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Monday, September 8, 1997

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Tuesday, September 9, 1997

Ben refuses to leave Surf Central after Meg begs him to leave because he called her Maria. As Casey throws Ben out, Ben yells that he loves Meg and won't give up on her. Casey went back to check on Meg after Ben leaves. Meg in hysterics told him that it is over between them, now all she has to do is stay away from Ben. Casey says that's harder said than done...Casey reminds Meg that all of her roomies have shoulders that she can cry on.

Tim calls Joan to convince her to give Meg a call. Joan told Tim fine, she'll call Meg.

Joan calls Meg, Meg is happy to talk to her mom. Joan told Meg if she ever feels like coming home, the doors are open.

Sean tries to convince Caitlin to look at the pictures, but she says no, that is in the past. Caitlin asks Sean to get rid of the photos. Before Sean puts them in the shredder, Sean looks at the pictures and a paper that was in there. Eddie points at the woman who slept with Cole. Gregory flies off the handle and yells at Olivia. Eddie tries to interrupt, but Gregory won't let him. Eddie finally gets a word in and told Gregory he was mistaken...Bette is Cole's lover! Bette, Olivia and Gregory stand there astounded. Bette went along with it, apologizing. Olivia calls Bette a cradle-robber. Bette says that may be, but at least she was smart enough to use protection...could you imagine if she was pregnant with Cole's child? Olivia's mouth drops. Bette says it was the loneliness that got to her. Gregory went and settles his dues with Eddie. Olivia asks how Bette pulled that off. Bette told her that she erased Olivia's credit card info. and out in her own because if she would have just erased the info. Eddie would have continued looking for clues. Cole went downstairs and tells Olivia he needs to talk to her. Gregory enters and asks him if he's talking to his lover. Cole astonished asks how she could tell him! Bette than jumps in and says, she's sorry she told Gregory about THEIR love tryst. A clueless Cole catches on and plays along. Bette leaves. Cole then told Gregory that the woman he slept with was desperate she meant nothing. He practically insults Olivia (he's acting like heís talking about Bette) but she keeps mum. Caitlin comes downstairs...Cole told her that Gregory may want to tell her something...

Ben told Annie that Meg was about to open up again, but as soon as he said her name, she threw him out. Annie told Ben he can't give up, he has to go back and talk to Meg. Annie leaves, but then says to herself that he has to go back to Meg, so he can keep calling her Maria.

Bette praises herself for giving an excellent performance. Eddie apologizes to Bette saying he had to do it. Eddie says he sees Bette in a new light...he gets flirtatious with her.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

Virginia went through pictures of Michael and found some of Vanessa which she tore up. Jimmy and Michael were excited to tell Virginia that he made the football team. Vanessa stopped by after getting information from the SBPD. She asked Virginia questions that she refused to answer. Virginia ripped up the tape in which Vanessa was recording their conversation after Vanessa asked about Jackson (Virginia's husband.)

Gabi handed Ricardo some files and didn't want to let go. Ricardo snatched them and Gabi asked if there would always be tension although she knows he wants her. Mark came in and "saved" Gabi from Ricardo once again. Gabi says she can't wait to quit working around Ricardo. A little girl was found and taken to the SBPD by an officer. The girl refused to talk, but opened up to Gabi. Ricardo tried to talk to the girl but she clamed up again, Gabi took her away from Ricardo.

Gregory doesnít tell Caitlin about Cole's affair with Bette. Caitlin and Cole leave. Gregory still can't believe that Cole and Bette slept together. Olivia lashes out on Gregory for him accusing her of such things, she told Gregory after all that they've been through, he still can't trust and her and she's hurt by that. Gregory tries to convince Olivia that he loves her so much it's scary. Sean read the paper that was in the envelope which announced that Cole was to marry a "Shipping" heiress. Sean told Gregory he canít believe he stopped fighting with Cole. He says it's all in Caitlin's best interest. Gregory asks Sean how he expects him to continue to keep Caitlin safe from Cole's past...Gregory told Sean that he can't be the one to tell Caitlin about Cole's other lovers and his ex-fiancť, but maybe Sean can.

Cole takes Caitlin there for her second surprise, but then says he has something to do. As Cole leaves, he runs into a female friend...Caitlin fantasizes about Cole leaving her when she's pregnant for that lady.

Michael and Jimmy play football on the beach. Jimmy apologizes to Michael about the coach thinking Michael was his dad. Michael says it doesn't bother him as long as it doesn't bother Jimmy. Michael assures Jimmy that what ever happens in the future, if he gets married and has kids, he will always be there for Virginia and Jimmy.

Eddie continues to flirt with Bette, but then says he thought Olivia would have been the one with Cole, not her. Bette tries to cover it up, Eddie leaves as Olivia arrives. Olivia asks Bette to print in her column that she is not pregnant and that it was all a hoax to break up Cole and Caitlin. Bette says she canít do that besides, Olivia is just saying that because she's mad at Gregory for accusing her of sleeping with Cole. Cole arrives saying he needs to talk to Olivia. He told Olivia and Bette to not say another word. Cole then returns after Olivia leaves and asks Bette how far along Olivia is. Bette says she doesn't know, Cole says he will find matter what.

Thursday, September 11h, 1997

After Virginia rips up Vanessa's audio tape, they argue and Virginia walks out. Vanessa flows her to the apartment where the two have a heated confrontation. Virginia says if Vanessa keeps digging up the past, it could jeopardize Michael's future, meaning, everyone will find out Michael is a murderer and he'll go to jail. Meg begins to pack. As Meg packs, she reminisces the times she shared with Ben.

Tim who is at Annie's, calls Meg to see how the packing is going along, Meg says she's not ready yet, but she will be. Annie told Tim she told Ben to go see Meg, the reason she told him this was so that he'll call her Maria every time she says "Ben". Tim told Annie to go to Ben's and tell him not to go because Annie doesn't know how long exactly the post-hypnotic suggestion will work. Her plan may jeopardize everything.

The little girl's mom is found, Gabi lashes out on her for being unfit. Ricardo can't figure out why Gabi is so upset. The mom and little girl leave, but Gabi promises to keep in touch. Meg calls Gabi and asks if she can leave the last rent check with her so she can give it to Casey. Gabi says sure and wishes Meg luck.

Ben beeps Mark because he wants to see him right away because he wants Mark to tell him what's wrong with Meg. Annie went to Ben's and advises him not to go see Meg, it may hurt him more...just wait till Meg comes to him. Ben says he thinks she's right, he'll wait for Meg.

Jimmy and Michael continue to play football. Jimmy says he feels bad for not remembering his father and yet he's having such a great time with Michael. Michael says that's okay, Jimmy's dad is in heaven watching over him.

Mark stops to see Meg before he went to Ben's. Mark sees Meg is packing and asks her if it's really what she wants to do. Meg says yes, and told him that Ben keeps calling her Maria, she can' take it anymore...Mark says he'll miss Meg. Ricardo arrives to see Meg, and sees that she's leaving, he says she's running from Ben, but why? Meg refuses to answer and asks him to leave.

Ben asks Mark what happened in the cave, surely Meg must have said something. Mark says he can't break his loyalty to Meg. Ben should know that...after all, Ben is the one who taught him to trust and be loyal. Ricardo arrives and asks Ben what the heck he did to Meg.

Mark sees Gabi on the beach ad catches up to her...Mark kisses her and asks her if that kiss, and the one earlier meant anything...Gabi just smiles, Mark says he has his answer. Annie sees Meg walking on the beach, Annie went up to her and asks her if she's going somewhere...

Friday, September 12, 1997


Gregory makes a phone call to assure his "cargo" will be arriving as scheduled.

Olivia asks Bette to acquire Eddie's services...dig up all the dirt on Cole. Bette told Olivia she needs ALL the details if she is to act like she slept with Cole. Olivia told her nothing. Annie is on cloud nine, after gloating with Meg on the beach. Annie is certain she is going to get Ben, and praises herself for all her wonderful plans. Since Bette says that she can't celebrate with Annie, Annie heads over to Tim's to toast their triumph.

Ricardo asks Ben what he did to make Meg runaway to Kansas. Ben, shocked to find out that Meg is leaving, after contemplating about going to see Meg....he does.

Meg calls Vanessa and has Vanessa come by so she can bid farewell. Vanessa can't begin to understand why Meg is leaving, Meg then told her what Ben did on the cave. Vanessa says she doesn't want Meg to go, leaving will solve none of her problems. Ben went to Surf Central, Vanessa opened the door, he tells her that he needs to convince Meg no to leave, they can work things out. Meg agrees to see him, but only to tell him that it's over. Meg tells Ben that their relationship is finished and that if he loved her, he'd let her go. Meg is about to go back upstairs when she sees Ben in a trance...Ben remembers that he made love to Meg in the cave. Meg asks if he's okay...he tells her that he remembers.

Gregory invites Caitlin to a dinner at Grenadine's, she says Cole has plans, but she'll ask if he can change them. Gregory phoned someone to ask if his surprise had gotten on a plane yet... Tim gives Gregory his notice...he's leaving Sunset Beach with Meg today. Tim says goodbye to Caitlin, but they reminisce of the time where they almost made love in the limo. Tim gave Caitlin a "romantic" kiss playfully...Cole spots them and pushes Tim away. Tim warns Caitlin to beware of him...Tim leaves, but not before telling Cole how much his affair hurt Caitlin that she even turned to him. Cole was furious, yelling at Caitlin for turning to Tim. Caitlin asked how he could be so judgmental, he's the one with the "past." Caitlin said once again, she must know who he slept with in Sunset Beach...Cole says it's not important, at the same time, Olivia walks in, Cole and Olivia share a glance...Caitlin puts two and two together, she knows Olivia is the other woman.

Cole went to the hospital in search of Olivia's due date, but comes up empty. Olivia threatens Dr. Robinson. She told him he'd better not breathe a word to Gregory about her amniocentesis and paternity test. Dr. Robinson turns the tables around and said she's in no position to be threatening him...he's the one who knows all her secrets...

A mystery man by the name of Mr. Dumont (played by Jack Wagner) receives a phone call...he is to be at Grenadine's in Sunset Beach.

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