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Monday, September 22, 1997

In Ludlow, Meg remembers times she spent with Ben. Meanwhile Ben is in Sunset Beach having flashbacks of his own. Annie, taking a walk on the beach, sees Ben and thinks she finally has a chance to win his love.

Caitlin finally opens the envelope and finds it filled with pictures of women from Cole's past. As Caitlin reads the newspaper clippings, Sean arrives. Caitlin is convinced that Cole has changed. Sean compares Cole to Tiffany. Caitlin can see that Gregory has influenced Sean's judgment. She is determined to think positive that Cole has not abandoned her and their child. Caitlin has no luck in reaching him by phone.

Sean told his dad Caitlin has looked in the envelope. Gregory makes sure that Caitlin doesn't suspects his involvement. Sean told his dad he don’t think Caitlin will agree that she is better off without Cole. Gregory tells Sean that things will be different. Gregory told Sean he is so proud of him. Sean leaves as the phone rings. It is Eddie reporting to Gregory that Cole is in Monte Carlo.

Later that day.... Caitlin walks into Gregory's office. After searching Gregory's desktop for something, Caitlin calls the Java Web looking for Cole. Gregory walks in and Caitlin told him that no matter what he believes, Cole has not abandoned her. Caitlin tries very hard to believe in Cole's innocence. Gregory tells Caitlin they can chalk it up as a coincidence that the necklace and Cole disappeared at the same time.

Cole is in a casino gambling. Cole receives a phone call. On a winning streak, Cole gambles with a young woman.

Meg sees her dad for the first time since she arrived in Kansas. She realizes her mom has told him nothing of why she left Ludlow in the beginning. Joan explains Meg just needed to get away before she settled down.

Tim arrives and brought Meg's backpack. Hank thanks Tim for going after Meg and bringing her back. Meg lets him know that it was her decision to come home, not Tim's. Hank suggest that Tim and Meg go for a walk. They talk about old times on the farm. Tim tries to convince Meg she will be happy in Ludlow again. Meg walks off.

Ben hears someone in the living room and thinks it is Meg. When he walks in and finds Annie sitting at his desk working on the computer. Annie begins to explain to Ben that she is his personal assistant and is ready to start work. Ben reminds Annie he has no intention of giving up on Meg. He dot understand why he calls her Maria. Annie tries to tell Ben he has not yet gotten over Maria. Ben is determined to find out the truth. Annie spends her time trying to convince Ben to forget about Meg and move on. Ben is not willing to do that yet. Ben explains to Annie that he fell in love with Meg over the Internet. Ben has Annie run some files over to the Java Web.

When Annie returns Ben is on the computer trying to contact "Dorothy". Annie walks over to the computer and disconnects it. She tries again to convince Bent hat he is haunted by Meg as he was Maria. Ben told Annie to keep out of this. He tries again to make the Internet connection.

Bette's column implicates Cole in the case of the "missing jewel". Bette and Olivia discussed Gregory's plan of convincing Caitlin to give up her baby so they could raise it as their own. Elaine arrives and demands a retraction claiming Cole is innocent. Elaine told her two friends that this is the most heart wrenching thing that she could possible go through. She feels she is loosing Cole all over again. Trying to convince Elaine that Cole has their support, Olivia and Bette point out all the good things they have done, despite Cole's wander-lust ways. Elaine stands firm that Cole is a changed man. Bette told Elaine that Cole left Caitlin the way that A.J. left her. Elaine told them she is thankful that at least Caitlin is not pregnant.

Meg walks in her room to see her computer all set up. She has a flashback when she told Ben "SB meet Dorothy". She closes the computer and walks away just as her dad walks in. He told Meg he set the computer up thinking it will make Meg happy. He knows how she loves the Internet. Hank told Meg that her mother told him of Ben, her boss. Hank ask if Ben was a good guy. Meg told him yes. He reminds Meg that although she is really close to her mother, she has a father that cares as well. He ask her is she is crying because of her old boss and Meg said I don't know. He gives her a hug and goes back to work on the farm. Thinking to herself, Meg said, "Yes he was a good guy daddy, one of the best."

Joan invites Meg to town to run some errands. Meg declines. She questions Meg about Sunset beach and her roommates their. Meg really loved it in Sunset Beach. She told her mom that her roommates were more like family. When Joan ask about Ben, Meg told her she is not ready to talk about Ben as of yet. She don't know if she will ever be.

Tim receives a call from Annie. She wants to warn him that Ben will try to contact Meg over the Internet. Tim told Annie there is nothing to worry about, Meg is not interested in Ben. Annie told Tim to keep Meg out of contact with Ben.

Later that day...Ben tries again to write Dorothy from Kansas. In Ludlow, Meg is turning on the computer.

Annie arrives home none to happy. She finds Olivia, "the one that slept with her father for his money," and Elaine "the one that killed her father for revenge" sitting in the living room.

Gregory told Caitlin it is not like Cole to make plans with Caitlin and then no show her. Caitlin inquires about Gregory's people locating Cole. Gregory ask her what would she do if she found out something she didn't like.

Cole is still gambling and flirting with a young woman.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Bette filled Annie in on the jewel theft, oddly enough, Annie was concerned about the whereabouts of "HER" jewels. Olivia ignores Annie's remark. Elaine threaten Olivia and Bette one more time if anything happens to her son. The doctor's office calls Olivia on her cellular. They tell her that the amniocentesis results are in and if she can fit in a appointment, she does... Olivia told Bette her results are in and she just prays this baby is Gregory's. She also asks Bette if Eddie found out anything on Dr. Robinson because if this baby is Cole's she just might need "ammunition" if she has to retaliate. Bette hasn't heard anything yet.

Meg tries to convince herself not to turn on the computer. She asks herself why she can't give up on Ben, but her subconscious told her to give up, he loves Maria, not her. Meg does turn on the computer, but just as her "e-mail" screen pops up, Tim comes so she forgets about it. Meg decided to go for a walk by herself, Tim stays behind saying her has to use the phone. Tim calls Annie asking how to get rid of an e-mail message that has been sent to Meg. Annie is clueless. Meg walks in and Tim lies and says he was going to put her computer away since it brought back old memories...Meg asks him to leave it there. Tim leaves and Meg opens her drawer and finds printouts of all her and S.B.'s e-mail messages. Meg decides to throw them away, but reads some first. Meg reads them and says she's not ready to throw them away quite yet.

Ben awaits a response from Meg. Annie tries to erase the message Ben sent while he was out, but failed. Doctor McRay calls Ben to see how he's doing and if he has remembered anything since she hypnotized him. Ben says yes, but there's no need for a follow-up appointment. Annie told Ben she loves him to much to see his heart-broken again, Meg doesn't love him like she does. Ben tells Annie although he appreciates her concern, he loves Meg. Ben continues by saying he's sure someone is out there who loves Annie. Annie says she's through, he's on his own this time. Ben told Annie he will do anything to get Meg back.

The woman flirts with Cole and told him her room number. Cole kisses her hand, when he opens his hand, she slipped him her room key. Cole went up to the room to find the woman in lingerie.

Caitlin asks Gregory to see if they can find Cole, but to be discreet, she doesn't want him to think she distrusts him. Gregory told Caitlin that Cole was seen in Monte Carlo...with another woman.

Dr. Robinson has the results of the amnio. He told Olivia that the tests came back positive, she's going to have healthy baby. Olivia is happy to hear that but asks the doctor to tell her the truth...who is the baby's father?

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

While Michael and Casey are discussing Vanessa's jealousy over Michael's relationship with Virginia and Jimmy, Vanessa walks in on them. Virginia walks in on Vanessa telling Michael that Virginia has threatened Michael and asks Michael to convince Jimmy to dress nice for the banquet. Virginia confronts Vanessa about almost telling Michael about her threats. Virginia blurts out it's not her fault that Vanessa and Michael haven't made love yet and that Vanessa's always tense and unhappy. Vanessa told her love life is none of her business, but it is her fault that she's tense and unhappy. As Vanessa leaves, she told herself if Virginia wants a war...she's got one. As Virginia shows off her outfit to a very impressed Michael, Vanessa arrives, saying she's going to the banquet as well, to cover a story, and she too is all dressed up, which doesn't make Virginia too happy.

Dr. Robinson explains to an anxious Olivia they need to discuss something before he can go on. He asks her if she wants to know the sex of the baby...but Olivia feels at this point that's not important, knowing the identity of the father is more important. Tyus explains that he wanted to do the paternity test himself, rather than having the lab personnel perform the test, but the lab personnel disposed of the sample before he could do the test. It will be another four to six weeks before the test can be performed again.

Caitlin refuses to believe Cole would betray her. While Gregory is telling her that Cole was seen in the company of a European woman, Eddie calls to tell Gregory that Cole went up to her hotel room. Caitlin begs Gregory to tell her what he just found out about Cole. When Gregory told Caitlin that Cole went up to the woman's room, Caitlin runs out, and Eddie sneaks in. Gregory pays Eddie. Eddie told Gregory that business is good...Bette hired him to find out dirt on Tyus Robinson. Gregory leaves for a meeting. Caitlin told Sean what Cole did in Europe. Caitlin remarks that Sean isn't surprised at what Cole has been doing. Sean told Caitlin that she could do better than Cole, but Caitlin says that she doesn't want anyone other than Cole.

Cole went up to the lady's room (Claudette) and kisses her. He told her to go start up the hot tub. When she went to do so, Cole finds a safe and opens it up, just when he's about to take the contents out, she is comes out of the bathroom. He told her he's waiting for room service and to go back to the tub and wait. She does so, he opens the safe, takes out the contents, and leaves without her knowing. Cole is then back at the roulette table flirting with another woman who winks at him and he went with her.

Olivia overhears Tyus's half of the conversation when Caitlin calls Tyus to tell him that she needs to leave for Monte Carlo immediately, but Tyus tells her, just as he told Olivia earlier, that Caitlin cannot fly "in her condition." Olivia asks if Gregory is the father...he says he can not tell that by the amniocentesis. He needs a blood sample to know that. Olivia is outraged that he didn't tell her that before. He told her to get a blood sample. Olivia says that things can't get any worse and storms out of Tyus's office, right into Gregory. Gregory says she is brilliant for putting up the act of seeing a doctor now that she's "pregnant" and brilliant for telling Bette to hire Eddie to get some dirt on Dr. Robinson, that way she'll have the dirt, but it cant be traced back to her. Gregory informs Olivia of what Cole has been up to in Monte Carlo. Olivia asks Gregory if Caitlin knows what Gregory knows of Cole's activities, and Gregory responds that it was difficult to hurt Caitlin, but he felt it was for the best that she know what Cole is doing.


Mark checks up on Gabi to see if she's okay after the nightmare she had last night. She says she's fine, the stakeout just brought back some childhood memories of the night someone broke into her house when she was a child. While Chief Harris is reprimanding Ricardo for blowing the undercover operation, Gabi speaks up and says it was her fault. Chief Harris still says she has to bring the whole incident up to the Review Board. Ricardo yells at Gabi for interfering in the conversation. He told her to save the sympathy act for the Board. She says she wasn't acting last night when she told him about her childhood memory. He apologizes and is trying console Gabi when Paula walks in on them.

Thursday, September 25, 1997

Paula confronts Ricardo about Gabi. Ricardo says nothing is going on, that Gabi set the whole thing up. Gabi agreed...sort of, she says she knew Paula was coming and she stalled Ricardo just so they can see each other and admit their feelings. Paula went and sees Chief Harris. Ricardo grabs Gabi and tells her to stay out of his life, he knows what she's up to...Paula tells Gabi she's still not over Ricardo. Mark picks up Gabi from the police station so she doesn't walk home alone.

Annie tries to tell Ben that Meg is gone...get over it. He told her he knows that Meg loves him.

A lady at the banquet asks Michael if Virginia is his wife...Michael says no, Vanessa is his leading lady. Michael told Virginia he "heard" she and Vanessa got in a argument earlier. Virginia says it was her fault, she was mad that Vanessa was snooping in her husband's death and was afraid Vanessa would reveal too much...mainly that Michael was involved. Ben asks Vanessa if he's heard from Meg, she says no. She's went up to Ben's office to call Meg, as she's talking to Meg, she mentions Ben's name and Ben just happens to walk-in., he grabs the phone from Vanessa and asks if she's Meg. Vanessa plays it off, and told Ben she's talking to her editor...Vanessa tells Michael about Virginia's threat. Michael doesn't know what to believe and says he's known Virginia for years...Vanessa takes that as an insult, Michael says he doesn't want to have to choose between the two... Ben checks his e-mail to find still no answer. He send Meg a heartfelt e-mail telling he loves her...

Annie tries to tell Ben that Meg is gone...get over it. he told her he knows that Meg loves him. Annie calls a Internet technician while Ben is upstairs and asks how to retrieve a sent e-mail, they tell her it's impossible.

Just as Meg is about to check her e mail, Tim walks-in inviting her to a get together with some friends. She declines, Tim leaves, but makes a phone call from his cell phone. Meg's mom told Meg she has a visitor...Connie, her ex-best friend. Meg went downstairs to see Connie. Connie told Meg that she hit on Tim, not the other way around. Meg says it doesn't make a difference things will never be the same. As it so happens Tim comes out from hiding and thanks Connie for lying. They kiss, but Tim told her loves Meg. Meg decides not to check her mail, she looks at her opened suitcase and sees the picture that Vanessa put it there secretly before she left Sunset Beach.

Friday, September 26, 1997

Annie reads Ben's e-mail to Tim over the phone. Ben checks to see if Meg has responded yet...she hasn't. Ben tries to call Meg, but Joan answers. He asks for her help in convincing Meg that he loves her, she doesn't know what she can do, but suggests the computer may be a good start.

Ben tricks Vanessa into confessing she spoke to Meg last night...Vanessa told him that she heard him call Meg "Maria" as she was leaving, Ben is in shock.

Ben leaves for an appointment with Dr. McRae after what Vanessa told him. Annie finds a way to try to erase Ben's e-mail before Meg reads it.

Meg is about to open up to her mom; but instead, she told her that she needs to find a job now that she's staying in Kansas. Meg gets upset when Joan is looking at the picture of her and Ben. Joan asks Tim to stay away from Meg for awhile, she needs some space. He agrees to do so...Meg logs on to check her e-mail.

Eddie gives Gregory pictures of Cole in Monte Carlo, Gregory told him he will be compensated well. Olivia and Caitlin have a heart-to-heart about the baby and that it will be loved even without Cole. Caitlin says she really can't give up on him yet... Gregory shows Caitlin the pictures of Cole with the other women, Caitlin gets very upset and cries on Gregory's shoulder. Olivia told Bette that if and when Eddie finds dirt on Tyus, Bette will have to help her blackmail him. Gregory told Olivia it's time for their next part of the plan, time for Olivia to pretend to miscarry. Olivia says she can't stand to cause Caitlin pain, Gregory told her she can't back out now.

Caitlin takes a walk on the beach; when she looks up, she sees Cole standing there...

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