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Monday, May 31, 1999

"Francesca," Olivia, AJ, Gregory:
Olivia, AJ, and Gregory are standing around the phone. Francesca told Olivia that she thinks that it is time for them to meet face to face. Francesca wonders where it would be suitably ironic for them to meet. Just then Gregory knocks something over. Francesca asks if her and Olivia are alone. Olivia says that she just dropped something. Francesca doesn't believe her. Olivia asks if Francesca really thinks that she would tell someone that she was talking to a dead women. Just then Bette comes in, Francesca hears and hangs up. Bette asks who was on the phone but no one will tell her anything. Bette says fine, but she hopes that whatever they are up to is not something that is going to end up in her gossip column. She leaves. AJ, Gregory and Olivia discuss Francesca and they decide that before long they will know who pulled the trigger on her. The phone rings and Olivia answers it. It is her friend Barbara, Gregory takes the phone and tells her that Olivia will call her later. AJ told Olivia that Francesca or whoever it is will call back soon and this will all be over....

Ben, Meg, Benjy, Tess, Tim, Sara, Maria, and Dr. Estrada:
Meg is coming downstairs with her suitcase, and Ben is behind her. Meg told Ben not to try to stop her that she needs time to think. Ben says that he is not going to try to stop her, that Maria will. Meg wants to know what Maria could possibly say to persuade Meg to stay. Ben says that she wont have to say anything that she is taking action. Ben told Meg that Maria has gone to see Dr. Estrada. Meg wants to know how Maria getting her memory back is going to change anything. Ben says that Maria feels that when she is able to connect Benjy she will be able to deal with living alone. Meg says that she thought that Ben wanted Benjy to live with him. Ben says that he has had a chance to spend time with Benjy and that he wants to continue to do so but, the best thing is for them to have shares custody. Ben told Meg that he hopes that Benjy will warm up to Meg once he is able to relate to his own mother better.

Upstairs Tess is in her room. She is worried that if Maria gets her memory back that it will all be over for her. Tess calls someone and told them that she needs their help. Tess comes downstairs and reminds Ben and Meg that it is her day off. Ben had forgotten and says that he has a meeting. Meg says that she can watch Benjy and that they will be at the beach, she has a meeting with Casey about the environmental project. Ben told Benjy to be good for Meg and Benjy went to get his toys. Meg walks Ben out. Tess picks up the phone and calls the mystery person. She told him that everything is coming together and then she says this is what I need you to do. At the SHOCKWAVE, Sara told Tim to stay away from Tess. Tim asks Sara when she started telling him what to do. Tim told Sara that all he has to do is go tell Casey all of Sara's lies. He heads over to Casey who is on the phone and Sara stops him. Sara told Tim to do whatever he wants with Tess but that she better not hurt Meg or she will be all over both of them. Tim tells Sara that the only thing that motivates Sara is Sara. They continue to fuss and Tim walks off. Hank calls him to the phone. It is Tess. Tess asks Tim if he would like to go for a walk on the beach.

Dr. Estrada told Maria to remember the five years that she raised Benjy alone. Maria says that she wasn't alone. Dr. Estrada asks Maria what she thinks of when she thinks of Tess and Seattle. Maria remembers Tess leaning over her telling her that everything will be "right as rain." Dr. Estrada asks Maria what she remembers. Maria says that she was sick and Tess was taking care of her but there was something else. That something wasn't right. Dr. Estrada asks how this relates to Benjy. Maria asks if maybe she did something to hurt herself and Benjy and that is why she is blocking the memory. Dr. Estrada says that maybe Tess can fill in the blanks when Maria shares what she has remembered. Maria says that that is not possible. That she doesn't fell comfortable around Tess and that she can't trust her... Ben went to see Sara, he told her that they need to talk. He told Sara that he wants to call a truce. He says that they want the same thing, for Meg to be happy. Sara says that that is what she wants. Ben says then lets quit butting heads, Sara says what team up to help Meg. Sara says that she would like to help Meg but that Tess is in the way of Meg being happy... At the beach, Tess sees Casey, Meg and Benjy. A surfer comes by and tells her that she can't go in the water because of strong riptides. The surfer walks away and Tess says perfect and heads straight for the water. Casey and Meg are talking and playing with Benjy when they hear a woman scream. They realize it is Tess and Casey runs to save her. Just then Tim comes up and Meg told him about Tess. As everything is going on mystery man with binoculars is watching and then he focuses his attention on Benjy.....`

Carmen, Antonio, Ricardo, and Gabi:
Carmen told Antonio that in time he will understand what Gabi did to him and his brother even though it is not clear to him right now. And she says that now it is over. Antonio told her that it isn't over, that Gabi hasn't left yet and that Ricardo is trying to talk to Gabi now and keep her from leaving. Carmen says that she has to stop this. Antonio told her no that Ricardo and Gabi belong together. Carmen asks how Antonio can say that. Just then a nun comes in and told Antonio that one of his parishioners needs him. He makes Carmen promise to wait there and to not get involved. Antonio leaves and Carmen remembers telling Gabi to leave. Carmen says that she will do whatever it takes to get that whore out of there lives.

Ricardo told Gabi that he can't let her walk out of his life, not this way. Gabi says he deserves to know the truth, but once she told him he will never be able to forgive her. Ricardo says that nothing can change the way he feels. He asks what it is. Gabi told Ricardo that she doesn't love him. Ricardo told Gabi that that is not true, that she is lying. He told her that after all that they have been through, he can see her love in her eyes, he can feel it when they kiss, and when they make love. He wants to know why she is not telling him the truth, why is she trying to hurt him like this. Gabi told Ricardo that he forgave her and accepted her even with all of her demons and that he loved her in a way that she never thought possible. She tells Ricardo that what she felt for him wasn't love, that it couldn't be, and that he deserves so much more. She told Ricardo that she knows that this is horrible know, but if they married it would be worse. She hopes that one day he'll understand. Ricardo asks Gabi who the other man is, the man that she was leaving them for. Gabi told him that there isn't any one, that it is her. Gabi says that she can't love anyone and that he can't force her to love, that love is not a part of who she is. Ricardo says that if you can't believe in me or us, or the fact that we can work through whatever the problem is, I won't force you. He told Gabi that she knows him and that he would fight for them but if she is against them then there is nothing left to fight for. Ricardo storms out. Gabi steps to the door crying and says, I do love you.

Carmen comes up and asks Gabi in what language does she have to tell her to leave before she goes. Gabi says that she is leaving and that Carmen can thank herself for that. Carmen told Gabi not to blame her for the consequences of her own lustful actions. Gabi says that Carmen must be happy and Carmen says that she is just taking care of a problem for the love of her children. Gabi laughs and told Carmen that what she has done wasn't out of love that it was out of hate. Gabi says that she has known all about hate and that she had a chance to leave all of that behind her but that Carmen took that chance away from her. Gabi says that she feels sorry for all of Carmen's children because at least she knew that her father was a monster but that all of her kids would learn what she was. Gabi says that she is leaving because she does love Antonio and Ricardo which is more than Carmen can say. Carmen says how dare you. Gabi told Carmen that she has no idea what love was, that if she did she wouldn't have killed it for her son. Gabi leaves... Ricardo is at the church and Antonio comes in. Antonio asks about Gabi. Ricardo told Antonio that he has Gabi's keys. Antonio told Ricardo that that wasn't going to stop Gabi from leaving. Ricardo says that it least it will slow her down. Antonio asks what Gabi said. Ricardo told Antonio that Gabi said that she didn't love him, that she couldn't love anybody. Ricardo says that he can't figure out why Gabi is lying to him. Ricardo told Antonio that he asked Gabi if there was another man and that she said no but that he thinks there must be and that Gabi is either to ashamed to tell him or that she thinks that knowing the truth will hurt him more than her saying that she didn't love him. Ricardo says maybe he is crazy and asks Antonio if he thinks that that it is true. Antonio says Yes, It is.....

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

At The Beach: Meg and Casey are discussing business while watching Benjy when they hear shouting coming from the ocean. They look out and see Tess drowning. Casey runs into the water to save her. She is drowning because she went to the water if though the ocean was close due to severe rip tides. Tim runs into the water and assists Casey as he carries Tess out of the ocean. Meg runs and gets help from Brad, who is one of the lifeguards on duty, leaving Benjy all alone. A mysterious man walks up to Benjy and takes him. Meg freaks out when she can't find Ben! Ben and Sara come to the beach and are shocked to learn that Benjy is missing. Everyone begins to form a search party to look for Benjy. Tess fears that Benjy walked into the water and was taken under the rip tides, but her fears are proved wrong because Benjy is not in the water. Maria head to the beach and uses Ben's shoulder to cry on. Ben receives a phone call from the mysterious man who kidnapped Benjy. The man says that Ben might never see Benjy again!

At the mission, Ricardo questions Antonio about whether or not he knows anything about there being another man in Gabi's life. Antonio says that there is another man in her life. Ricardo asks Antonio to tell him who it is and Antonio says that Ricardo knows who it is. Ricardo gets upset and says that he knows who the other man is. He thinks that it is Gabi's father who is coming between them because he thinks that Gabi get love any man because of what her father did to her when she was younger. Ricardo rushes out of the mission to find Gabi, and Antonio follows him. Ricardo went to Surf Central to find Gabi and Antonio shows up there too. Gabi is not at Surf Central though, and Ricardo and Antonio worry about where she might be.

Gabi is on her way out of Sunset Beach forever. She stops at a little gas station to get gas and a sandwich. She told the waitress there to rush her order because she is in a big hurry. The waitress asks her where she is going and Gabi says that she is going to El Paso. The waitress wonders why Gabi is going to El Paso and she says that she is going there because she grew up there.

At The "Shock Wave":
Ben and Sara call a truce between them and want to end their feud so that they can join forces to help out Meg. Hank is frustrated with Ben because he thinks that Ben is the one who is ruining Meg's life. Ben wants Hank and him to call a truce. Joan says that she just wishes that Meg and Benjy could find a way to get along together. Ben told them all that right at this very moment, Benjy and Meg are boding together because Meg is watching Benjy at the beach. Ben leaves the Shock Wave to check on Benjy and Meg at the beach and Sara asks if she can go along so that she can make amends and apologize to Meg for all the pain that she has caused her. Ben thinks that that is a great idea and the both head to the beach together.

Maria arrives home from her visit with Dr. Estrada and she wonders where everyone is. Maria is eager to question Tess about the information that she remembered from the time they spent in Seattle, but Tess is not home. Annie stops over to see how Maria is doing after hearing the news that Gabi ran out on Ricardo at their wedding. Maria says that she is fine regarding that aspect of her life, but that she is worried about something else. She told Annie that she is worried about remembering her past with Tess because she feels that she might not be remembering it because it is too painful. Maria also told Annie that she can't trust Tess. Annie agrees with her and says that she has never trusted Tess. Maria told Annie that she thinks that Tess is hiding something. Annie suggests that they snoop around in Tess' room, but Maria says that Sara and Meg already snooped around up there and that they found nothing. Annie leaves and Maria heads to the beach to check out what the big commotion is down there.

Vanessa and Michael drop off the presents from Gabi and Ricardo's wedding at Surf Central where they think that Gabi is, but Gabi is nowhere to be found. Michael surprises Vanessa with a trip to this expensive spa where all of the famous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt go. Vanessa is excited and surprised, but she doesn't think that Michael can afford such an expensive trip. Michael says that he put in a reservation for tonight and that he can afford it. Vanessa excepts and they get ready to go. They arrive at the spa and head up to their rooms. They are supposed to stay in separate bedrooms, but Vanessa thinks that they should stay in the same room. Michael and Vanessa begin to passionately kiss on the bed when they hear a knocking at the door. They answer it and discover that it is Billy Blanks, creator of Tae-Bo, at their door. Billy wants them downstairs right away and for them to get ready for the workout of their lives. Billy was the trainer assigned to Vanessa and Michael when they made the reservations to stay at the spa. Vanessa and Michael reluctantly head down to the gym and Billy works them so hard that they are ready to pass out! Billy leaves to bring back some weights and he told them to start doing push-ups, but Michael and Vanessa decide to run away as fast as they can before Billy comes back. They run away and head back up to their room for a romantic evening.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

A distraught Maria snatches the phone away from Ben and screams at the kidnapper to return her son. Bette encourages Caitlin to extend a little forgiveness towards her mother but the young woman bitterly recalls how Olivia betrayed her with Cole. The kidnapper orders Ben to collect forty thousand dollars in small bills and wait for further instructions. Michael finally manages to give the gung-ho personal trainer the heave-ho, then turns his attention back to an eager Vanessa. Though Maria wants to call in Ricardo, Tess reminds Benjy's anxious parents that notifying the authorities could get their son killed. Amy is intrigued to hear Emily express a concern that Gregory dislikes her. Olivia told A.J. she's certain Gregory has set them up to believe that Francesca has risen from the grave. Unaware of the nanny's secret agenda, Tim assures a sobbing Tess that Benjy will soon be home, safe and sound. Meanwhile, Meg tearfully asks Ben if he can ever forgive her.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Olivia told AJ that she thinks it was Gregory making the phone calls, and making her believe that Trey would be better off at his house. The phone rang again, she picked it up but no one was there. Then it rang again and she answered it and it was "Francesca" asking her if she was alone she said she was, even though AJ was there with her. "Francesca" said that she had to tell her something that no one else would want to hear.

Gregory was on the phone with someone and said something like everything it taken care of. Annie came up behind him and asked him what he was talking about. He told her to get out of his office. She said that there is one thing that they both want and that is to bring Olivia down. She asked him if they could work together in doing this, he said "no," she said she already has everything she wants a house, an expensive car, etc., and she said "there is no place like home." Then Gregory said "yes, now get out before I drop a house on you" Annie left and then had a fantasy about The Wizard Of Oz she being Dorothy and holding Trey, Olivia the Wicked Witch (Bitch) of the West, AJ was the witch's soldier, Cole was the scarecrow, and Gregory being the wizard. Annie got rid of The wicked witch by throwing what she thought was water then the which said "yummm vodka" then she started to melt. Then Meg came in and said "I'm the real Dorothy from Kansas, you don't even have Toto" Annie asked her what she was doing in her fantasy and Meg said she was there to show that Annie was a fake. Then Gregory's face came up on the mirror and they found him behind the curtain. Cole:
Cole was up by some kind of an electrical box, and we don't know what he was doing up there but he almost got caught by Ruiz and Spencer, But then they saw a coyote and thought that, that was the old lady had called in saying that she saw a shadowy thing moving. Annie called Cole and he told her that he had done it. Cole went down the stairs and there was someone there watching him, but he didn't see him.

Benjy's Kidnapping:
They were waiting for the call, and the phone rang Ben answered it saying that he wanted his son back now, the person hung up. They were waiting for a long time then the phone rang again, he answered it and this time it was the kidnapper. Ben told him to give him a sign that Benjy was ok, so he put him on the phone. They were talking for a while and he said that he was ok and that he missed Ben and Maria. Then the kidnapper took the phone away from Benjy and he told Ben to meet him under the pier in a 1/2 an hour. Ben went there and his cell phone rang, it was the kidnapper and he told him to go by a pile and then he went and someone came up behind him with a gun. Casey was telling Sara that he thinks that Ben is walking into a trap. And he wants to stop him.

Friday, June 4, 1999

As A.J. listens in over the extension--and Gregory secretly eavesdrops via the wiretap--Olivia nervously assures Francesca that their phone conversation cannot be overheard by anyone. A worried Sara puts her foot down when Casey decides to go provide back-up for Ben's dangerous mission. Meanwhile, the kidnapper pulls a gun on Ben and orders him to hand over the cash. Cole discovers that Caitlin has been tailing him. Though Sara begs him not to put his life in jeopardy, Casey explains that he must do whatever he can to help rescue Benjy. Tess and Meg snarl at one another until Maria steps in to remind them that placing blame won't do anything to bring back her son. Left to his own devices for a while, Benjy accidentally breaks open a gas pipe when he climbs onto it in search of a flashlight. As A.J. prevents Bette from blundering into the middle of a delicate situation, Francesca informs Olivia that everything will come to a head that very night when they meet at the power plant. During a struggle for the gun, Ben manages to overpower the kidnapper and relieves him of a set of keys. After Casey arrives, Ben rushes off to find his son. Caitlin demands some answers from Cole and grows irritated when he asks her to wait a bit longer. Olivia, Gregory and A.J. all head to the power plant from different directions. Tess distracts Casey long enough for the kidnapper to knock him out and grab the gun. Hearing Benjy calling for him, Ben forces open the door just as the boy lights a match and sets off a fiery explosion.

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