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Taylor and Ridge talk a good game about trusting Steffy, but they sure don't live up to those words. Recording Rick without his knowledge was a dirty trick, as Brooke pointed out.

I'm convinced that Ridge Forrester has brain damage. There's no other way to explain his actions last week. Here he is, a supposedly intelligent, wise and mature man of 50-something - the father of three (that we know of) - sprinting across an airport runway with the idea of stopping a private jet from taking off. He was running toward the plane, into the teeth of roaring jet engines, believing that he could physically impede the take-off. What if the pilots didn't see him? Didn't Ridge know that his actions were as stupid as his high-speed car chase on the Pacific Coast Highway or his fist fight with Rick on the roof of the Forrester building? Has he not figured out that sane, mature men don't act like this?

And what would have been the big deal if the plane took off? So Steffy and Rick go to Hawaii and she has to wait a day or two to hear the incriminating recording in which Rick revealed his true colors. Taylor and Ridge talk a good game about trusting Steffy, but they sure don't live up to those words. The whole recording Rick without him knowing it was a dirty trick, exactly as Brooke pointed out. And, to be honest, I think in retrospect, Steffy is not going to appreciate what her parents did to break up her and Rick. Their motives were pure, but their actions were deceitful. At some point, Steffy has to have a sit down with Ridge and Taylor (and Thomas, the psycho stalker, too) to tell them that she is her own woman and they can't do this ever again.

The only thing that justifies what Ridge and Taylor did was Rick revealing himself. I have to admit that I was duped. I believed that he wanted to marry Steffy more because he loved her than that he was out for revenge. I was wrong. The recording was damning and Rick cannot unsay those words. He is a despicable cad who was using Steffy. He deserved to be dumped and Steffy wouldn't be out of line if she put up a You Tube video blasting Rick for the scumbag that he is, warning other women to avoid him like the plague.

If I was surprised by Rick's true colors coming through, imagine how Brooke felt when she learned what happened. Then, to make the cheese more binding (as my friend Mary Ann likes to say), Taylor turned on Brooke and gave her an earful. In my opinion, I think on Monday when the scene resumes, Brooke should slap Taylor right in the face! How dare Taylor call Rick a user and a sick individual that preys on vulnerable women, then accuse Brooke of disrespecting Ridge because she's been defending her son! Taylor then told Ridge to leave his wife and return to her. Are you kidding me? How can you do that in front of Ridge's wife? Have you no respect at all for Brooke and Ridge's marriage? What about the effect on Hope and R.J.? Taylor's tirade was the epitome of selfishness. Like I said, Brooke should smack her.

By the way, did you hear when Donna suggest to Brooke that maybe Ridge needs some of Eric's little blue pills to perk things up in the bedroom? Didn't I call that one? What was so funny was the reaction from Katie and Brooke. I don't think they realized till that moment how dumb their sister is. It was like Jessica Simpson wondering if the tuna in a can of Chicken of the Sea was actually chicken. Maybe all that honey is rotting her brain as well as her teeth?

Clearly Jackie is able to keep more than one thought in her head at a time. Here I thought she was getting all gooey-eyed about Owen and it turns out that she's using him. Sure, she's into some nookie, but she's also plotting to make Nick jealous by pairing off Owen and Bridget. Very clever, Jackie M. Of course, I'll be shocked if Nick falls into the Bridget-trap one more time. I mean, seriously, does Jackie want Nick to marry Bridget for the third time? Does Bridget have any say so in going down the aisle with Popeye again? Maybe she'd rather give Owen a legit shot at becoming the man in her life?

So what's next? Is Rick going to really give up Steffy? I don't think he's going to have much choice, but since his real goal is destroying Ridge, Rick will rise again because he's out to get Pancho. Yeah, didn't you love it when he called Ridge "Pancho"? It was so unexpected. I predict a Death Match for Rick and Ridge; maybe they should rent an arena and get into the ring.

I'm excited about Don Diamont turning up very soon as Bill Spencer. We need some new fellas on the show, and if Ridge and Brooke are heading to another break up - are they? - you can really see Brad Carlton, I mean Bill Spencer, taking a shine to Brooke.

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Allison J. Waldman
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