As the World (Re)Turns

Posted Sunday, September 13, 2009 8:28:12 PM
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As the World (Re)Turns

As the World Turns continues its effort to bring back some of the show's fan favorite characters. In addition to upcoming return of Molly McKinnon, fans will also soon see Mike Kasnoff, Simon Frazier, and Ben Harris back in Oakdale. More importantly for the viewers, none of the roles will be recast.

Don't look now As the World Turns fans, but the long-running CBS soap is revving up for the return of three more veteran performers later this year. On second thought, fans will definitely want to look! The returns, of which all three are men, will definitely boost the heartthrob quotient in Oakdale.

Mark C. Collier (Mike Kasnoff), Paul Leyden (Simon Frazier), and Peter Parros (Ben Harris) will all reprise the roles they're known for

Of the three returnees, Parros is the most veteran. The actor joined the cast of As the World Turns in 1996. Parros hasn't been seen in Oakdale since June 2005, when the actor was demoted to recurring status due to a lack of story for his character. The actor, however, has continued to make television appearances. Parros has appeared on CSI: Miami, Bones, and in an upcoming episode of the sitcom, Sherri. Keen-eyed viewers may also have spotted him a commercial for a smoking cessation product.

Collier and the Emmy-nominated Leyden both exited As the World Turns in January 2007, though not together.

Since leaving daytime, Leyden appeared as a series regular in the Australian television series, Canal Road. Leyden first appeared as Simon in March 2000. Though he exited the show three years later, he's made a series of special appearances since then.

Collier, meanwhile, made a guest appearance on CSI: Miami last year. He is one of three actors to portray Mike Kasnoff, but not the most recent. Collier began his five-year run in July 2002. Actor Jon Prescott appeared in the role from April 2008 through October 2008.

All three actors are expected to return in November, though exact first airdates have not yet been released.

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