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Monday, April 26, 1999

Sean asks Gregory if he thinks he can get Caitlin off. Sean told Gregory that she's been acting funny and that maybe she really did kill Francesca. Gregory told Sean to never say that again. Sean blames his dad for pushing Caitlin to kill. Gregory says if that's what he wants to believe fine, he's got better things to do like put together Caitlin defense, and he leaves the room. Sean looks at a photo taken when he and Caitlin we're younger and remembers Caitlin taking care of him when Gregory was mean to him. Sean says it's his turn to protect his sister. Sean leaves and Gregory returned in, look at the same picture and says, "my little girl."

Cole is visiting Caitlin when the police come in and asks him what he's doing there. He's there to talk to his wife but they get forceful with Cole when he doesn't want to leave. Caitlin told the cops to leave Cole alone, they're hurting him. They finally get Cole out of the room and she wonders why Cole is acting that way. She's only confessing to protect him. Francesca appears to Caitlin and told her that Cole is letting her take the fall for him because he doesn't love her anymore. Caitlin says he does love her, that's why Cole killed Francesca. Caitlin told Francesca to go to hell but Francesca only says been there done that. Francesca says Cole and Olivia are probably kicking it up in bed right now, laughs at Caitlin and leaves. Caitlin lies on her cot. Cole finds Sean and asks him to help clear Caitlin. He's the only one he can trust right now. Sean asks how Cole is so sure that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca.

Ricardo asks Gabi to marry him today. Maria told Antonio outside of Ricardo's room that it's up to him whether or not to tell Ricardo the truth. They walk in and Ricardo told them they're just in time. Ricardo asks Antonio to marry them today but Antonio asks if he's kidding. Ricardo says no but Antonio told him not to rush into things. Maria chimes in that he's just had major surgery and that he needs rest. He told Gabi he knows she's always wanted a big church wedding but to please him this one time and she'll never regret it. He asks Antonio to do it but when Antonio hesitates, Ricardo asks if there's a good reason why he won't do it. Antonio says that Ricardo doesn't have a marriage license yet. Ricardo then asks Gabi to pull out a calendar and he points to a date. When Antonio and Gabi act nervous again, Ricardo thinks it's because Tyus has told them something about his condition he doesn't know. They all say they would never do that. Annie comes in and asks to talk to Ricardo alone. She brought him flowers and thanks him for saving her life. Outside Gabi told Maria and Antonio that Ricardo is being really stubborn. Carmen walks up and announces she has something to say. Carmen says she's sorry to Gabi about her "wrongful" accusations. Carmen and Maria leave. Gabi said she thought for sure that Antonio was going to tell Ricardo the truth. Annie comes out and says that Ricardo is on the phone to the station because Caitlin confessed to the murder. Gabi and Antonio think they are off the hook until they go in and Ricardo says the investigation is far from over.

Sara asks Tess about meeting Tim. Tess says yes she's met him unfortunately. He lied to her to get information. Casey comes out from Meg's office. Sara asks if they can go now but Casey says he wants to hang around for Meg. Meg tells Ben she feels like she doesn't belong. Ben says he'll talk to Benjy but Meg says it'll only make things worse. She wants time alone with Benjy to get to know him. Benjy shows up at the office with a picture of his family but NO Meg. Meg asks him to go to the Shock Wave for ice cream. He asks if his mommy and daddy will be there but Meg says no it's special just for them. Benjy asks Tess if he has to and Tess told him to be polite. Ben takes Benjy out to the roof so he can see the ocean view. Casey asks Meg when they can finish their meeting. Meg says later and asks Casey and Sara to walk her over to the Shock Wave. Sara says they have lunch plans but Casey asks her to reschedule them to another time. Sara says of course and hugs Casey as Tess looks on. Meg, Casey and Sara leave. Ben returned down with Benjy and walks over to Tess. Ben asks Benjy to give Meg a chance. Benjy says he'll try and that he loves his daddy. Meg is reaming out her dad for trying to make her life harder on her. She says yes Benjy gets everything he wants and that makes him a little difficult, just as Benjy and Tess walk in.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Feeling sorry for herself, Annie imagines herself as the central character in a soap opera entitled "Search for Dignity". Tess snarls at Meg after overhearing Ben's girlfriend describe Benjy as a spoiled child too used to getting his own way. Afterwards, Tim urges Tess to calm down and give Meg another chance. At the jail, Olivia attempts to convince her daughter to recant but Caitlin stubbornly sticks to her murder confession. Meanwhile, Cole entreats Sean to use his influence with Caitlin to get her to explain why she's made a phony admission of guilt. Deep in the throes of her private daytime drama, Annie decides to turn her pathetic character's life around by throwing away the cliche-ridden script. A suspicious Sara considers digging into Tess' personal history. Inspired by her sudsy fantasy, Annie vows to regain control of her own life. Sean coaxes Caitlin to tell him how she came to be in possession of the murder weapon. Maria yearns to have her memory back as she watches Benjy playing with Ben.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

Annie pushes Cole to turn himself in for Francesca's murder. At the jail, Caitlin admits to an astounded Sean that she took the gun to protect her husband from prosecution. Antonio catches his brother trying to sneak out of the hospital and insists that Ricardo return to his bed. Denying that he had any part in the murder, Cole points out to Annie that she had just as much motive and opportunity for the crime as anyone else in Sunset Beach. Gabi swipes the list of Francesca's earthly belongings from the precinct house. Although their friend Gabi is to be wed, both Vanessa and Meg confess to one another that they're also a tiny bit jealous because their own love lives are in such turmoil. Antonio winces when Ricardo teases him about the ladies' man he used to be before he donned the priestly collar. Puzzled by the Tarot cards which continue to show Gabi with a lover, Carmen decides to use another of her powers to ferret out the truth. Annie urges Caitlin to stop lying and tell the police how Cole killed Francesca. Gabi and Antonio brainstorm in an effort to figure out where the incriminating videotape might be hidden.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

Meg and Sara:
Just as Meg gets home Sarah rushes up to the door. Meg immediately told her that she did not want to go through the whole Tess, Maria, Benjy thing. Sarah said that she knew Tess and Maria was up to something and that she had proof. Sarah said that she had been searching through Tess' things. Meg said "you didn't" but Sara said that she had no choice. Then Meg said that she is going up stairs to change her clothes and then come back down to talk about movies or music or else she would have to go home. As she went up the stairs Sarah said to herself "Meg do it". When Meg got up the stairs she peeped in Tess' room and then step back out to see if anyone was coming then went fully in the room.

Ben and Benjy:
Ben and Benjy was out on the beach together watching people water ski then they went for ice-cream when the top of them fell off and they started laughing. They went back on the beach and built a huge sand castle.

Tess, Sara, Ben and Benjy:
Tess entered the house and Sarah said hello. Tess wanted to know why she was there and if she was alone. Sarah made it seem as if she was when Ben and Benjy stepped through the door. Ben asked if had missed something and he to wanted to know where Meg was. Sara told them that Meg was up stairs changing. Benjy ask Tess for his fire truck and Tess told him that it was up stairs and that they (Tess and Benjy) should go get it. Then Sarah stopped them and said that Meg was talking about cookies and they (Ben and Benjy) should go in the kitchen and get some. Ben told Sara that he wanted to talk with her then Tess went up stairs.

Bette, Gabi, and Antonio:
Bette saw Gabi and Antonio at the shock wave and sat with them to discuss the Fran. Investigation. They talked about the serial number that was on the paper. Bette suggest that they go check it out. The serial numbers were of tapes that are in the library. Bette knew someone in the library that would help them find the tape. Bette was doing this because she wants to get Caitlin out of jail because she believes Caitlin is innocent and the tape might be a lead to the investigation. Gabi and Antonio are doing it because they believe that the tape might be the one with the two of them making love. Bette told them that she was writing a column on it (the tape ).

Gabi and Antonio:
There are at the library getting assistants from the lady who was referred to them by Bette. Gabi showed the lady the serial number of the tape they wanted and the woman said that she couldn't help them. Gabi wanted to know why and the woman told them that she could not help them. The woman said it was because that series of tapes were of 22 hours of mating habits of wild animals. She told them it couldn't be what they were looking for. Gabi insisted that they still take a look. They watched many tapes until they came upon "THE TAPE" of them making love. When Ricardo walked through the door.

Cole and Annie:

Cole took Annie to the top of the hills and she thought he was going to throw her off. He took her into a cave, pinned her down to a huge rock in the middle of the cave, almost choking her and demanded that she confess for trying framing him, he told her that dangerous things could happen in the cave like a cave in or water might rush in. She was in denial and Cole reminded her of when she said it in the Java Web. She remember but still denied it all. She try to tell him that he was the one who killed Fran but he said that he didn't and she kept asking him if he was going to kill her. Cole told her that he should. Mean while Annie tried to grab at a rock on the ground, when she did she knocked him in the head with it and thought he was dead. She started saying to herself "it was self-defense". As she walked away he got up and grabbed her foot.

Bette and Ricardo:
Bette went to see Ricardo for he had saved Annie's life and wanted to thank him. At this time he was getting dressed to go down by the station. Bette made a mistake and the discussion of the Fran tapes, Gabi and Antonio slipped out of her mouth. She tried to cover it up by lying but he didn't believe her and told him not to tell.

Ricardo and Carmen:
Carmen went to the hospital to see Ricardo. She told him that she wanted to apologize for being mean to Gabi all the other times. She realized that the Toro was wrong about Gabi because it keep showing her with Antonio all the time.

Maria and Dr. Estrada:
Dr. Estrada tried hypnosis on Maria so that she could remember those five years she missed. It didn't work and Maria asked if she would ever remember Dr. Estrada said that she might not.

Maria and Bette:
Maria was at Bette's house and Bette told her to stay for a few minutes and talk. Maria was broken hearted because she wanted to remember Benjy as a baby and giving birth and all that good stuff. Bette told her that just because they were a part doesn't mean that she isn't a fit mother.

Maria and Carmen:
Maria broke down to her mother about how she doesn't feel anything for Benjy, well not anything strong. She loves him. Maria wanted her mother to find something else that can help her remember (psychic stuff ) . Carmen said she knew of something but it was dangerous and she had to be ready to go down that path.

Friday, April 30, 1999

Desperate to feel close to her son, Maria again entreats Carmen to tell her how she can regain her memory. In the grotto, Annie struggles to escape from Cole but he tightens his grip on his prisoner. Vanessa is unpleasantly surprised to find Mrs. Moreau on her doorstep. Tess catches Meg snooping through her room. Startled when Ricardo suddenly enters the room, Gabi moves to steer him away from the video monitor while Antonio hastily turns off the tape. Explaining how she wants to make up for everything she's done, Mrs. Moreau offers Vanessa a potion guaranteed to ensure that Michael will love her forever. Meg admits to Ben that she was spying on Tess, then apologizes to the nanny for invading her privacy. Carmen finally relents and gives her daughter Mrs. Moreau's name but reminds her to beware of the powerful black magic. As Vanessa rejects the witch woman's proposal, Michael arrives and gives Mrs. Moreau an angry piece of his mind. Sara warns Tess that she's going to watch her like a hawk from now on. An unwitting Ricardo asks his brother to stay close to Gabi and keep her safe. Ben advises Tess to move out and start looking for a new job. Cole drags Annie down to the D.A.'s office but she refuses to clear Caitlin's name.

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