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If we're to believe the stuff being shoveled on The Bold and the Beautiful of late, Hope's ideals are getting a kick in the pants. Amber's made it her mission to get Oliver in bed with Hope.

Remember not very long ago when Hope told everyone under the sun, including her rival, Steffy, that she was waiting for just the right time before losing her virginity? Remember how Oliver respected Hope's wishes and was looking forward to being her first? Remember how romantic it seemed that a 17-year-old young woman wanted to have some values? Well, if we're to believe the stuff being shoveled on The Bold and the Beautiful of late, Hope's ideals are getting a kick in the pants. Amber's determined that Hope has to give it up, and she's made it her mission to get Oliver in bed with Hope.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a really disgusting storyline? Amber has a colorful and scarred history, and has used sex as a way to manipulate and use men her entire life. For her to disrespect Hope's wishes, and to assume that Oliver's earned the right to push Hope until she succumbs, is just gross. It's none of Amber's business when Hope has sex for the first time, and it's really disgusting that she's resorting to underhanded methods to get Liam out of the picture.

But we know that Amber's a pig, right? We can't be surprised by this behavior. Oliver, however, is another story. This is the guy who was so in love with Hope that he would do anything for her. He's also the same guy who made a terrible mistake with Hope's mother that he has yet to atone for, if you ask me. He never lost his job, and it was Brooke who got the brunt of everyone's hatred for that bizarre screw-up. So now we're supposed to believe that Oliver is so motivated to have Hope -- and take her from Liam -- that he doesn't really care about her wanting to wait. Did you hear him the other day, pleading with Hope to make love with him? I was stunned that Hope didn't smack his face and tell him to shove his Hope necklace where the sun don't shine!

By the way, you know that Malibu beach house where Oliver is living...who's paying the rent? Even if Forrester is giving Oliver a decent salary, there's no way he can afford a house on the beach. That's Charlie Sheen territory! If I remember correctly, Owen was crashing at the place and let Oliver stay there when he moved in with Jackie. But it's ridiculous to assume that a young guy like him is living that kind of lifestyle.

B&B presents weird dichotomies like that -- we're shown the reality of homeless people in downtown L.A. then given the fantasy of a musician/photographer twentysomething, with no family money, living like a Hollywood star! That's insulting to our intelligence. So, too, is this success by Hope that was being celebrated with an Endless Summer party. Exactly what did Hope do to deserve credit for the success of the "Hope for the Future" line? She inspired it? She named it? Her stepfather and grandfather designed the line, not Hope. As a high school graduate with no college credits to her name, what is Hope contributing to Forrester other than her face? Again, can they insult us more with this idiocy?

If you really want to rap Brooke for something, and I know there are many of you that do, why not give it to her for letting Hope ignore her education to jump into the family business? Hope's not in a position to know what's best for her; she needs the advice of mom and dad and her grandparents. Instead of an Endless Summer party, enroll her in U.S.C. and give that girl a chance to use her brain and not just her face!

Recently, I worried that Bill and Katie were treading water. Well, Brad Bell must have heard me and decided to give Katie and Bill something to do. But really, does it have to be worrying about Liam? Bill has become an interfering father, which is a horrible story development. The emphasis on Liam and the other youngsters is ticking me off. I'd rather see the adults have something to do. Bill is a mogul. He should be plotting the overthrow of Forrester, not ordering a limo for Liam. And what about Katie? She was really into being the C.E.O. of Forrester, and now what does she do? As far as I can tell, not much.

Another youth on the loose is Thomas. Does it strike you as odd that Taylor is more concerned about Thomas getting sexually entwined with Brooke than she was when Thomas tried to blow up Rick's car? That was a criminal act that should have put Thomas behind bars, but Taylor simply sent her son to therapy. Apparently, he was cured of all his anger issues and nobody even recalls that he's got a felony record now. Taylor's preoccupation with Thomas and Brooke has been overdone. Thomas kissed Brooke. Kissed. One kiss. Taylor, on the other hand, had a torrid love affair with Rick -- Brooke's son -- and even contemplated marrying him. As I recall, Brooke wasn't crazy about her son and Taylor, but she didn't turn into a screaming Mimi over it!

I'm not saying that Brooke can be trusted completely, because she does have a spotty track record. I just find it hard to believe that she's willing to give up Ridge for Thomas ... or to be dumb enough to get caught in some kind of scandal that won't be of her own making. If either thing happens, Brooke won't have a leg to stand on. None. It'll be over for her.

There were some great letters in the e-mailbox this week. You can read them below and feel free to write us with your thoughts at Soap Central...

• Regardless of your comments, I miss Steffy. Hope is boring and kissing everybody! Shades of Momma! Anyway, Brooke and Thomas probably will be an item and the story line will go nowhere without Stephanie Forrester. Brad Bell needs to do something because I'm finally going to sleep after over 23 years. I think that Liam and Steffy make a better pair. Oh yeah, Bill, keep Liam, he's got an edge! -- Dana

• I guess Rick is no longer pursuing Jackie. And the weird threesome who were going to raise Bridget's baby story line has be yanked. In addition, the Pam/Stephen story has also been yanked. Personally, this cancer sl is depressing. I wish also Stephanie had played out her bucket list. The idea that Stephanie is going to be close to someone who once had children by her husband (Eric I guess they are married) is absurd. And I just do not see any chemistry between Eric and Stephanie. Maybe if they would dress her up. She dresses too conservatively. It is hard for me to see her as someone in a romantic or sexual relationship. Just my take. -- Mary

• I loved Allison's fact about the characters on the B&B. True, it's time for the writers to let Brooke grow up and get wise. It's also time to let the younger generations on the show realizes how fortunate they are, born with silver spoons in their mouths. Taylor needs to spend more time in her job as a psychologist and less time worrying about the Forresters and Logans' messes. Steffy need to wiser and sensible, like calling her father out when he's a hypocrite. For example, he forgave Brooke over the Oliver's scandal quickly but couldn't do it fast enough with Thomas' kiss. -- Vivacious

Thanks for reading! Till next time, see you on the soaps!

Allison J. Waldman
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