Debbi Morgan set to reprise Angie Hubbard

Posted Saturday, January 05, 2013 7:43:29 PM
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Debbi Morgan set to reprise Angie Hubbard

Emmy winner Debbi Morgan is headed back to Pine Valley. The actress revealed on Twitter that she's agreed to appear on the web-based version of AMC when it returns. Morgan first appeared as Angie Hubbard in 1982. She's also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, Generations, Port Charles, and The Young and the Restless.

Debbi Morgan's (Angie Hubbard) run on The Young and the Restless may have been a bit bumpy, but Y&R's loss appears to be All My Children's gain. The actress has announced that she's on board for the reboot of AMC.

"Ok, I can finally announce how thrilled I am 2 B on board w/the All My Children re-boot & Prospect Park," Morgan exclaimed on twitter. "Agnes Nixon, you're my HERO!!!"

Morgan's remarks came a short time after AMC creator Agnes Nixon confirmed that the show will return to the airwaves via the Internet.

"We of the One Life to Live and All My Children families are thrilled to bring our beloved viewers new, ongoing stories from Llanview and Pine Valley," Nixon wrote on her Facebook page. "I'm overjoyed that so many actors you love have voiced their desire to bring their characters back to life."

In 2011, in an ironic bit of timing, The Young and the Restless announced that it had signed Morgan to a long-term contract on the same day that ABC issued a statement about licensing the rights for AMC and One Life to Live to Prospect Park. Morgan's Y&R stint ended when she taped her final Y&R scenes in October 2012.

During the final ABC press junket for All My Children, Morgan explained that she'd agreed to join Y&R before anyone knew of Prospect Park's plans to resurrect the two soaps. Ultimately, Prospect Park's first attempt to move AMC and OLTL to the Internet did not succeed. Rumors that the company was making a second push to bring back the shows surfaced in December.

Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara Castillo) are also confirmed for AMC's web debut. Additionally, Ginger Smith, a former writer/producer with 24 years of AMC experience, has been tapped as the new executive producer of the web-based AMC.

Morgan has the unusual distinction of playing the same character -- Angie Hubbard -- on three different soaps. Morgan created the role of Angie on All My Children in 1982. She remained with the soap for eight years. She reprised the role in 1993, but on Loving -- not AMC. When Loving concluded its run in 1995, Morgan joined Loving's spinoff soap, The City, for two years. In January 2008, Morgan returned to All My Children after having been away from Pine Valley for nearly 20 years, and remained with the show through its final episode in September 2011.

Morgan has also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, and Generations.

There is currently no word on whether or not Jesse Hubbard will be a part of All My Children when it returns, though Morgan stated, "Darnell is definitely on board." Like Morgan, Darnell Williams was signed to Y&R after AMC aired its final episode. Williams, however, remains a part of the Y&R cast.

Prospect Park has not issued any statements on the return of All My Children or One Life to Live.

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