All My Children recasting JR Chandler

Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013 2:12:41 PM
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All My Children recasting JR Chandler

All My Children viewers might finally learn the answer to the show's ultimate cliffhanger: Who did JR Chandler shoot? For the series' relaunch, the role of JR will be recast.

All My Children has issued a casting call for the role of Logan, a role that Soap Central has learned exclusively is actually JR Chandler.

In the audition script, JR is dealing with the aftermath of finding out that his father, Adam, has left control of the vast Chandler fortune to someone other than him -- a woman who has been "attached at the hip" to Adam and is referred to in the audition script as "Faith." In order to help keep story details from being spoiled, Soap Central has chosen to keep Faith's identity a secret.

"He never loved me. Not when I was born, not now, not ever! I'm his son. The chip off the old block he said he always wanted," JR snaps. "There was only one problem. He could never stand the sight of me."

When last seen on-screen, a drunken JR was seen waving a gun erratically. Viewers will remember that at the conclusion of All My Children's network run on ABC, the gun fired, and the screen went dark. It was the shot heard round the soap world, one that All My Children fans feared might never be explained. Many fans surmised that JR had taken his own life.

Over the years, five different actors have played the role of the son of Adam Chandler and Dixie Cooney. The most recent, Jacob Young, is currently under contract with CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful. Young portrayed JR from 2003 through the series finale in September 2011.

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