James Scott to exit AMC

Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2006 1:31:41 PM
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James Scott to exit AMC

How do you feel about AMC's dismissal of James Scott (Ethan)?
 I'm upset. I was a big fan of Ethan and wanted to see much more of him.   72% 
 I liked Ethan, but honestly there hasn't been much for his character to do.   13% 
 I haven't really cared for Ethan, so I don't think that this is a big loss.   11% 
 I don't really have an opinion about Ethan or Scott's exit from the show.   2% 
 Other   1% 
 I don't believe the rumors that he's been let go.   1% 

James Scott (Ethan Cambias) will be exiting All My Children later this year. His exit comes several months after Soap Central first reported that the actor's days were apparently numbered.

Scott joined the cast of All My Children in August 2004, a particularly active time for newcomers joining the show. He was immediately thrust into a front burner storyline as his character claimed to be the true heir to the Cambias fortune. From there, Ethan found romance with Kendall Hart, but the romance was short-lived. From there, Scott's airtime dwindled dramatically.

All My Children was the first American television gig for the English born actor. Before appearing on AMC, however, Scott did appear on the British soap, "EastEnders."

There is now rampant speculation that Ethan may be killed off in a major February Sweeps stunt. For more on that, please click here to read our related article.

A spokesperson for All My Children had "no comment" for this story.

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