Changes to the SOC FrontPage
Posted Saturday, June 16, 2001 9:54:06 PM
When you visited the site this week, you may have noticed that there's a bit of a new look on our FrontPage.

In our continued effort to provide the most up-to-date information about all of your favorite soaps, we've made some adjustments that will allow us to better serve this information to you - without losing any of the information that you've come to enjoy.

Our "Big Stories" section has been made more compact. Gone are the big, glaring headlines. In its place are color-coded soap markers to draw your attention to the information that is relevant to your needs. Each of the ten soaps will have its own color code, colors that you've already come to notice in each of the different sections here on the site. The color coding, we feel, makes it easier to identity information about the soaps that you watch. Additionally, we'll also color code information about networks and general news.

We've also added additional information that you may not have previously known existed on the site. We've added three boxes near the bottom of the page that will offer you the latest ratings, links to special features as well as a "history" section that will let you check out articles posted to the site over our six-year history.

We welcome your feedback on the changes as well as suggestions that you might have to make things even better. In the next few weeks we will also be debuting a brand new registration system that will make accessing our contests, polls and message boards easier than ever.

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