SB Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on Sunset Beach
Virginia drugged a woman and stole her car to try to prevent Vanessa and Michael from being intimate. Gabi took the lie detector test. Annie became partners with Gregory, Ben, and Meg.
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Monday, October 20, , 1997

At Surf Central, Virginia pumped an unsuspecting Casey for information on Michael and Vanessa. Virginia told Casey she'd like to plan a getaway trip for Michael and Vanessa, because Jimmy had ruined their plans to Catalina. Virginia got the information she wanted when Casey said that Vanessa and Michael were at his friend's cabin.

Casey caught Virginia snooping around his room. Virginia explained she was just putting Casey's clothes away. The explanation was enough for Casey. He offered to take Virginia and Jimmy to dinner as thanks for all she had been doing. Virginia declined, saying she would be sitting with a sick friend and Jimmy would be spending the night with a friend. Casey left, which gave Virginia enough time to find the address to the cabin among Casey's belongings.

Desperate to stop Vanessa and Michael, Virginia drugged a lady she was visiting in order to steal the woman's car. Virginia drove the stolen car through a rainstorm to get to the cabin where Michael and Vanessa were. She swore that Vanessa would make love to Michael over her dead body.

At the cabin, Vanessa promised Michael that the surprises had only begun. Michael felt bad for putting Jimmy's needs above his trip to Catalina with Vanessa. Vanessa said it was not his fault. Michael took offense, knowing that Vanessa still thought Virginia was trying to get between them. He said he was starting to think Vanessa had invited him up to the cabin to bash Virginia.

Vanessa assured Michael that she only wanted to spend uninterrupted time with him. Michael said Virginia was not a threat to them. Vanessa wanted to believe that, but they were a hundred miles away, and Virginia was still getting between them. Michael said she wouldn't if they didn't let her. He kissed Vanessa. Vanessa sent Michael out after firewood so she could slip into something more comfortable. Michael was pleasantly surprised when he returned. The two resumed kissing in front of the fireplace.

At the Richardses', Olivia interrupted Cole and Caitlin before Cole could tell Caitlin that Olivia was the other woman. When Olivia couldn't convince Caitlin to forget about the other woman's name, Olivia blurted out that the other woman was Bette. Caitlin was shocked and hurt. Olivia wouldn't let Cole get a word in edgewise to correct her. Olivia explained that Bette and Cole hadn't known they were both connected to Caitlin. Caitlin stormed out.

Cole was furious with Olivia. He claimed that Caitlin would find out the truth anyway. Olivia said they'd keep the secret forever. Cole asked Olivia if Bette would keep their secret. Olivia assured him that Bette wouldn't say anything. Cole demanded to know why Olivia wanted him to take Caitlin away. He suspected that Olivia's baby was his. Gregory walked in as Olivia told Cole that it would destroy Caitlin to know the truth about them.

At Bette and Annie's place, Bette answered the door and received a surprise when Caitlin punched her. Bette explained Cole had only been after the Deschanel jewels, which he had thought she had and that she had been lonely. Bette explained that she hadn't known who Cole was at the time of their affair. She assured Caitlin that they hadn't been meeting behind her back. She and Cole had only met at the hotel to discuss how to break the news of their affair to Caitlin. They both loved her very much and just didn't want her to be hurt. Bette comforted Caitlin, who wondered why it hurt so much.

In the barn in Kansas, Ben shocked Meg when he confessed that he hated Maria. Ben said Maria was not the woman he had thought she was. Meg said she had always assumed that Ben had been mourning for Maria because he had loved her so much. Ben told Meg not to assume anything where Maria was concerned. He said he had kept the portrait and the house the same so that he'd remember not to let any woman hurt him that way again. He'd always let Meg think that he had loved Maria because it was easier to keep her away.

Meg couldn't believe that she could have been so wrong. She wanted to know why Ben had acted the way he had on the anniversary of Maria's death. Ben said he had just wanted to remember that he hadn't been able to save Maria. He didn't feel that he had tried hard enough to save her. Ben had thought that Maria was perfect when they'd first met, but he had found out that he had only loved an ideal. He explained that the cave had probably just been a fantasy of the way he had wanted it to be with Maria.

Ben said that Meg was everything that Maria hadn't been. Ben couldn't imagine loving anyone the way he loved Meg. When Meg had left for Kansas, he had realized his life wasn't complete without her. Meg didn't know what to believe anymore. Ben tried to kiss her, but she backed away. Ben said that nothing could get between them. Meg claimed that Maria would, no matter how much they loved each other, which prompted Ben to ask if she loved him. Meg said yes, she did love him.

Meg told Ben that being home was right for her. It was what she needed. She asked him to go back to Sunset Beach alone. Ben said if that was what would make her happy, he'd do it. Ben wanted her to make sure that was what she wanted. He said he was going to pack, but he'd be back.

On the phone in his hotel room, Ben told Gregory he was returning to Sunset Beach, hopefully with Meg. Ben agreed to meet with the new partner in the Liberty Corporation.

Back in the Cummingses' house, Meg told Joan that Ben had claimed to love her and not Maria. Joan stressed to Meg not to let the fear of being hurt ruin her life. Meg didn't think she could stand to take that pain again.

Ben entered. He had everything packed, including a return ticket for Meg. Ben could go back to Sunset Beach and pick up his life, but not a day would go by that he wouldn't think of her. Ben said they had a true passionate love that most people didn't feel in a lifetime. Meg said she knew. Ben pleaded with Meg to return with him so that he could prove she was right by going to Sunset Beach.

Meg told Ben she wanted their love to work, but she was afraid. Ben admitted that he was afraid, too, but was willing to risk it. When Ben realized that Meg wasn't willing to risk her heart again, he told Meg he would always love her. They stared longingly at each other before he walked out the door. Feeling torn, Meg followed him outside. After hesitating, Ben finally left in a cloud of dust. Meg cried.

Tuesday, October 21, , 1997

At Annie's house, Caitlin asked Bette why everyone had kept the affair secret and told Bette that she wanted to raise her baby in a family where people were truthful with each other. When Bette asked Caitlin if she wanted to raise the baby alone, Caitlin said that she couldn't raise her baby with a man that she couldn't trust.

After Caitlin left, Eddie arrived and told Bette that he'd dug up some new dirt on Cole for her column, but Bette refused, saying that Cole was in enough trouble already without her contributing to it.

In the Richardses' house, Gregory demanded to know what Olivia and Cole were discussing. Olivia told Gregory how hurt Caitlin had been when Olivia had told her that Bette was the "other woman." After Cole left, Gregory told Olivia that he was sending her and Caitlin to San Francisco the next day.

Olivia said that Gregory's plan was not proof that he loved Caitlin. Gregory insisted that he was demonstrating his love for Caitlin by getting Cole out of her life. As Olivia said that Caitlin's best interest could not be served by lying to her, Caitlin walked in. Caitlin confronted Olivia and Gregory about their "knowledge" that Bette was the "other woman."

At the cabin in Idlewild, Vanessa and Michael reminisced about the early days of their relationship, while Virginia fantasized about Michael. Michael and Vanessa declared their love for each other and resumed kissing just as Virginia looked in through the window. When Virginia cut the power, Vanessa became nervous and sent Michael outside to check the power.

Michael was checking the power when Vanessa screamed. Michael dashed into the cabin to see why Vanessa had screamed and she told him that she had seen a shadow and that she was just jumpy from the rainstorm. Virginia worked one of the windows of the cabin open just enough to knock an unattended candle over. Michael and Vanessa began to make love in front of the fire as the curtains in the other room started to burn.

Hank went to see Meg at the Cumminges' house. He suggested things that Meg could do to keep busy then he asked if Meg was ready to start dating again. Meg said that she wasn't ready to start dating again. Joan approached, and she and Meg had a heart-to-heart conversation about whether Meg should stay in Ludlow. Joan suggested that Meg shouldn't give up forever just because she'd been hurt once.

A young woman sitting next to Ben on the airplane told him that she was about to fulfill her lifelong dream of living in Malibu. When she said that it was silly to want to live out one's dreams, Ben said that without dreams, there was no point to life.

Back at Annie's house, Cole told Bette that he wanted to tell Caitlin the truth, and she told him that it would be best if Caitlin never found out that it was Olivia that Cole had been sleeping with. When Cole told her that Olivia had tried to pay him off to leave town and take Caitlin with him, Bette told him that Olivia had the right idea.

In the Richardses' house, Gregory told Olivia that the alternative to going to San Francisco would be to tell Caitlin that they had been plotting to get Caitlin to give up her baby. Olivia promised herself that she wouldn't go along with his plan.

While Caitlin talked to the baby, Cole entered through her bedroom window to ask her for another chance. She told him that she couldn't trust him because he had tried to cover up his fling with the "other woman." Caitlin said that sometimes love wasn't enough and that she didn't know if she could trust him, and she wouldn't raise her baby with a man that she couldn't trust. Cole begged her to give their love a chance, and they started kissing.

Eddie arrived to give information about Cole to Gregory.

Olivia went to Annie's house to talk to Bette about Caitlin and to ask for help in saving Caitlin from Gregory.

Ben arrived home and stepped out onto his terrace, where he reminisced about the first time he had kissed Meg. Meg turned up on Ben's doorstep, telling him that he had left something behind in Kansas -- her.

Wednesday, October 22, , 1997

Meg showed up at Ben's house, and they had dinner and a dance. Ben asked why she had returned, and she said she wanted to give it another shot -- start fresh, start all over. Ben asked if the Surf Central crew had been happy to see her. She said they didn't know yet, but she had rented a room at the Sea Breeze Motel, just in case they had rented out her room. Ben said he didn't want to pressure her, but she could stay there. She said thank you, but no.

In the Richardses' house, Cole tried to show Caitlin he loved her, but she pulled away and asked him to leave. Gregory was intrigued by the information on Cole; he asked Rose to make up a reason for Caitlin to go downstairs. Gregory and Eddie put on a show for Caitlin. The new information was that while in Monte Carlo, Cole had made a lot of money and had stolen some very expensive jewels. They commented he had to have it in a safe deposit box somewhere. As planned, Caitlin overheard it all.

Gregory told Caitlin that he was going to send Olivia away to a special clinic, but he couldn't go. Caitlin said she couldn't go right then either. Olivia returned home. Gregory told her all his seeds had been planted. She had to go along with the plan. Gregory tried to make love to Olivia, but she made up an excuse not to.

At Annie's house, Olivia told Bette about Gregory's plan. Bette and Olivia tried to find a way to outsmart Gregory, but they had nothing. Eddie showed up. She asked if he had found out any information on Dr. Robinson. Eddie said Tyus was as clean as a whistle.

Michael went out to check the cabin's fuse box. Vanessa saw smoke and went to check it out. She saw the fire and screamed. She and Michael just about had the fire out when a gas can spilled over, setting the place aflame again. Firefighters contained the fire.

Michael asked Vanessa how the fire had started, but she said she didn't know. She said she had lit a candle. Michael then said that was it -- the window had to have blown it over. Vanessa disagreed. She clearly remembered that she had shut the window.

Virginia left the cabin without being noticed, but a police officer pulled her over for having a faulty taillight. Virginia returned to the older lady's house and took out the laundry as if she had never left. The woman awoke and asked Virginia if she'd been there the whole time. Virginia said yes.

Caitlin went to Cole's room in search of a safe deposit box key and found it. Just then, Cole walked in. Cole said she was there to make up. Caitlin said she wanted to, but she'd changed her mind and said they could talk the next day.

Thursday, October 23, , 1997

At Surf Central, Casey was upset that the cabin he was watching was on fire, but he was happy that no one had gotten hurt. Vanessa said she'd pay for the damage, since the owner had no insurance. Vanessa asked Casey if Virginia had been home all evening. He said she had gone out then Virginia overheard and told Vanessa exactly where she had been -- helping the older woman.

Vanessa went to visit Mrs. Jones at South Central and reconfirmed that Virginia had been there. Virginia called there, and Mrs. Jones said that Vanessa was there. Virginia asked Vanessa to get the magazine she had left behind.

At the Richardses' house, Caitlin remembered the conversation she had overheard between Gregory and Eddie, and she contemplated using the bank key. Sean told her to go for it. Cole stopped by, looking for Caitlin, but she was not home. He talked to Sean and told him to take a look at himself. He'd never been so bitter until he had started listening to what Gregory had said.

Paula stopped by Cole's room. He confessed to Paula that Caitlin was pregnant, but she couldn't say a word to anyone. She was happy for him. Cole looked for his bank key and saw it was missing. He thought Caitlin might have it.

Ricardo burst into Gregory's office and told Gregory he wanted to take a polygraph test. Gregory advised against it, saying if Gabi took one, that would be better. Gregory asked Ricardo to give him all the details on Gabi.

Gregory had a chat with Gabi at Java Web, asking her to take a polygraph test. She had two choices. If she passed, it would force him to ask Eddie to dig up her skeletons. However, if she was lying, it would force him to trash her. Mark called Paula. Paula arrived and told Gregory to stay away from Gabi. She called the D.A. to let her know about Gregory.

At the Richardses' house, it was apparent that Sean had taken what Cole had said to heart because Sean finally stood up to Gregory. Sean insisted that either Gregory tell him what the newest plan was -- because Sean had overheard Gregory on the phone with the clinic -- or Sean would tell Caitlin everything.

Ricardo cleaned out his desk at the Sunset Beach Police Station as Gabi and the D.A. arrived so Gabi could take the polygraph test.

Friday, October 24, , 1997

Ben finished setting out a nice breakfast as Meg knocked at his door. She didn't understand his look of surprise. Ben commented he had invited her for breakfast, not a business meeting. Meg explained she was wearing a business suit because she was going to talk to Gregory about a job. Ben was a little disappointed, as he assumed she would return and work with him at the Deep. She said she needed to be her own person and not just an extension of him.

Ben said he would support her decision 100%. Because they both had meetings with Gregory, they decided to take a rain check on breakfast. Ben offered Meg a ride. Even though she knew Ben had gotten rid of Maria's portrait, it was a bit of a shock when she noticed it wasn't there. She said it would be hard to get used to. It had always been there -- she was always there. Ben reminded her that Maria was behind him for good.

Paula was angry that Ricardo hadn't left the police station yet. Mark taunted Ricardo that he was worried about Gabi's lie detector test. Ricardo explained that he has nothing to worry about because there was no way Gabi would pass. Ricardo left at Paula's prompting.

Gabi took the lie detector test. She recalled what had happened that night at Ricardo's as she answered her questions. She didn't answer when asked if Ricardo had held her down. Strange flashes of a past event plagued Gabi when she was asked if she had trusted him. Gabi became extremely distraught and yelled that she had trusted him, and he'd hurt her "so badly." Paula and Mark burst into the room and stopped the test.

At the Richardes' house, Sean accused Gregory of using him and Caitlin for his own reasons. Sean speculated that Gregory was the reason Tiffany had left. Gregory said he'd had nothing to do with that, and Olivia backed him up. Sean told them he wanted to protect Caitlin from Cole, too, but it appeared that Cole really loved Caitlin. Gregory questioned why Sean would listen to anything Cole said. Sean didn't know what to believe anymore.

Gregory told Olivia that when Caitlin returned, she would be more than ready to go with Olivia to the clinic in San Francisco.

Cole was shocked when Caitlin arrived at his place and dumped his stolen jewels out of her pocketbook. He explained that he had resorted to his old ways of life so that he could support Caitlin and their baby. He begged her to leave Sunset Beach to get away from them -- away from her parents' influence. She admitted that she believed it when he said he loved her. According to Cole, that was all she needed to believe. Caitlin said she was going home to pack.

Olivia went to Cole's after he called her. Cole explained that Caitlin had agreed to go away with him. Olivia was so happy that she hugged Cole. Cole wanted the check for $200,000 that Olivia had previously offered him. He suggested that the real reason Olivia wanted him and Caitlin to leave was because Olivia was carrying his child. Olivia denied it.

Cole said he would never mention it again because his future was with Caitin and their baby. He wouldn't cash the check though. The check would be his insurance policy that Olivia and Gregory would not follow them. The check was Olivia's insurance policy that Cole would never try to claim her baby. Olivia told him to take care of her baby girl, Caitlin.

At the Java Web, Eddie told Ricardo that he was on Ricardo's side. Eddie worked for Gregory and would be working to free Ricardo. Ricardo said he didn't trust Eddie and didn't need his help because Gabi would fail her lie detector test.

Later on, Paula entered and gave Ricardo the news. Gabi had passed her lie detector test. Paula believed that proved Ricardo had done it. She admitted that she had held out hope that Gabi was confused or wasn't telling the truth, but she had obviously never known Ricardo. Ricardo said she was right if she could believe something like that about him.

At the police station, Gabi admitted to Mark that she had only taken the test so that the whole thing would be over. Mark promised he would be there for her. Gabi wondered how she had passed the test when she hadn't really been raped.

Caitlin daydreamed about good times with Cole as she packed her bags at the Richardses' house. Olivia entered to tell her goodbye. Olivia mentioned that Cole had told her they were leaving. Olivia promised Caitlin she had Olivia's full support. Cole called Caitlin; she told him to be there in an hour. Caitlin shocked Olivia with the news that she was not going with Cole. She was going to San Francisco with Olivia.

Meg and Ben talked with Gregory. Meg asked about a job. Gregory offered her a job as his administrative assistant. That would mean she would be his right hand. She would be working mainly on the Liberty Corporation, which would mean she would be working with Ben. Meg graciously accepted.

Gregory, Ben, and Meg discussed the new partner joining the Liberty Corporation. Gregory hoped that the partner would be someone they could work with and count on. The new partner would have a lot of voting power. The room fell dead silent when Annie entered the room with a "howdy partners."

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