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Did Bill Spencer's plot against Hope have you screaming at your television set -- or maybe wanting to reach through the screen and wring his neck? Or maybe Liam jumping into Steffy's arms after assuming the worst about Hope got your dander up. What are we going to do about these maddening Spencer men? Find out in this week's Two Scoops!
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" That's a line from a movie -- Network -- but it applies to how I felt about The Bold and the Beautiful this past week. Lies, lies, and more lies! Characters being manipulated in the name of love when it's really all about control. Bill Spencer needs to be stopped, and more than that, he needs to be punished. Liam Spencer needs a straitjacket and padded cell because only an insane young man would mangle his emotional relationships the way he has.

In short, my friends, I've had it with Liam Spencer! He pushed me over the edge this past week, and I think he's now an unredeemable character. Liam's reaction to what he thought was Hope's backing out of the wedding was ludicrous. Who acts like that? Without bothering to talk with Hope, Liam jumped to the conclusion that she had left him at the altar and walked out on their relationship. Without the courtesy of calling her for a confirmation, he just reacted like an emotional child.

I'm surprised that he didn't fall to the ground and curl up into the fetal position and suck his thumb while clutching a baby blanket. Perhaps it was because Steffy was conveniently there instead to make it all better for baby Liam? He could hug her and cry and pretend that he was a free man again. No doubt the comforting sex Liam and Steffy had was just the cure for Liam's wounded ego, because sex is always the answer, right? Yeah, only on the soaps!

You know, I've been critical of Liam in the past for being indecisive and wishy-washy. He's frustrated me, as he has many of you viewers, because he's just not a strong character. He's weak and easily misled by others. Maybe Brad Bell should write a story in which Liam is exposed as the dingbat he really is? He could be cheated out of his shares of Spencer Publications by selling them to a clown college, because -- let's face it -- Liam is a clown!

But let's go back to the scene under scrutiny, Liam's reaction. Did it make any sense to you? Liam walked into the hotel room, and Hope wasn't there. There was a handwritten note -- which was unsigned! -- saying something like, "I can't do this. Forgive me." -- and Liam automatically took it as Hope's message to him that she was not going through with the wedding. Why would he think that? What could have made him believe that? Unlike when she broke the engagement, she did not leave the ring, did she? No, she didn't.

Liam was only in the room for a few minutes, but he should have noticed that all of Hope's stuff was still there, including her iPad! He actually picked it up and started to record a message to her. Maybe if he had been thinking clearly, he might have thought she'd have left him a video goodbye if she were leaving him? That would make sense for the younger generation; they're more likely to do that than write a note! But, listen, if Hope was running out on him, wouldn't she have packed a bag, left the wedding dress strewn on the floor, taken the iPad?

I realize Liam was emotionally distraught, but did that render him dumb at the same time. Where were his powers of observation? Instead of thinking, he just reacted like a child. Liam thought of the worst possible scenario and assumed Hope had abandoned him. Hmm, maybe Liam needs to spend time with Dr. Barton. For a grown man, his inability to cope with the slightest alteration in a plan is bizarre. He immediately assumed he was being dumped despite Hope's constant assurances that she loved him.

You see, for me this entire situation is not about Hope and Steffy and who should have Liam as a spouse, so don't accuse me of being on Team Hope. Right now, my advice to both women is this: "Liam not good enough for either of you!" I sincerely believe that. He's a flawed failure of a man. Why Steffy and Hope adore him so much is baffling to me! Perhaps he's a great lover or something, because he's hardly a dynamic personality. He's not strong or take-charge or responsible.

Before Bill recognized him as his son, Liam was a nebbish, a lowly IT tech with nothing much to show for himself. Even now that we're being told that he's the heir to the Spencer Publications crown, he doesn't exude confidence and power. He's a spud. Both Hope and Steffy would wind up the dominant partner in a marriage; Liam is the epitome of a guy who's fallen into a pot of gold. He's unworthy of all the good fortune he's had.

I could go on and on, but you see my point. Liam took the situation with Hope being late for the wedding, the misunderstanding about the note, and made it worse by falling instantly into Steffy's embrace. When Hope showed up and explained what had happened, Liam compounded the problem by not telling Hope about his liaison with Steffy. And Steffy didn't come out from the other room until after Hope had left to get ready for the wedding...again.

Now, I have a question, readers: was Steffy crying because Liam was still going to marry Hope, or was she crying because Liam didn't have the guts to stand up to Hope and tell her about Steffy being there? I think it was the latter. Steffy had to have been bitterly disappointed in this man she loves. He had the chance to come clean with Hope. He had the chance to ask Steffy to join them, and the three of them could have talked like adults about the complicated relationship they've shared. However, Liam reverted to his usual self -- the meek, mild, indecisive schlub that he is -- and allowed the tidal wave of the situation to push him into the next thing.

That next thing is going to be Liam marrying Hope. And the ramifications of his brief interlude with Steffy will be great, because in all likelihood, she's going to get pregnant. It's too delicious a scenario for Brad Bell not to write. Newlywed Liam will have this big secret weighing on his brain, and Steffy will have to choose to destroy Hope's marriage to give her unborn child a father.

Think about that; what if Liam tells Steffy he cannot leave Hope? Suppose something happens and Hope needs him? What if he asks Steffy to keep secret that he's the father of her baby? Will Steffy stand for that? How much can Steffy put up with to prove her love for Liam? You can see why Brad Bell would want to go in this direction...it's a triangle fraught with conflict and story possibilities!

Of course, if Steffy does turn out preggers, Bill will not be able to stay out of Liam and Steffy's business. Presumably by then Liam will have forgiven his father for all the shenanigans in Italy because that's what Liam does. He gets mad, but then caves in and accepts that Bill is his dad and he has to forgive him for all the evil stuff he does. It's a completely unrealistic pattern of behavior. I mean, would you forgive a parent who tried to ruin your wedding and plotted against you? After the MRI in Mexico incident, I would have written Bill out of my life, but Liam didn't. He just stewed for a while and then went back to being Bill's loyal little stooge of a son.

It's fairly clear by now that no matter what Bill does, he will never pay for his actions. He's the new Stephanie on this show. He'll plot and deceive and intimidate other characters, only to later be chastised by the likes of Katie and Liam, and then go right back to his wicked, wicked ways. How many bloody messes has Stephanie created, and still she's regarded as the royal mum in Forresterland, the beloved matriarch.

I'd like to say something about Deacon, but since Sean Kanan is already done with his role on the soap, why bother? He's what you can refer to as a "hit and run" character. When and if Brad Bell wants to stir up Hope's troubled childhood, Deacon will be back. Otherwise, watch for Bill to pay him off and Deacon to disappear. He could use that extensive knowledge of art to run a con or two in Florence or Milan while charming some lovely cougar out of a few million bucks with his still-hot bod! Remember, Genoa City's Nikki couldn't get enough of Deacon not that long ago!

Finally, as we prepare to depart the lovely Adriatic shores of Puglia, let's give a little bravo to the producers for the location shoot. Italy looked lovely. Ridge and Brooke had fun in the olive grove. Everyone marveled at the views. It was a nice change of pace from the usual Hollywood backdrop.

However, as some viewers pointed out, maybe if they'd re-created Italy on the back lot in L.A. instead of blowing a wad on a big trip to Italy, we could have more actors like Hillary B. Smith, Jon Hensley, and Crystal Chappell getting some stories and on-air time. The real greatness in a soap opera isn't the production values, after all, it's the people! This show has some great actors lurking around the studio -- use them!

So, that's it for now. Please share your thoughts with me about what's going to happen in the weeks ahead. Your comments are always welcome at Soap Central, so stay in touch. And tell me which other characters you want to see fixed or changed, or return to the show. Contact us at Soap Central. And keep on reading Two Scoops every week!

Meanwhile, here are some letters from the readers!
    • I am tired of Bill Spencer; he should get caught for what schemed against Hope. Hope and Liam should have a happy life together, and please do not make Steffy pregnant with Liam's child! That is old! Let Hope and Liam be happy for once (Hope has been through a lot) and that would be something good. It is always the same thing; someone sleeps with someone else and they become pregnant. Let Hope be the one that carries Liam's child, not Steffy. For once, make it real. -- Esther

    • So, the scoop is that Liam and Hope finally make it to the altar but that Liam is harboring a secret and feels guilty. Casting update also shows that Jon Hensley just taped additional episode(s) in June that will air in July. Anyone else want to bet that the secret is that Liam slept with Steffy and Steffy winds uppregnant? Anyone? -- Alyssa

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