Because so much happened behind the scenes of this year's Emmys, we've set up chatter items for each of the soaps. Click on a soap's name and you'll be taken to a page of Emmy gossip about that soap.

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Soap opera wide gossip.


All My Children took a sizeable gamble this year with its submissions clips. The show placed a great deal of emphasis on the storyline involving Bianca's coming out. The film clips for the Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Writing, Lead Actress (Susan Lucci, Erica) and Younger Actress (Eden Riegel, Bianca) categories were comprised almost entirely of segments from the coming out tale.

None of the nominations that used the coming out scenes were rewarded with Emmy trophies.

Even if All My Children won an award in each of the categories in which it was nominated, the show still would have ended up losing. The reason for this is that most of the acting categories featured more than one AMC performer.

For example, the Lead Actress category featured, in addition to Lucci, Julia Barr (Brooke) and Marcy Walker (Liza). The Supporting Actress field contained both Cady McClain (Dixie) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee). Is it possible that these multiple nominations worked against AMC?

Eden Riegel
One of the biggest surprises of the night was the awarding of the Outstanding Younger Actress category to The Bold and the Beautiful's Adrienne Frantz (Amber). While Frantz is certainly deserving of the award, most experts had predicted that Eden Riegel would win the category.

Not all the news of the night was bad for All My Children. Two of the show's performers did walk away with the coveted gold statue. Michael E Knight (Tad) picked up his first win in the Supporting Actor category while David Canary (Adam and Stuart) earned a record fifth win in the Lead Actor field.

Jesse McCartney
Other nominees this year that were not given the chance to make their way to the stage were Jesse McCartney (Adam Jr.) in the Younger Actor category and Josh Duhamel (Leo). Duhamel had been nominated in the same category as Michael E. Knight. This year AMC took home four Emmys. In ceremonies held on May 12th, AMC picked up two Emmys for technical achievements. In the Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing and Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling categories.


There was more than a little AMC gossip behind the scenes at this year's Emmys. All My Children more than any other show was on the lips of the media, Emmy presenters and even the Emmy winners.

Backstage, David Canary (Adam and Stuart) was asked how the cast and crew of All My Children are handling the show's slumping ratings. Canary confessed that he doesn't keep tabs on the show's numbers. "The morale on that show is really quite good," Canary revealed. "We're still having a good time we're still doing the best job we can."

Laura Allen
Also on the topic of ratings, Michael E Knight (Tad) was asked if SoapNet was hurting AMC's standing in the ratings. Knight, however, claimed that it doesn't matter when people are watching AMC - as long as they are watching. "It's s constantly evolving world. Soaps are a very popular medium," Knight stated. "If somebody's watching a 6 o'clock at night, if somebody's watching off the modem... fine. As long as they're watching."

There was much talk that two AMC stars might be on the way out. Noticeably absent from a part in this year's ceremony was Esta TerBlanche (Gillian). According to chatter, TerBlanche, whose contract is set to expire in August, is in contract negotiations with ABC. Because AMC often groups its celebrities' appearances based upon the way its storylines will unravel in the future, is it possible that Ryan, Leo and Greenlee will be involved in some sort of love triangle if TerBlanche's contract is not renewed? Reports have also surfaced that TerBlanche might want to leave AMC, though those reports are unconfirmed.

New head writers for All My Children? That's the buzz from the media room at this year's Emmys. For more information, click here to read Port Charles' Emmy buzz section.

Also among up for contract talks is the extremely underutilized Walt Willey (Jack). According to insiders, Willey has been asked to take a pay cut - much the same way that James Kiberd (ex-Trevor) had been asked to do near the end of his run on the show. Willey has made it quite clear that he wants to remain with AMC.

Ruth Warrick
Ruth Warrick (Phoebe) is on the mend after a fall that landed her in the hospital. While in Italy earlier this year, Warrick fell and broke her hip. Ironically, Warrick's character has been in a wheelchair for nearly 2 years after the character took a fall. There's no word on when the actress will return to AMC. Warrick looked absolutely beautiful at this year's Emmys and took several minutes of her time to pose for our photos and to chat with us.

Finally, Soap Opera Central's Dan Kroll has done something that no one else seems to have been able to do - he's gotten Gabriel to speak. Eric Dearborn (Gabriel) admitted that he understand why some fans have been "pulling their hair" out waiting for him to speak, but the wait, says Dearborn, is over. Gabriel will finally utter his first words this week on AMC.


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