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Monday, March 15, 1999

Ricardo pulls Antonio out of Francesca's room. Antonio pointedly asks if Ricardo considers him a suspect but the answer if provided by Francesca, who weakly asks to make a confession. Francesca asks for his forgiveness. Antonio doesn't have it in him to forgive her. Francesca pulls him closer and reveals: Gabi shot her.

Elsewhere, Cole tries to get Caitlin to talk about what happened during the time Francesca was shot but Caitlin won't discuss it with him. Meanwhile, Bette hears Annie accuse Olivia of being the shooter and realizes it could be true. Sean learns the baby he helped get for Caitlin is actually Olivia's.

Ben and Maria try to find out from Benjy if he truly knows Mari. Sara told Meg she thinks this entire thing is a set-up of Maria's. Meanwhile, Maria gets Tess alone, finally able to speak freely.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Antonio reels off Francesca's claim that Gabi shot her. Antonio is deeply torn as Ricardo presses him to tell them what Francesca said to him. Alone, a wary Gabi questions Antonio about what else Francesca might have said that he chose not to tell Ricardo. Antonio overhears Gabi say Francesca deserved to die. Annie tries to implicate Olivia in Francesca's murder.

Annie told Sean about Cole and Olivia's affair. AJ angrily suggests the reason Annie's so quick to blame Olivia is because she's hiding something herself. Ricardo overhears AJ say plenty of people wanted Francesca dead. Caitlin inadvertently implicates herself in Francesca's shooting. Meanwhile, a worried Annie sneaks into Francesca's room?

Meg admits to Ben that she can't help being suspicious of Benjy's sudden appearance. Maria wants to speak to Tess alone to find out more about the time she spent in Seattle. Sincere, Tess opens up about Maria's decision to return to Ben because she believed her son needed both parents. Benjy enters to find Meg in Ben's arms.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

Annie intends to pull the plug on Francesca. Ricardo catches her. Francesca suddenly comes to and lets Annie know what she thinks of her. Then she went into cardiac arrest before Ricardo can question her. Antonio finds Gabi in the chapel, asking God for forgiveness. Caitlin stuns Olivia, Cole and Bette by implying that she could have shot Francesca.

Later, Francesca wakes from her coma. Ben and Meg - and Maria, it seems - are still trying to come to terms with the idea that Benjy might be Ben and Maria's son. Later, Meg awakens to discover Ben missing from bed. We see him in Maria's studio, studying the sleeping boy, hoping for answers.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

Ricardo posts a cop at Francesca's door and sends everyone home except Annie. Annie runs to Gregory for protection but Gregory assures her that if a case can be made against Annie, he'll help make it. Meanwhile, Cole tries to talk to Caitlin who told him she doesn't need him anymore. Olivia insists on going back to the Richards' to see Trey. Caitlin warns her mother that if Olivia shot Francesca she won't be holding Trey much longer.

An "orderly" enters Francesca's room. It's Cole. Gabi flashes back to standing over a shot Francesca. Antonio, sensing her jumpiness, assures her that whatever she told him, he won't hurt her. Antonio prays by Francesca's side to find out if she really meant what she said earlier: that Gabi shot her. Francesca has an out-of-body experience, revealing that anyone could have shot her. Sean's still angry and upset about Olivia's affair with Cole. Emily tries to placate him but, is unsuccessful when Sean lashes out at her.

Friday, March 19, 1999

Cole sneaks into Francesca's room and is alone with her when she flatlines. Francesca resists dying, but then went to a Hell in a flash of flames. Grim , Ricardo realizes he's no longer dealing with a shooting, but a murder. Cole is to spend the night in jail for questioning in the murder of Francesca Vargas.

Meanwhile, Francesca is welcomed to hell by Del and Eddie. Gabi is upset to realize Antonio suspects her of shooting Francesca. Gabi told a relieved Antonio that she did not shoot Francesca, but we wonder if she's being truthful as she recalls bending over Francesca's body. Gabi realizes Ricardo might find the tape of them making love in Francesca's hotel room.

Annie warns Gregory that Caitlin had good reason to want to shoot Francesca for stealing Trey as well as telling her about Cole and Olivia's affair. Then it dawns on Annie that Gregory, too, might have wanted Francesca dead if he had found out that she was planning to steal Trey. Caitlin told Olivia she knows that Olivia confronted Francesca with a gun, and realizes Olivia would be in serious trouble if Caitlin told Ricardo. Sean overhears their conversation, but interrupts, protective of his sister.

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