An explosive February Sweeps!

Posted Thursday, January 26, 2006 1:31:22 AM
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An explosive February Sweeps!

All My Children is pulling out all the stops this February. The month will see the return of Dixie Martin to Pine Valley, a lavish ball and the death of a prominent Pine Valley resident. The dramatic events unfolding throughout the month are not merely a coincidence. As soap fans know by now, Februaryis one of the "Sweeps" periods, a time when ratings determine how much it costs for commercial time aired during a show.

According to ABC, Februarywill be a time of "emotionally wrought story telling, sensational special effects, action and unbelievable excitement."

A fictional Mardi Gras ball hosted by Erica Kane will have a real world purpose - it will raise money for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which assists victims of thousands of disasters across the country, including the continuing relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina victims. Throughout the ball, Pine Valley residents will appear on-camera on Erica's fictional talk show, "New Beginnings," and inform real life television viewers how they can make donations to the Red Cross. Fans who make donations by February 12th will receive a thank you phone message from Susan Lucci.

The ball will feature custom-made sets designed by AMC's set designer, Roger Mooney. The Mardi Gras costumes were all designed in-house, with wardrobe designer David Zyla overseeing the designs.

As with any big gathering, there is bound to be at least one jaw-dropping surprise. The folks at ABC promise many surprises. For those readers that do not like to read storyline spoilers, you may want to skip the rest of this article.

During the ball, Kendall Hart and Zach Slater will have their relationship tested. Something happens that will either tear the couple apart or cement their bond.

Meanwhile, Erica learns a stunning secret that has been kept from her for years. The secret has slowly been coming out over the past few weeks, but there is little that could prepare Erica for what she is about to hear.

Janet Green Dillon will continue plotting against those who have wronged her daughter, Amanda. In her biggest scheme yet, she will set off an explosion that rocks the ball. As a result of her antics, a prominent Pine Valley resident will be killed. In an ironic twist of fate, while filming the explosion scenes in late January, a real life disaster struck, injuring four members of the All My Children cast. [Click here for more information.]

Internet chatter had speculated that the victim of Janet's wrath might be Palmer Cortlandt. His death would certainly make it difficult for Dixie to remain in hiding in Europe. However, with the recent news that James Scott (Ethan Cambias) will be leaving the show, some fans are now wondering if something else might prompt Dixie's return.

The exciting action begins the week of January 30th.

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