Noelle Beck as Lily Snyder -- one year later

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2009 8:08:08 PM
Noelle Beck as Lily Snyder -- one year later

When As the World Turns executives announced last year that they were recasting the role of Lily Snyder, many fans were outraged. Now, former Lily, Martha Byrne, has turned scriptwriter, and new Lily, Noelle Beck, has put her own spin on the role. In a new interview, Beck talks about the last twelve months as Lily.

On May 8, actress Noelle Beck (Lily Snyder) marks her one-year anniversary with As the World Turns. Fans may remember that As the World Turns executives were forced to scramble to recast the role of Lily when long-time ATWT vet, Martha Byrne, announced that she would leaving her Emmy-winning role on the CBS soap.

Fans were initially skeptical that any actress other than Byrne could ever pull off playing Lily, but now a year into her Oakdale stay, Beck seems to have won over fans. In a new interview with Michael Fairman, Beck talks about taking over a role made famous by a fan-favorite performer.

"When I met with Chris Goutman about taking over for Martha, it did not dawn on me that I was going to have this tough task. I thought, 'Oh, she does not want to stay. And, you are finding somebody new?'" Beck says. "Well, I did not realize it wasn't as kosher as everybody made it out to be. I was a bit nervous going to work the first day. I have to admit from the first minute I walked through the door, everyone was so amazing. I did not have any weird feeling from anybody."

Beck also takes time out to discuss her personal feelings about having a fictional gay son.

"I personally love the storyline, because I have a brother that is gay," Beck reveals. "I feel very connected to the story for that reason, and I feel very privileged to be able to play Lily in a way that helps my family and me. It's sort of a blessing."

Beck also dishes what it's like to have several handsome leading men, and what it's like to work with Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh).

For the entire interview, click here.


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