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Monday, October 17, 1997

Annie and Bette's House
Meg complimented Annie on her redecorating skills when she discovered that Annie had been throwing a temper tantrum… and the glassware. Annie assumed Meg was there to gloat about her engagement to Ben. Meg warned Annie that she'd seek Gregory's legal advice if Annie ever tried to pull anymore stunts. Meg questioned Annie about trashing Maria's studio, but Annie denied any involvement. Annie taunted Meg when she realized that Meg still had fears about Ben.

Ben's House
Ben was in Maria's studio looking at her portrait when he received a phone call from the office bearing the news about Caitlin's death.

The Convent
Caitlin blamed herself for losing her baby. Caitlin told Sister Beatrice that she had no one. Sister Beatrice didn't understand why Caitlin felt that way. From what Caitlin had told her, Cole loved Caitlin and was probably looking for her. Caitlin explained she didn't want to Cole to find her. She lamented that Cole would never forgive her for losing their baby.

The Highway
When Sean blocked the road, Cole was able escape the police cars. At some point, Cole gave the car over to some guy to drive, and he hitched a ride to the crash site. The police were fooled and pulled over the wrong guy. Sean and Ricardo were arrested for the parts they played in the chase.

The Hospital
After seeing coverage of Sean on television, a worried Gregory and Olivia called the police station to find out what happened. They were relieved to find out Sean was okay, but were unhappy to hear that he was arrested. Gregory told the police he wanted the chase to be stopped. He was willing to drop the charges against Cole. Gregory decided he should go down to the police station and take it up with them there.

Annie came to see Olivia under the pretense that she wanted to give her condolences. Annie was really setting the stage to fulfill the stipulation placed on her father's will. Annie intentionally let it slip that she was in a hotel room with Gregory about the time that Olivia and Caitlin were in the car wreck.

Surf Central
Vanessa was overjoyed when the patrol officer, who pulled Virginia over on the night of the cabin fire, confirmed that Virginia was on a road near the cabin. Virginia overheard Vanessa's conversation with the patrol officer. Vanessa offered to keep her mouth shut about what she knows if Virginia moves out of Surf Central. Virginia got upset and begged her not to do it just as Michael walked in. Virginia cried that Vanessa was forcing her to move out of Surf Central and was accusing her of trying to kill them. Vanessa then filled Michael in on all the facts. Michael couldn't believe his hears. Virginia cried, while Vanessa was triumphant. Michael asked Virginia if she had anything to say for herself.

The Police Station
Gregory learned that Cole got away. Gregory swore to himself that Cole may have eluded the police, but he wouldn't get away from him. Gregory called the hitman and told him to finish the job. Gregory posted bail for Sean even though Sean was openly hostile towards him. Gregory warned Sean not to go upsetting Olivia with Sean's crazy theories.

Ben's House
Meg went snooping in Ben's closet when he wasn't around. She noticed another box in the hidden compartment in Ben's closet, but didn't have time to check it out when she heard Ben calling to her. Meg accidentally left the bloody scissors out and had to scramble to keep Ben from seeing them. Ben and Meg talked about how Caitlin's death makes them feel that they need to make every moment count for them.

The Crash Site
Cole searched for Caitlin unknowing that the hitman was hot on his trail.

 Tuesday October 18

Surf Central
Michael asked Virginia if Vanessa's accusations about her setting the fire at the cabin were true. Virginia explained that she had been pulled over by the patrol officer on that road when she had gone to an all night pharmacy. Vanessa called the pharmacy, and they confirmed Virginia's story. Michael sided with Virginia and told Vanessa that she owed Virginia an apology. No way was Vanessa going to apologize. Vanessa said that if Michael wants to believe Virginia then he'd get exactly what he deserves. Vanessa ran out. Virginia used the situation to get sympathy from Michael.

The Hospital
After all she had been through, Olivia felt that Annie had nerve to march into her hospital room and announce that she was at a hotel with Gregory the night of the car accident. Annie swore her intentions were good and that she was only in the hotel room with Gregory because they had business to discuss. Olivia was then surprised to hear that Annie inherited the partnership in the Liberty Corporation from Del. Gregory walked in and found Annie upsetting Olivia. Gregory threatened Annie that if she hurt Olivia, she'd be very sorry.

Olivia believed that Gregory was having an affair with Annie. Gregory denied it and claimed he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize what he has with Olivia. Bette assured Olivia that Gregory and Annie are just business partners.

The Convent
Sister Beatrice tried to comfort Caitlin who lamented it was her own fault that she lost the baby. Caitlin didn't want Cole to find her, because then she would have to tell him about the baby. Sister Beatrice told Caitlin that she would honor her wishes and not contact her family or Cole. Caitlin asked if she could stay at the convent. Sister Beatrice said she could stay as long as she wanted, but she felt that Cole was probably looking for Caitlin.

Bette and Annie's House
Bette blasted Annie for upsetting Olivia and warned her not to go to war with Gregory. Annie thought to herself that thanks to her dad, she has no choice.

The Crash Site
The hitman hunted Cole as Cole searched for Caitlin. Cole found Caitlin's shoe and some unknown footprints nearby. Cole decided that someone must have Caitlin. The hitman took a shot at Cole, but missed. This alerted Cole to the situation and the two began to fight. They struggled with the hitman's knife as they rolled to the edge of a cliff.

 Wednesday October 19, 1997

The Crash Site
The fight between Cole and the hitman continued. Cole was standing at the edge of a cliff when the hitman lunged at him with a knife. Cole stepped out of the way and the hitman went soaring out over the cliff… killing him. Cole was badly wounded from the struggle, but was still desperate to find Caitlin. He found Vincent's cross hanging on a bush.

Surf Central
Mark, Casey, Michael, Virginia, and Gabi threw a surprise engagement party for Meg. Meg became dazed when she saw a pair of scissors laying on the coffee table. Mark quizzed Meg as to what was wrong with her. Meg explained to Mark that she was just nervous and that what she had seen earlier must have been a figment of her imagination.

When Vanessa showed up at the party, Michael left the room. Vanessa took Meg's advice when Meg suggested that she go talk to Michael.

Richards' Communication's Group
Ben found Gregory trying to bury himself in his work. When Gregory blamed himself for Caitlin's death, Ben reminded Gregory that he (Ben) had been there before (Maria's accident). Ricardo came in and interrupted him. Ben commented to Ricardo that it doesn't feel good to be accused of something you didn't do. He was referring to Ricardo's rape charges and Ricardo accusing him of killing Maria.

Ricardo told Gregory he would understand if Gregory didn't feel up to taking his case. On the contrary, Gregory was looking forward to it. He planned to tear Gabi up on the stand and get Ricardo off.

Someone from the search and rescue team called Gregory and told him that they hadn't found Caitlin, but they'd found a young male's body. Gregory assumed it was Cole. He realized he had been wrong… Cole death would never avenge Caitlin's death. Surf Central
Michael asked Vanessa how she could be so sweet when they are alone and yet be so different around Virginia. Vanessa said that Michael just couldn't see that it is Virginia who has two sides. Vanessa wanted to make Michael a deal. If he found Virginia her own place, he would only see the side of her he fell in love with. Michael just couldn't believe that Virginia has a dark side. Vanessa warned Michael that he had to stop point the finger at her and start pointing it at Virginia.

When Vanessa said she was going to work, Meg asked if she could come with her because she needed Vanessa's help. After Vanessa and Meg left, Ben came by looking for Meg. Ben asked Mark if he thought Meg was acting strange. Mark suggested that Meg was just having pre-wedding jitters.

The Java Web
Eddie showed Ricardo the information on Gabi's past he found. On all accounts Gabi had seemed to be an average girl, but in the high school yearbook she was quoted as saying she wanted to be just like her sister. Eddie thought that was the whole key to Gabi's sudden change in personality.

Gabi was shocked to find the copy of her yearbook page lying on the floor. Ricardo walked up and took it from her. Ricardo told her that her history became fair game after she accused him of rape.

Richard's Communication Group
Vanessa pulled all the information she could find on Maria Evan's accident for Meg when Meg explained she still had questions about it that she had to put behind her.

Meg didn't notice Ben coming into the room while she was jotting down notes and going through the accident information.

The Convent
Sister Beatrice explained to Caitlin that she must tell her loved ones that she is alive if she wanted to stay at the convent. It was just too cruel to let them think that she was dead. Sister Beatrice suggested Caitlin write Sean a letter, but Caitlin decided she should write Cole.

In Caitlin's letter she told Cole that even though he was right about her parents, their love died because she didn't believe in him. She went on to ask for forgiveness because she lost their baby and for him to please not try and find her.

A badly injured Cole stumbled into the convent's garden unseen.

 Thursday October 20, 1997

Annie and Bette's House
Annie found a drunk Sean passed out cold on the sidewalk in front of the house. She realized that helping Gregory's son could have its advantages so she took him inside and cared for him. When Sean woke up, they have a discussion about Caitlin's accident. Sean believed that he, Olivia, and especially Gregory were to blame. Annie suggested that maybe Sean doesn't know the whole story and that it was Olivia who was pulling the strings in the Richards' household.

The Convent
Sister Beatrice continued encouraging Caitlin to contact her family. Caitlin decided it would be the right thing to do to tell Sean she was alive. So in her letter to Cole she added for Cole to tell Sean that she is okay.

Richards' Communication Group
Meg was so absorbed in her research about Maria's accident that she was startled when Ben came up from behind her. When Ben saw what she was reading, he angrily questioned her as to why she was digging into Maria's past. Meg tried to explain that she just loved him so much that she just wouldn't be able to survive if she found out on their wedding day that he was keeping secrets from her. Ben asked her what she wanted to know. Meg said that Ben never told her why he hated Maria. Ben sneered that what Meg really wanted to know was if he hated Maria enough to kill her. He declared for Meg to believe what she wanted, because he didn't care. Meg cried that she did care...she loves him. She begged for him to just tell her the truth. Ben said that Meg would have to believe in him and trust him for him to survive. Ben started to soften when Meg apologized for having doubted him. He asked her what made her start to doubt him. Outside the office door, Tim started to eavesdrop and was happy to learn that there was trouble in paradise. Meg told Ben that Annie caught her reading an article about Maria's death that she accidentally found. She explained that Annie had tried to stir up trouble again by telling her that she had sent the article to Ben's house when she hadn't. Ben thought he should have realized that Annie had caused this. Ben and Meg kiss and make up. However, as he was leaving, Ben intentionally picked up Meg's notes on Maria's accident.

The Convent
Cole passed out from his injuries outside of the convent. Vincent found him and took him inside. When he woke up, Cole told Sister Beatrice that his name was Cole and he was looking for Caitlin. He was overjoyed when Sister Beatrice confirmed that Caitlin was there and alive. Cole immediately wanted to go to her, but Sister Beatrice warned him that Caitlin might be shocked to see him. When Sister Beatrice left to get some supplies to take care of Cole's injuries, Cole went looking for Caitlin.

Annie and Bette's House
Ben stormed in and blasted Annie for sending the article on Maria to his house. He accused Annie of shoving Maria in Meg's face every chance she gets. Ben was incredulous when Annie told him that it was Meg that came to her and asked her what had happened in Maria's studio. Annie asked him if he was hiding something. Ben threatened Annie to stay away from Meg.

Richards' Communication's Group
Tim came in and told Meg that he had his old job back. He said he could tell that something was bothering Meg. She denied it. He advised her not do anything dumb until she had her doubts about Ben resolved.

The Convent
Caitlin prayed for some sign so that she'd know her baby was happy. Just then, Cole walked in the room. Neither of them could believe their eyes. They embraced. Cole said that he had known that Caitlin and their baby were just fine all along and now he could see that they were.

Annie and Bette's House
Annie looked at old photos of Ben, Maria, and herself together. She wondered what really happened to her friend Maria on the night she died. Tim came in and gloated that they needed to take advantage of Meg doubting Ben. Annie said they have to realize that Ben and Meg are going to get married and that there is nothing they can do. Tim said he couldn't do that because he couldn't let anything happen to Meg. Tim then stole a photo that he and Annie were discussing.

Richard's Communication's Group
Meg told Vanessa that her investigation into Maria's death was officially closed. Meg freaked when she couldn't find her notes on Maria and realized that Ben must have picked them up. Meg knew that if Ben saw her notes he would never forgive her.

Ben's House
Ben flipped through Meg's notes and said to himself that there were just a few secrets he needed to keep.

 Friday October 21, 1997

Ben's House
When Meg came looking for her date book, Ben lied to her that he hadn't seen it. Ben explained that he had to cancel their plans for the evening, because he would be gone overnight on business.

After Ben left, Meg found her date book underneath some things on Ben's desk. She became suspicious when she recalled Ben carrying a duffel bag out of the house. Meg went and looked at the "bloody" sheets and scissors again to make sure Ben hadn't taken them to hide. Meg realized she was being foolish. She loved Ben and needed to trust him. When Meg was paged by work, she was told Mark needed to see her at The Deep.

The Convent
Cole still assumed that Caitlin was pregnant. He believed God had been looking out for Caitlin and their baby. Caitlin didn't have the heart to tell Cole that she had lost the baby. She feared he would never forgive her. Caitlin and Cole agreed that after all they have been through, they needed to make everyday count. Cole got down on his knee and proposed to Caitlin. She accepted.

The Richards'
Gregory was surprised to see Bette, who had brought home a hung-over Sean. Bette advised Gregory to tell Sean how much he needed him and to apologize to him for all he had done. Gregory didn't see why he should apologize for anything. He thought that Sean would realize how much he needs his family. They are interrupted when Bette received a phone call from Olivia. Olivia said she needed to talk to Bette and for her to come to the hospital. When Bette pretended that she was talking to Annie, Gregory grabbed the phone and apologized to her about what happened earlier at the hospital. Still thinking that he is talking to Annie, Gregory said they needed to keep business between themselves… the less Olivia knows the better.

Sean gave back to Gregory a family heirloom watch that Gregory had given him. Sean declared that he is no longer Gregory's son.

Gregory grieved for Caitlin while looking around her room. He vowed he would get things right with the new baby Olivia is expecting.

The Hospital
Olivia fumed over what Gregory said to her on the phone when he thought she was Annie. When Bette showed up, Olivia berated her for lying when she said that Gregory and Annie weren't having an affair. Bette said that what Olivia heard on the phone was only Gregory's way of protecting her. Olivia demanded that Bette get her ex-husband Charles there, because she needed lawyer.

Later, Olivia announced to Bette and Charles that she wanted Charles to handle her divorce from Gregory.

The Deep
The Deep appeared to be empty when Meg showed up. Meg went into Ben's office looking for Mark. She was startled when the door closed behind her and she turned around to see Ben standing there. He told her they were the only ones there. Intimidated, Meg slowly backs away from Ben. Ben explained that he had thought she trusted him and that he could trust her. Ben questioned her if she honestly thought that he wouldn't find out.

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