P&G's MADD To End Nine-Year Soap Reign
Posted Saturday, September 24, 2005 6:09:25 PM
In another sign that soap operas are still struggling to find an audience, Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin will step down at the executive in charge of production for Procter & Gamble Productions. PGP is responsible for producing As the World Turns and Guiding Light and in years past Another World, The Edge of Night, Search for Tomorrow, Somerset and Texas.

"I am proud of all that I have accomplished with these shows and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of television history - running two of the longest-running programs in broadcast history," Dwyer-Dobbin said in the announcement. "GL and ATWT have the strongest and most creative producers and head writers in the business at the helm, and I feel wonderful about assembling such a powerful team at each studio. I wish them continued success and hope that the genre at large continues to strive."

Dwyer-Dobbin, who is affectionately known as MADD on Internet message boards, will step down when her contract expires at the end of September. The position that Dwyer-Dobbin has held for the past nine years will then be eliminated.

"I am looking forward to some time off to relax with my husband, and I will eventually explore other opportunities down the road," Dwyer-Dobbin said of her upcoming post-soap life.

With Dwyer-Dobbin's position eliminated, "all creative decisions for As the World Turns and Guiding Light will be handled by our very talented executive producers, Chris Goutman and Ellen Wheeler," a show spokesperson explained.

News Archive: Dwyer-Dobbin named temporary EP for Guiding Light.
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