Hope orders Thomas to step away from the mannequin
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

At the cliff house, Steffy exited the nursery in her robe and groaned when she saw the shirtless Liam asleep on the sofa. Liam awakened and gazed at the remnants of the previous night's drinks on the coffee table. He was glad that Kelly was still asleep because it gave him and Steffy a chance to talk. Steffy reluctantly agreed.

Later, Steffy gazed at the portrait and flashed back to kissing Liam. He entered the room, fully dressed and grateful for the coffee she'd set down for him. "Did we really make love last night?" he asked. Regretfully, she affirmed it and guessed the big question was what would be next.

Steffy and Liam each asked how the other felt. Liam answered first. He'd had every intention of sleeping at the office after what he'd seen. He flashed back to Thomas kissing "Hope." Liam said he'd awakened thinking that it had been a bad dream, but it hadn't been. He'd actually seen Hope and Thomas kissing.

Liam had never been more shocked than to see Thomas' hands all over Hope, and she'd been just letting him do it. Steffy said it was understandable that Liam would be upset. He replied that he shouldn't have stayed there. "You know how I feel about you, but you've got a boyfriend," Liam responded. He stated that he'd drunk way too much.

Steffy said that they both had. It had felt like old times with tequila stirred in. He stated that one thing had led to another. Steffy and Liam stared at each other with guilty expressions. Liam couldn't believe that he and Steffy had slept together.

"I know," Steffy said. She told him that, even though he had a right to be upset, Hope was his wife, and they were raising children together. "And you're with Finn now," he replied. Liam didn't know how Hope could let Thomas kiss her after everything Thomas had put them through. Steffy advised Liam to talk to Hope.

Liam was sorry he kept going on about it. He wasn't trying to be disrespectful. Steffy said it was fine. Liam didn't know how Hope would explain making out with Thomas.

At Hope's house, Donna had just left with the kids, and Hope saw that Liam hadn't messaged her overnight. She gazed around in disillusionment. Finn arrived. He said he would have called, but he didn't have her number. He was there out of concern for Thomas.

Finn explained that he'd seen Thomas the previous night, and it had reinforced Finn's worries. Thomas wasn't the same person as when Finn had met him. Back then, Thomas had been welcoming and supportive, but the Thomas from the night before hadn't been able to get rid of Finn fast enough. Hope assumed Thomas had been working and cranky that Finn had interrupted him.

Finn felt that more had been going on. Thomas had kept rubbing his head and had mentioned headaches while Finn had been there. Hope divulged that Thomas had recently felt dizzy and had hit his head. Finn said it could explain a lot and asked if Thomas had seen a doctor. Hope replied that Thomas had downplayed it as if it wasn't serious.

Finn stated that head injuries were indeed serious, and Thomas shouldn't be making that call. Finn and Hope went over Thomas' behavior. With Finn, Thomas had been suspicious, impatient, defensive, and unfriendly. Finn explained that if Thomas had a concussion, it could disrupt the connections between the blood vessels and neurons in the brain, produce an inefficient way of processing information, and skew emotional reactions.

Finn asked if Hope had picked up on any red flags with Thomas. She hadn't. "No anxiety? Impulsivity?" Finn asked. Hope, feeling she had the most experience with an erratic Thomas, said Thomas had seemed steady and focused. She wondered if Finn had caught Thomas at a bad time, but Finn said it wasn't possible.

Hope began to worry about Thomas, who was Douglas' father and had had issues in the past. Finn recommended that she remain vigilant and contact Finn if Thomas needed anything. Hope saw Finn out the front door and thanked him for the heads-up.

In Thomas' apartment, Thomas peered at the mannequin. "Are you there?" he asked. Thomas was interrupted when Ridge arrived. Thomas put the mannequin away and let his father in. Thomas was antsy, and Ridge wondered if everything was okay with his son.

It was comforting to Thomas that his father was concerned about him. Ridge said it would be the same with Douglas and Thomas, and Douglas would always be Thomas' little boy. Thomas got down on himself for using Douglas, an innocent child who loved him unconditionally. Ridge replied that it was the past, and one had to move on and live with their mistakes.

Thomas grumbled that it wasn't always easy. Ridge said that growing up was hard. "But you're doing it, man," Ridge reasoned. He felt that Thomas was doing it personally and professionally, and Thomas' work had never been better.

Ridge figured that, even though it was hard for Thomas to see his son with Liam and Hope, Thomas had done it because it had been best for the boy. Ridge said fathers made tough choices, and Douglas was doing well. Thomas replied that it wasn't due to him; it was due to Hope.

Ridge admitted that he saw red flags when Thomas talked as if he were in awe of Hope. Thomas stated that he wasn't in awe, and Ridge hoped it stayed that way. Thomas did admire Hope, though. Ridge flashed a look, and Thomas explained that it was okay for him to admire Hope, who displayed all the wonderfulness of humanity. Ridge reminded Thomas that there was a line that he couldn't cross.

Thomas didn't want to cross the line. He wasn't just throwing around the word "therapy." He was actually "walking the walk." He didn't want to repeat the terrible things he'd done in the past. He didn't want to hurt his son, Hope, or Ridge. Thomas said it would be horrible and stupid to go there and ruin everything he'd gained.

Thomas admitted that something hadn't changed about him. He still couldn't stand Liam, who'd never be worthy of Hope. Ridge replied that not everyone shared that opinion. Thomas said it wasn't an opinion; it was a fact. Liam kept going back and forth between Steffy and Hope, and it wasn't right. Thomas would never get what Hope saw in Liam, but Thomas had learned that he didn't have to get it. He just had to accept it. He'd learned to accept it.

Later, Thomas was alone with the mannequin. He declared that it had to go. He didn't think he could take it back to work, so he had to figure out an excuse for what had happened to it. The "flesh" mannequin animated itself and told Thomas that Liam was the one who had to go. It told Thomas to make Hope his.

Thomas didn't want to do that. He felt he had to be his best self, and the mannequin wasn't helping. The mannequin urged him to take what he wanted. He said he couldn't do that. He had to earn Hope's love and respect. "And that's what I'll do because, at some point, Liam is going to screw up," Thomas decided. He was sure it would happen, and he had to be there to pick up the pieces for Hope. He'd be a good father and a good man. He wanted to be those things.

Thomas didn't know why he was talking to the mannequin as if it were real. It said it was real. Thomas figured out that it had all started when he'd hit his head at work, and he'd hit it again after Liam had gone the other day. Thomas wondered if it could be the reason "for this, for you."

The mannequin began to robotically walk. It declared that it was Hope and asked Thomas to take "me." Thomas yelled at it to stay back and leave him alone. It ordered him to get rid of Liam. It told Thomas that Hope wanted him.

Outside Thomas' door, Hope heard Thomas arguing with someone. He yelled that the person had to stop because he wasn't that guy anymore. He said the person had to get out of there, and he had to get rid of the person. "You are not Hope!" Thomas yelled.

Hope opened the front door and saw Thomas shaking the mannequin. She told him to let it go. Thomas looked at Hope. Confused, he gazed at the "flesh" mannequin. Hope ordered him to let the mannequin go. He looked at the mannequin again, and it had returned to an inanimate object.

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