told Annie she wouldn't be surprised if Annie trapped her in the cave. Annie denies it saying she saved her life. Meg warns Annie to stay away from her and Ben.

Annie went to Ben's. Ben told her that he and Meg have a future, and that it may be hard for Annie to swallow. Annie asks him if he's sure that what happened in the cave may have brought Meg and him together now...but will it last. Ben assures her that they will last.

Meg cries on Tim's shoulder. Tim understands that it may be a while before Meg can trust in him again, but he wants her to know that he'll always be there for him. Meg wonders who Ben will be dreaming of this evening...her or Maria?

Caitlin told Cole she can't move forward until she knows who his lover was. Cole tries to tell Caitlin that she is the only woman he has ever loved. Cole convinces Caitlin that they need to focus on the future and forget about their past.

Gregory asks Olivia if she is indeed pregnant. Olivia lies about it saying that she mistakenly picked up the wrong brochures. Olivia and Gregory remember the child that they lost. Olivia insists that they talk about her miscarriage, but Gregory doesn't want to. Olivia brought up the subject that they can have another baby. Gregory can't believe she's even thinking of that. Gregory gets ready to call Dr. Robinson because he doesn't buy Olivia's lies...Olivia stops him and tells him the truth...Caitlin is pregnant...okay so it's ALMOST the truth. Gregory is shocked by the news and feels that he's lost his little girl forever...Gregory went into Caitlinís room and watches her sleep. He has a flashback of when Caitlin was little and he promised to always protect her...he vows to never break that promise and he will not let Cole hurt her.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Sunset Beach Police Department
Eddie told Gabi that he knows what she's up to. He knows that she was in charge of sending over the qualifications to Sacramento...and Paula was chosen for the job. Gabi denies any wrong doing and insists that she only wants Paula to be happy. Mark went to the police station and gives Gabi a rose. He shares his good news that his audition for VH1 went well.

Ricardo asks Paula if she is really leaving. Paula replies that she is and that although she may have feelings for him, she is moving on. She tells Ricardo that their relationship is over and he needs to leave her alone. Ricardo told Paula that he loves her, but she's making it hard by running away. Gabi bids farewell to Paula, saying she'll miss her. Paula warns Gabi to stay out of trouble.

Olivia asks Bette to drive her to the hospital for her amniocentesis. Gregory over reacts when Caitlin says she has some appointments scheduled for the day. Olivia convinced Gregory not too mention that he know Caitlin is pregnant. She told him that if he told Caitlin what he knows, it will ruin his plan. If Gregory continues to keep quiet, Caitlin will be none the wiser in knowing that Gregory is still plotting to break Cole and Caitlin apart. Gregory agrees. Gregory is certain since Caitlin just found out that she's pregnant, there's still hope that he won't lose his little girl. Olivia protests to not make Caitlin get an abortion, Gregory says he wasn't referring to that, but keeps Olivia in the dark.

Gregory visits Elaine. He claims that he was checking up on her, but what he really was doing was trying to see if Elaine knew that Caitlin was pregnant. Elaine told Gregory that she's happy that Cole and Caitlin are together and is sure they will be forever. Gregory mumbles that will only happen over his dead body.

Olivia arrives at the hospital for her amniocentesis. As Olivia went in, Bette waits outside where she runs into Caitlin and Cole. They ask each other what they were doing there. Caitlin says it's just a yearly check-up and Cole decided to join her. Bette says that they just happen to have the same gynecologist. Bette's pager went off and she must leave. Bette gives the nurse money to give to Olivia to get a cab. Caitlin went in to see the doctor while Cole waits outside. Olivia is finished with her amnio, she runs into Cole who is still waiting for Caitlin. Cole asks what she is doing there...before she can really respond, the nurse reminds Olivia to pick up her ultra-sound video next week. Olivia is left standing there speechless while Cole is trying to figure out what the nurse means, and why Olivia is there.

Gregory summons Tim. Gregory asks Tim if he knows of anyone that may hurt Caitlin, mainly of he knows anything about Cole. Tim says that Caitlin has confided in him, but is unsure if he should repeat it. Gregory pulls out an envelope announcing that in it contains 1,000 shares to his Liberty Corporation...with a current market value of $15,000. Tim takes the envelope and blurts out that Cole slept with another woman in Sunset Beach and Caitlin is afraid it may happen again.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

It looks as though may have sold his soul by telling Gregory about the woman that Cole slept with when he was seeing Caitlin. Gregory on the other hand told Tim that this was old news and that he needed proof that this was the truth. Tim felt scorned when he left Gregory's office. Gregory, on the other hand, felt that Tim did a good job and that he had given him the light for the fire under Cole and that he was going to enjoy watching him burn.

While Olivia was getting nervous about who may be the father, Gregory comes in and says "I wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes". Olivia thought that he had heard what she was saying about Cole being the father of this child. Gregory told Olivia that he knows that Cole was having an affair with some woman and Sunset Beach and he was going to stop at nothing to find her. Olivia tries to get Gregory to go to Europe for his bait as there are many women that Cole must have hurt to get what he wanted. She said they could bring them all there and let Caitlin see that Cole is not the man for her. Gregory gets really excited by the passion that Olivia is showing. He told her that he is so happy that she wants Cole out of Caitlinís life as much as he does. They are going to work together to bring Cole down. Gregory told Olivia that he has decided that he wants to find out who this woman is and hang her out to dry.

Cole is standing there when the nurse told Olivia that she needs to pick up her ultra sound by next week. Cole asks Olivia if she is pregnant too but Olivia told him that it is a surprise for Caitlin. She is going to make a video tape of Caitlinís ultra sound for her and begs him not to tell Caitlin. Cole is brought into the room where Caitlin is, and sees the baby on the ultra sound. He makes a heart warming introduction of himself and Caitlin to the baby. He told the baby that he has a beautiful mother and that he is his dad. Take a good look "Little D" we are your parents. Caitlin tells Cole that she wants to have his baby more than anything else in this life.

Annie is trying to get information from Mark about Meg and what happened in the cave. Mark is surprised that she would even ask him.

Meg is having a beautiful dream about the dinner that she had with Ben when all of a sudden Ben is grabbing Meg and asking where Maria is. What have you done with Meg. Meg awakens to find flowers all over her room. She looks at the card and it is from Ben "to the only woman that I will ever want".

Vanessa is looking for Michael when Virginia told her that he is out with Jimmy. She told hospital. When Vanessa starts to leave she runs right into Michael and Casey and Jimmy. She wants to take Michael on a picnic. Michael wants to help Jimmy and asks for a half an hour and Vanessa agrees.

Annie is telling Mark that she is really worried about Meg and assures Mark that she knows what happened in the cave. She wants to know what Meg has told him about the cave when Meg asks Annie what she thinks she is doing. Meg told Annie she has nothing to say to her and Mark asks her if he can do the honors and Meg says go for it. He picks Annie up and deposits her on the front steps. Annie is outraged and decides to stick around thinking she will over hear something.

Ben calls and wants to talk to Meg, but Meg has Vanessa lie saying that she isn't there. She runs up stairs and Casey starts to go after her but Vanessa offers to do that. Mark takes off to find out what is going on with Meg. She enters Meg's room and notices all the flowers. Vanessa told Meg that love never runs smoothly. That when you think there will not be anything to stand in the way anymore something happens and there it is again. Meg tells her about the fact that Ben will never get over his past. Vanessa feels that Michael is living with too many ghosts and that she is afraid that she will lose him to them. Meg knows what she is talking about and told Vanessa that she doesn't know what to do and Vanessa told her to follow her heart.

Virginia enters her room where Michael is and is crying. Michael wants to know why she is crying. Virginia told Michael that she doesn't understand why Vanessa doesn't like her. She told Michael that Vanessa went to see her neighbor and was asking questions about her to her ex neighbor. She said that she showed a picture that Virginia had the original to, to the neighbor. She told him that was the same day that she found her room unlocked and that things were out of place as if someone had been looking through her things.

Meg rereads the note that Ben left with the flowers. She then reads the letter that she wrote to her mother. " I never thought it would come to this mom but I can't take it anymore, I am going to give up on Ben".

Vanessa enters the room where Michael is with Virginia. Vanessa asks if he is ready and Michael told her that he hasn't even started yet. He tells Vanessa that he would like to talk to her. He told Vanessa that Virginia feels that she is being checked up on by her. He says he knows that this can't be true as she is the love of his life and that they are a part of his life. Vanessa told Michael that what Virginia says is true.

Ben comes to see Meg. Casey told Ben that she doesn't want to see him right now. Ben can't figure what is wrong. He wants to talk to her. Casey tells him to come back later. As Ben is leaving, Meg calls out his name and says "wait Ben".

Ben arranged to have flowers delivered to have flowers delivered to Meg. Mark pays a visit to Ben wanting to know what had happened in the cave. He tells Ben that Meg is really upset and wants to know what Ben did to her. Ben has no idea what the problem could be. He vows to Mark that he will find out.

Annie and Tim decide to snoop around Ben's home to get an idea what Meg is so upset about and see if they find a clue as to what may have happened in the cave. Annie told Tim that Ben doesn't remember what took place in the cave when he made love to Meg. She said that Meg was not worth being remembered and Tim told her to watch what she said about Meg. Annie told Tim to watch out for Ben while she is looking for clues.

Caitlin and Cole are walking on the beach both unable to get over the sight of seeing their child on the ultra sound. Cole told Caitlin that they are partners and that they now have a connection. Their connections will be the child that they bring into the world. Caitlin is really wanting to tell her father that she is pregnant but Cole convinces her the wait for a little longer.

As Caitlin and Cole are walking along the beach, Gregory's voice is heard saying he will find out Cole's past and he will separate Caitlin and Cole forever.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Michael confronts Vanessa about snooping in Virginia's life. Vanessa tells him about picture of JoJo and Jimmy's dad, and about the fake break-ins. Michael says he wouldn't have blamed Virginia for wanting to get out of the hood, and that Vanessa, would never understand how that life is. Michael still upset, decides that he's not going to have the picnic after all, he'd rather help Jimmy with homework, and go to the life guard station. As Vanessa is on her way out, Virginia asks why the picnic is over...due to foul weather? Vanessa says that it's because of "foul play." Virginia tells Vanessa that she will use her son to get the best life for them both...that Michael doesn't want to be with Vanessa, she should face that. Virginia also discloses the fact that she has been "checking" up on Vanessa as well.

Gregory hires Eddie to find the woman who slept with Cole. Olivia is shocked to find that out. Olivia tries to convince Gregory that that may not be such a good idea. He may just be hurting more innocent people. Gregory says it doesn't matter, all he cares about is Caitlin. Gregory told Sean that Caitlin is pregnant. Sean says he already knows, Gregory acts surprised that he knew. He convinces Sean that they should keep it a secret, for Caitlin's benefit. Gregory also insists that Sean not tell Tiffany about it. As Sean leaves, Gregory mutters that Tiffany is one loose end that he needs to tie up.

Tim and Annie search Ben's house for a clue. Annie gets a idea and finds Ben's insurance policy. She calls the hospital claiming she is with the insurance company and needs information on Ben's actual diagnosis. They tell her that he suffered from temporary amnesia. That is good news for Annie and Tim, all they need to do now is ship Meg off to Kansas.

Olivia went to see Bette, she needs Bette's help in keeping an eye on Eddie. Bette agrees to help her, after all, they are friends.

Meg stops Casey from throwing Ben out. She agrees to talk to Ben, they go up to her room. Ben tries to convince Meg that he is over Maria, that he loves her, and he is willing to prove it. she asks how, and he says he's going to court her, make her feel special. He also says that he's always loved her, even when they only knew each other through the Internet. Meg says that she still doesn't have answers to questions about Maria. Ben says to go ahead and ask them, anything. He says that what he really wants is time alone with her, he invites her to his house this evening. She agrees to go, saying she really wants them to work things out. Ben leaves, kissing her goodbye.

As Meg went to go get a shower, Annie sneaks in to Meg's room to place the diary in there. Meg walks into her room to find Annie standing there.

Friday, August 22, 1997

Gregory wants to know why Olivia doesn't want him to find Cole's lover. Olivia offers Gregory a deal...she'll keep Sean And Caitlin from telling Gregory that Caitlin's pregnant, in exchange to know who Gregory was meeting for the afternoon. Gregory says he'll discuss the details later. Gregory drops a bomb on Caitlin and Cole, they have his "blessing" to continue their relationship. Cole is free to come and go as he pleases in the Richard's mansion as if he lived there. Cole wants to know why the sudden change of heart. Not knowing that it's all part of Gregory's plan.

Cole stops Olivia and asks why she was at the hospital during Caitlin's ultra-sound. Olivia insisted that she was there to give the ultra-sound copy as a gift to Caitlin and Cole. Cole doesn't buy her story. Olivia then says she was there to get the copy and give it to Gregory, to make him aware that Caitlin was going to have a baby, and how nice it would be to have a baby around the house again.

Olivia and Caitlin talk. Caitlin told Olivia that she planned to tell Gregory the truth about her baby. Olivia told Caitlin that this baby is not her 3rd...but her 4th.

Bette went to Ben's looking for a scoop, but doesn't find one. She gives Ben some advice, if he's trying to romance Meg...lose the painting of Maria. Surprisingly enough, he takes down the portrait and puts it in Maria's studio. A mysterious person arrives at Ben's house.

Annie insists the reason she was in Meg's room was to look at the roses Ben sent her. Claiming they were Maria's favorites too. Meg throws Annie out. Annie just hopes that Meg doesn't see the journal. Unfortunately, Meg does find the journal, puts 2 and 2 together and realizes Annie has written the entries in the journal, not Maria.

Gregory had a meeting with Dr. Tyus. Dr. Tyus, who thought throughout the conversation that they were talking about Olivia, asks Gregory why he hasn't discussed certain issues with her. A clueless Gregory told Tyus that he thought they were talking about Caitlin, and what does Olivia have to do with anything? Gregory then leaves the office, Dr. Tyus mentions that his reputation is at stake. Gregory replies that not to worry, all will get what they deserve.

Meg arrives at Annie's door, Annie says it's a pleasure to see her, Meg greets her with a PUNCH!

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