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Monday, October 22, 1997

Ben and Meg's House
When Ben demanded to know about Meg's knowledge of the sheets and scissors, she explained how she found them by accident. She had to tell him she was in Maria's studio before the night he found her in Maria's dress. She had found the studio in total disarray but had decided it was Annie and Tim trying to scare her off. She said she hadn't told Ben because the studio was cleaned up after that and she had no proof. Ben just kept asking her why she didn't come to him. All Meg could say was that she made a mistake. She wanted to put it all behind them. He stated that they couldn't because Annie and Tim had nothing to do with it. He had cleaned the room up himself because he didn't want her to know what happened in there. Meg was shocked and demanded to know why he hated Maria. He said hated Maria because she lied to him and that you just don't lie to someone you love. Meg insisted that they love each other and that if been didn't come clean with her then it is the same as lying. She felt she had the right to be asking questions considering all the evidence she had found. Ben realized she actually wondered if he killed Maria. She came right out and asked him if he did. This hurt Ben who didn't answer the question. He did explain that he had trashed the studio with paint in a rage after Maria's accident. He cleaned up the studio because he didn't want her to see it that way. Meg said she would let go of the past for good if he would tell her why he hid the sheets. Ben didn't hide the sheets. He just put them away and kind of forgot about disposing of them. Meg felt so bad for doubting him. They declared their love for each other and that they'd have no more secrets. She wanted to go downstairs, turn on the tree, and toast to their future; but Ben reminded her that he had to go to the Deep. Ben asked one thing of Meg… to please come to him first whenever she had any doubts. Meg promised she would. Ben left. Meg was full of hope for a Merry Christmas with Ben since she put all her doubts behind her.

The Beach
Gabi apologized to Ricardo for what she put him through, and was surprised by how understanding he was. Ricardo explained that it would take some time for him to forgive her, but he couldn't imagine what she is going through. He knew she had been trying to hurt her father and not him. She said she not only had to live with the guilt of what she did to him, but that she now had to live with remembering everything her father did to her. Gabi announced she was leaving. He told her if she was doing it in hopes that it would fix things for he and Paula to not do it. He explained that Gabi would have never been able to come between them if they had trusted each other the way they should have. He told Gabi that she could still have the happiness and family she came in search for in Sunset Beach. Gabi said she would think about staying.

Cole's Apartment
Cole rejected Jade's advances. He declared that he loved Caitlin and was going to marry her. Sean came to the door and he had to quickly get rid of him before he saw Jade. Jade wasn't swayed by Cole's rejections and saw it as more of a challenge, but he continued to resist her. The Richard's House
Gregory was overcome with joy to see Caitlin alive. Olivia basically told Annie to scram. Annie left. Caitlin told Gregory and Olivia that they were to blame for the accident because they tried to keep Cole and her apart. Gregory insisted that he only wanted to see Caitlin happy and that he had learned that he couldn't play God. Caitlin said that she would forgive them because she had to let go of her anger for her baby's sake. However, in return they had to agree to accept Cole and to throw them the wedding of her dreams. They agreed. Caitlin asked that Gregory go talk to Cole right then and he complied.

Sean couldn't believe that Caitlin was so willing to forgive their parents. When he showed her the tape of Gregory's confession, she took it from him and told him that no one could ever know about it.

Annie and Bette's House
Annie told an elated Bette that Caitlin was alive. Bette thought that would also mean that Gregory and Olivia would get back together. Annie didn't think so.

Later, Annie vented about the set back in her plan.

Cole's Apartment
Cole stuffed the aggressive Jade in his closet when Gregory came calling. Cole didn't buy Gregory's declaration of peace. Gregory said he intended on throwing them a wedding and even suggested that he help out on the living arrangements. Gregory went to open the closet door.

The Deep
In the alley behind the Deep, Ben mysteriously burns up the sheets and scissors.

 Tuesday October 23

Ben and Meg's House
Mark came by looking for Ben. He gave Meg a package from that a messenger dropped off for her. Meg freaked out when she was that it was the lab results on the sheet sample she had analyzed. Meg told Mark that Ben discovered she had found the sheets and had explained it to her. There was no longer any need for her to see the lab results because she already knew it was just paint. Meg tore up the package and threw it away.

Surf Central
Vanessa, Virginia, Michael, Casey, and Alex were wrapping packages for the 'Toys for Tots' party that would be at The Deep on Christmas Day. Vanessa was paged by her dad.

When Vanessa phoned her dad, Virginia eavesdropped on their conversation. Vanessa was disappointed that her father wouldn't be able to come for Christmas. That would mean he wasn't going to Cedar Oaks and she had asked that Vanessa never see her. Virginia assumed that 'she' was Vanessa's mother.

Mark and Meg came in to help.

Virginia called Cedar Oaks Hospital as Vanessa to try and find out more information on Vanessa's mother. When the hospital wouldn't give her the information over the phone, Virginia resolved that she would have to go see Vanessa's mother.

Mark was getting worried about Gabi when she finally turned up. Gabi admitted to Mark that she is considering leaving town. He hoped she would stay.

Meg convinced Vanessa that she should go see the psychic that Vanessa had been given a gift certificate for from her 'Secret Santa'. Meg said she would go with her. Seeing that Gabi was feeling down, Meg and Vanessa talk her into going to. Virginia excused herself by claiming she had to deliver dinner to shut ins. When she had the chance, Virginia stole Vanessa's press ID from her pocketbook in case she needed an ID at the hospital.

Alex was surprised to hear that Casey was going out on a date with Virginia. She feared he was taking the easy way out. Casey said she was one to talk… she hadn't dated anyone since her divorce from his dad… unless he counted Gregory. Alex didn't appreciate the comment, because Gregory was her friend and she was trying to get him back together with Olivia. The Deep
Ben torched the sheets and scissors in the alley. He said that was the last of the evidence of what really happened the night Maria died… as long as Meg believed him.

Fortune Teller's
Meg, Vanessa, and Gabi were all a little jumpy. Vanessa wanted Gabi to go in her place. The psychic told Gabi that the dark cloud had lifted off her. Gabi would be taking a short trip, but she would remain living in Sunset Beach where she will find true love. Suddenly, the psychic turned to Vanessa and asked for her hand. She told Vanessa that something was about to happen and that once that door was opened it could never be closed.

Cedar Oaks Hospital
Virginia went to the hospital claiming be Vanessa. Even though visiting hours were over, Virginia convinced the nurse to let her in by giving her a sob story. The nurse warned Virginia that her (Vanessa's) mother might not recognize her. Virginia put on glasses just in case and went in.

A Boat
Ben has a mysterious conversation with a man. He insisted that the man go out and make sure everything was all right.

Cole's Apartment
Looking at Cole's closet space, Gregory threw his closet door open. Knowing that Jade was inside, Cole feared he was caught, but Jade had hidden herself well in the closet. Gregory didn't see her. Gregory claimed that if Cole was what made Caitlin happy, then he would just have to learn to live with it. Gregory asked Cole to come spend Christmas with them. Cole agreed to do it for Caitlin's sake.

When Gregory left, Jade came out of the closet. She still didn't believe that Cole was sincere about loving Caitlin. Cole told Jade that she had better be gone when he got back.

Jade pulled out an erotic videotape of Cole and her. She wondered what Cole's fiancée would think of that. Jade found out where the Richard's lived.

The Richards' House
Caitlin wanted to know why Oliva was still planning on divorcing Gregory. Olivia said she had to teach Gregory that he couldn't play games with people's lives. Olivia said there was nothing like thinking your child is dead. She hoped Caitlin would never have to experience that. This really went to Caitlin who cried that she understood. Caitlin seemed ready to tell Olivia that she had lost the baby when Sean came in and interrupted them.

After talking to Sean, Caitlin realized she almost said too much to Olivia. Sean couldn't believe she was so ready to forgive Gregory and Olivia so easily.

Olivia wanted Sean to spend Christmas with her. Sean didn't have any intentions of reconciling with them. Olivia told him they need to be thankful that they have each other and not try to tear each other apart. Gregory overheard and assumed she was coming back to him.

Gregory explained to Olivia that since Caitlin was alive there was no longer any reason for them to be apart. Olivia was about to tell him she still wanted a divorce when Cole came in. Gregory left to go tell Caitlin that Cole was there. Knowing that he just walked in on a heated conversation, Cole insisted that Olivia couldn't divorce Gregory now.

Gregory told Caitlin that Cole would be spending with Christmas with them. Gregory apologized for hurting her when he had been trying to protect her. He swore that neither he nor anyone else would ever hurt her again.

 Wednesday October 24, 1997

Ben and Meg's House
Mark asked Ben if he had finally made it over to The Deep as he and Meg had been wondering about Ben's whereabouts. Ben became worried that Meg doubted him again. Mark realized Ben was acting peculiar, but assured Ben that Meg had complete trust in him. Mark hoped Meg had good reason to trust Ben. Ben claimed he loved Meg more than anything in the world, and he would never hurt her. When Ben inquired about where Meg was, Mark informed him that she had gone to Madam Carmen's.

The Richard's House
Cole pleaded with Olivia that the only way to keep the baby from Gregory was for her to stay married to Gregory. Even though the thought of Gregory raising his child would make him sick, he knows Olivia loves the baby and that would make it possible for him to give the baby up if it turned out to be his.

The Richards were attempting to have a "normal" holiday when Sean finally walks out and Olivia bursts out that she cannot continue the charade. When left alone, Olivia told Gregory she has no intention of dropping the divorce. Gregory asked that she at least stay for Christmas. When Caitlin and Cole came in, Olivia agreed to stay on the condition that Sean and Caitlin stay too. They all agreed to stay.

Cole was shocked when he answered the door and Jade was standing there. Jade pretended to be a caterer that Cole hired to fix the Richards' a special dinner. Cole was afraid of what she was up to. While serving up dinner, Jade and Cole threw little inside remarks at each other.

When Jade got the chance she slipped a present under the tree for Caitlin. The present was the erotic videotape of Jade and Cole.

Cedar Oak's Hospital
When Virginia went in to see Vanessa's mother (Lena), Lena was behind a curtain. Virginia pretended to be Vanessa and told Lena that it was her (Vanessa) and that she had come to apologize for not seeing her sooner. Lena freaked out and screamed for Vanessa to get out. The nurse made Virginia leave. Virginia wondered what could be so wrong that Lena wouldn't want her own daughter to see her. The Fortune Teller
Madam Carmen foretold that a door would be opened that it would cause a great upheaval. She told Vanessa that she sensed a grave disturbance with her mother. She sees choice and romance in Vanessa's future.

Madam Carmen said she saw a talk, dark, handsome man in Meg's life. Meg surprised Madam Carmen when she said Madam Carmen was talking about her fiancé, Ben. Madam Carmen also saw water and a white dress in Meg's future. Meg speculated that they would all have to travel across water for her wedding, but Madam Carmen didn't believe that was so. Madam Carmen sensed that on the trip all of their lives would change forever… something would be lost, something would be gained, and for one of them nothing would ever be the same. Vanessa, Meg, and Gabi became spooked and decided it was time to get out of there even though Madam Carmen wasn't through with the reading.

After Vanessa, Meg, and Gabi left, Ben showed up wanting to know what Madam Carmen told Meg. She wasn't surprised to see him there, and they apparently knew each other. Madam Carmen said she only mentioned travel plans that Meg would have across water. Madam Carmen explained that Meg left before she could warn her of danger, even death. Ben assumed she was talking about his past. Ben warned her to leave Meg out of her money-making scams.

Vanessa's Apartment
Virginia let herself in to look for medical reports on Lena. The phone rang and when Virginia heard on the answering machine that it was a nurse from Cedar Oak's she picked up. She kept up the pretense that she was Vanessa and told the nurse not to call that phone number anymore because it would be changing.

Surf Central
Alex became frustrated when Casey continued to question her relationship with Gregory. She insisted that Gregory and she are only friends.

Vanessa and Gabi told Alex, Michael, Casey, Mark, and Virginia about their trip to the fortune teller. Casey thought that it sounded like fun and tried to get someone to go with him on New Year's Eve. When everyone else claimed to already have plans, Casey asked Virginia to spend New Year's Eve with him. Virginia accepted and said she'd have to get Mrs. Jones to watch Jimmy.

Virginia witnessed Michael and Vanessa getting romantic. She declared that the key to Vanessa's future was her past with her mother.

Ben and Meg's House
Ben came home and found the room lit up with candles and Meg beautifully dressed holding mistletoe over her head. He kissed her tenderly. Then she toasted their first Christmas together. Ben teased that he heard she had been out conjuring up ghosts. She said she had fun. He asked if she had heard anything interesting. She explained she wasn't told anything she didn't already know. She didn't need to be a psychic to know that they had a wonderful future ahead of them.

Ben wanted Meg to open one present. She was incredulous to learn he had bought an island with a house for her. Things get heated and they make love under the Christmas tree.

 Thursday October 25, 1997

Due to the Christmas holiday, Sunset Beach did not air today.

 Friday October 26, 1997

Ben and Meg's House
As he watched Meg sleep, Ben recalled destroying the sheets and scissors the night before. Meg woke up and teased Ben that he must be Santa. She claimed that he had already given her the most wonderful gift he could ever give her, himself.

Meg gave Ben an antique watch with 'SB, I love you forever, Dorothy' engraved on it. This caused Ben to remember Maria telling him the same thing.

The Richard's House
Gregory arranged to have presents waiting on everyone when they woke up. Caitlin didn't have the reaction he had hoped when Cole brought in a cradle as a gift for Caitlin and their baby. Olivia reminded Gregory that she is only there for Christmas and they started to squabble. They decided to wait to talk until they could be alone so that they wouldn't ruin everyone's holiday. Gregory gave Sean a $15,000, dollar check for Alex's children's foundation. Sean claimed he couldn't be bought, but that he would give the check to Alex. He left to go to The Deep and help. Cole was upset when Gregory presented Caitlin and he with a condo. He claimed that he would take care of Caitlin and their baby himself. Caitlin found one last present under the tree for herself. She opened it to find a videotape only marked as being to her. They pop it in the VCR, but are interrupted by Olivia who brought a present into Caitlin. Olivia gave Caitlin the christening gown that Caitlin had worn. Cole and Caitlin leave for The Deep without ever seeing the tape.

Gregory was frustrated that he couldn't find Olivia's Christmas gift. He noticed the video tape and turned it on, but was distracted when Spike came in with Olivia's package in his mouth. Bye the time Gregory wrestled the package away from Spike, the video had already finished without Gregory ever seeing what was on it.

Olivia was touched when Gregory gave her a locket with Caitlin and Sean's pictures in it. There was also a space left for their new baby. Gregory pleaded with Olivia to come back home. She admitted that she still loved him. Gregory successfully seduced Olivia and they made love. Immediately afterwards, Olivia realized she made a mistake. Much to Gregory's dismay Olivia left to go back to Bette and Olivia's house.

The Deep
Casey, Mark, Michael, Gabi, Vanessa, Virginia, Jimmy, and Alex were part of the group getting The Deep ready for the 'Toys for Tots' party. When the Santa for the party called in sick, the crew convinced Casey to be their Santa. Michael and Mark dug up an old Santa costume for Casey and mentioned that they added a few special touches to make it more suitable for Casey.

Bette and Annie showed for the event. Bette wished for a single dad to happen her way, and visions of a bedroom partnership with Gregory danced in Annie's head. Bette informed an unhappy Annie that Olivia had stayed out all night and that Olivia had possibly reconciled with Gregory. Annie told Bette that she had business to attend to. Bette knew what Annie was up to and insisted that Annie leave the Richards alone for Christmas.

Sean arrived at The Deep with his date, Amy. Annie overheard Sean tell Alex that Gregory and Olivia were spending Christmas together.

Gold-digger, Elizabeth, tried to convince Sean to dump the 'Toys for Tots' party and take her to the country club. Sean declined.

Ben and Meg came in. Meg surprised everyone with the news that Ben had bought her an island. She explained that Ben promised to take her real soon. Vanessa exclaimed that was the trip that Madam Carmen was talking about. Everyone was excited when Ben suggested that they throw a New Year's party on the island.

Jade, who had showed up looking for Cole, greeted Caitlin and Cole and tried to hint around and find out if Caitlin had opened the tape yet.

Sean invited Amy to be his date at Meg's New Years Eve party.

Mark convinced Gabi to stay in Sunset Beach and go to the New Year's Eve party with them.

Jade suggested to Ben that she cater the party. He told her to talk with Meg. Cole warned Jade that she'd better leave town.

Santa Casey rolled out to give gifts to all the children. He wore a typical Santa coat, hat, and beard, but he also had on his lifeguard trunks and roller blades.

Caitlin managed to get the name of a fertility specialist from Tyus under the pretense that she has a friend that is having problems.

Bette was thrilled to see Caitlin for the first time since she had risen from the dead. Caitlin sang a song, then everyone joined in and sang 'Silent Night'.

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