Secrets, lies, betrayal, and Annie Oakley!
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One of these days, Stephanie is going to have to pay for being such an unapologetic bitch. She acted like she was so worried about Pam, but her cold, brutal unmasking of Stephen was a smack in the face.

What a week for the beautifully coiffed folks of The Bold and the Beautiful! Nick learned the cold, hard truth about Bridget and Owen, not to mention Mama Jackie. Oliver struggled to become as accomplished a liar as Brooke. Steffy, the girl who never met a Logan she couldn't despise, uncovered a secret. And Annie Oakley Forrester -- doyenne Stephanie -- dished out a little pistol-packing justice when Stephen's hare-brained scheme went up in smoke. It's enough to make you need a dip in the pool because, goodness knows, nobody works at Forrester Creations!

Let's start with the Stephen Logan melodrama that failed. What an insane plot! He really thought that he could get Pam to pull the trigger and shoot Stephanie. Why? Because he had made love to her a couple of times. I know the Logans are supposed to be great lovers, but even a virgin like Pam would need a little more coercion to pop her sister. Blood is thicker than water, even for a loony bird like Pam.

So, Stephen was out of line and out of his mind and deserved to be arrested for his scheme. I'll give you all that. However, who the hell is Stephanie Forrester to take aim and shoot Stephen point-blank? If you or I did that - claiming that he was an intruder - we'd be arrested. This is not the wild, wild west. You cannot do that in our world. Stephanie not only knew what she was doing, she was gleeful about shooting Stephen. She should have been thrown into a cell for her actions. She was not defending her home from an intruder, and the idea that she was so cozy with the local sheriff's department in Big Bear that nobody would even investigate her actions was deplorable.

Come on, Forrester fans. Even you have to admit that Stephanie was wrong to do what she did. She didn't have to pull the trigger. One of these days, Stephanie has to pay for being such an unapologetic bitch. She acted like she was so worried about Pam, but she never once realized that her demeaning Pam and Pam's romance with Stephen just made it worse for her sister. Pam was fragile, but Stephanie's cold, brutal unmasking of Stephen was a smack in the face to Pam.

While I'm after the Forresters, I'll keep on with my take on Steffy. In a couple of words, here's what I think: I hate her guts. There, I said it. I hate her. She's cold and ruthless and heartless. Go ahead and expose Brooke's thing with Oliver and watch your father's marriage go down the drain. Could you do that to your father? Even if you didn't like your stepmother, would you have the audacity to do that? It's not just Steffy getting the Logans out of Forrester Creations. She has a destructive streak inside her that's evil. Marcus was stunned to see Steffy's dark side.

I keep wondering about Steffy's motivation. Is she really so traumatized by Phoebe's death and Rick's abuse that she has unraveled all the stuff she learned as a child? Remember, her mother was gone most of her youth. It was Brooke who was there for much of her childhood as a mother figure. When Taylor first returned, she thanked Brooke for the way she parented Thomas, Phoebe, and Steffy. And when Brooke supported Rick and Steffy's romance, Steffy was grateful to Brooke. Now she hates her so much that she wants to destroy her marriage to Ridge? Really? I don't buy it.

The Logan loathers will tell me that Brooke is getting what she deserves. Well, you're right. She should have known better than to be so indiscreet at the party. Even if that had been Ridge, it was inappropriate. Stephanie called Brooke a screw-up, and the evidence speaks for itself. Of course, there is that old saying that people in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks. Stephanie's made her share of mistakes in her lifetime, too. For some reason, she has never been forgiving of Brooke. I don't get it because after 20 years, by sheer force of time, Stephanie should accept Brooke by now. She should, but she doesn't.

My heart goes out to Brooke more than Oliver. He's just a child, and he's acting like a twit. He wants to blame everything on Brooke, but it takes two to do it, doesn't it? I still believe that if he loves Hope the way he say he does, he would have known that she wouldn't want her first time to be outside on a terrace, standing up against a wall. That's not an optimum situation for making love. Apparently, Oliver Jones was out to lunch when the brains were being handed out.

That brings us to Nick and Bridget, and Owen and Jackie. Oh my, oh my. Were you surprised to see Nick react like that? I guess I was. He's been pretty understanding and accepting, but hearing that Bridget has 1) cheated on him with Owen, and then 2) was pregnant with Owen's baby, was just too much. Never mind that he cheated on Bridget with Katie once upon a time, he still wasn't forgiving her.

He was also stupefied that Jackie was able to put it behind her and stay with Owen. I think Nick never expected his mother to side against him. This could be a real powder keg of emotional turmoil because I don't see him backing down, do you? And could somebody please think about Jack for a moment. That poor little boy; how is he going to handle it if Bridget suddenly leaves his life? Taylor has no relationship with him that's ever shown on camera, and he doesn't know his biological mother, Brooke, as his mother because she just was the egg donor. Katie was in and out of his life in a heartbeat. That boy needs a real mother! Oh well...

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• I'm a so-called Logan loather, although I wouldn't say I loath them, I just don't like them all that much, not at all. In fact, but I don't hate them. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that all of us (even the Logan-lovers) knew that Brooke at one point would have sex with Hope's boyfriend, because that's in Brooke's character. Deacon and Nick are perfect examples of that, that it happened as soon as it did was a surprise though, but I am not blaming Brooke for who she had sex with, it's where she had it that I blame her for. I don't care that Brooke boinked Oliver. I hope that Ridge will forgive her. I do hope though that Hope will get to have a conversation with Bridget regarding how to forgive Brooke... - Annelie br>
• I'm loving The Bold and Beautiful right now! Bell is showing just how immature and selfish Brooke really is. Only Brooke would think it's okay to boink in plain view while chaperoning a party for minors. My favorite line was "Oh no...not again!" LOL, CLASSIC BROOKE!! And for those who think Steffy is a whore... She has only slept with ONE guy. If she does end up being whorish, then she's just taking a page from the Logan Handbook. After all, Ridge and Brooke raised Taylor's kids. - Sleek br>
• I think that the Forresters, including the faux-Forresters -- Ridge, Steffy and Thomas (and Pam --mentally challenged or not, she's had no problem - or remorse - trying to kill off the Logans) SHOULD BE UTTERLY DESTROYED for a change. Let them see how it feels. I'm so sick of them, especially those sanctimonious witches Stephanie and Taylor continually trashing people for doing the exact same things they have done, like tearing down somebody else's family or trying to in the name of keeping the Forresters together. Why is their family so much more important than everybody else's? How is Forrester Creations even still in business? They haven't turned out a decent line in ages -- even with all their supposed fashion geniuses. I hope that Donna ends up with not only Eric's shares but Stephanie's as well and hands over two-thirds of them to Bill -- it'd serve them just right. I'm hoping that Stephen doesn't end up as dead as Beth. - MK

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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