Shauna forces the truth out of Flo
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

At Spencer, Bill was surprised to hear that Flo was Phoebe's birth mother. Quinn asked what the odds were that Flo would be related to the same family Quinn and Wyatt had found when they'd moved to Los Angeles. The whole thing was uncanny to Quinn, right down to Shauna and Quinn being with Bill around the same time but never discussing him.

Quinn was relieved that Bill wasn't Flo's father. "Well, I don't make girls. I think I'm biologically incapable," Bill concluded. She believed that was a good thing because a female Dollar Bill would be kind of scary to her.

Bill figured that Quinn was glad to have friends in town. Quinn was elated about it and remarked that Wyatt had said Hope and Flo really got along and had felt a connection to each other. Bill thought it made sense that Hope and Flo had felt their family connection.

Later, Bill asked if Quinn really would have approved of Wyatt and Flo marrying right out of high school. Quinn said she would have been deliriously happy. To Bill, that said a lot because Quinn was "a tough nut to crack" regarding women their son got involved with.

Quinn wanted Wyatt to have the best, and she felt that he'd had that in Flo. In Quinn's mind, Flo was smart, funny, beautiful, and kind. Flo would have loved Wyatt fully and unconditionally. Quinn felt that Flo would have saved Wyatt a lot of heartache because she never would have intentionally hurt him. Quinn stated that Shauna had raised a wonderful human being.

"Well, you know what, Quinn? So did you," Bill said. Noting that he'd just complimented her, Quinn asked if he was feeling okay. Bill replied that he might have a slight fever.

Quinn still couldn't believe Flo was a Logan. Shivering, Quinn said the Logans weren't her favorite. Bill reasoned that Flo might change that for Quinn. He added that Will had a new cousin. "The Spencers, the Forresters, and the Logans? Flo has no idea how dramatically her life is about to change," Quinn concluded.

Quinn changed the subject to how good Bill had to feel about himself for luring Wyatt back to Spencer. She just hoped it wasn't lip service. Bill replied that Wyatt had always been an asset to the company. Quinn claimed that Wyatt had been an asset at Forrester, too, where he'd been creatively fulfilled. Bill argued that Wyatt would have stayed if that had been the case.

Quinn intimated that Bill had used the deal with Sally to get Wyatt there, but Bill told Quinn that Wyatt had floated that deal. Bill had accepted it to get Wyatt back there. Bill assumed that Sally added something to Wyatt's life. Quinn said that if Wyatt was happy, so was she. She just hoped the move paid off for Wyatt.

Bill asked how it couldn't when Spencer was Wyatt's birthright and when Wyatt was no longer wasting his time doing social media at the dress farm. Bill was thrilled to have Wyatt back and said he wouldn't do anything to compromise it. "I love him, too, you know," Bill said.

Quinn admitted that she knew it was true and said Bill's only redeeming quality was his willingness to walk through fire for his sons. "And here, I speak so highly of you and your broomstick," Bill quipped. With a wry chuckle, Quinn stated that the one man who she'd gladly never see or hear from again had given her the greatest gift she could ever have.

"Well, number one: You're welcome," Bill quipped. For number two, Bill stated that Wyatt was the best thing that Quinn had ever done -- by far. Quinn agreed that Wyatt was, and she wanted him to achieve his full potential and be happy. She believed that, with Flo back in the picture, his chances had vastly improved.

At Brooke's house, Brooke suggested that everyone take a breath. She conveyed that she was confused by why Shauna would insist that Flo had never been pregnant. Shauna stated that it was because that was the truth; Flo had never been pregnant, nor had she given a baby up for adoption. To Shauna, the idea of it was absurd.

Brooke asked Flo what was going on. Shauna wanted to know that, too, and asked why Flo had gone around telling people she'd been pregnant when it hadn't been true. Wyatt said that if Flo had said she'd been pregnant, then she had been. He didn't think she'd lie about something like that. Katie and Brooke assured Flo that the family wouldn't judge her.

Hope decided that she knew why things were unfolding as they were, and she apologized for being insensitive. Hope had assumed that Shauna and Flo had a close relationship, but Hope concluded that it couldn't be the case because Flo hadn't told her mother about the pregnancy. Brooke suggested that they all give Shauna and Flo some privacy. Flo agreed with the idea, saying that she really wanted to talk to her mother.

Later, Flo and Shauna stood by the terrace, and the others congregated in the living room. Donna whispered that she could see Storm in Flo. They all thought it was a miracle that Storm's child was with them. Brooke felt it was odd that Shauna hadn't known about the pregnancy. Disagreeing, Donna said it was personal, and it was something one might not be able to tell loved ones.

Katie wondered if Shauna and Flo had been distant. According to Wyatt, it had been just the opposite when he'd known them. He said they'd been close. Hope concluded that Flo might not have wanted to talk about giving her baby away.

By the terrace, Shauna demanded answers from Flo. Flo asked her mother to go along with her. Shauna didn't know why her daughter would lie to such fine people. "And you gave up an imaginary child? What is wrong with you?" Shauna asked. Flo promised to tell Shauna everything later, but she couldn't do it right there.

Hope approached to apologize. She said she'd assumed that Flo and Shauna had a mother-daughter relationship like Hope had with her mother. Hope hadn't meant to make the situation worse. She asked Shauna not to be angry at Flo because Flo had done what she'd thought had been best. Flo said that it was okay, and she and her mother would work it out.

Later, Flo announced to everyone that it was the first her mother had heard of the pregnancy, so they had a lot to catch up on. Brooke said it was a good idea. Donna reminded Flo that she and Shauna weren't alone anymore. Flo replied that it was still a bit of a shock. Donna was amazed to have a living, breathing part of Storm before her.

Shauna remarked that everyone was generous for welcoming her daughter into the family. Brooke said that Shauna was a part of the family, too, and Donna stated that they wanted to get to know Shauna. Brooke planned to have dinner for Flo soon and invited Shauna to attend.

Later, Wyatt, Flo, and Shauna had gone, and the Logans were still animated about what had just transpired. Katie said that it was crazy that the birth mother of Steffy's adopted baby was a Logan. Brooke wondered if it could change Flo's decision. Hope suggested that they not to go there at that time.

Donna thought that Shauna had been sweet. Hope felt that it was sad that Flo and Shauna weren't best friends like Hope and Brooke were. Brooke sympathized with Shauna and said that Shauna and Flo had a lot to work out.

At Flo's apartment, Flo was emotional about what had just happened at Brooke's house. As she babbled about what she'd learned, Shauna interrupted, saying, "Okay, you know what? I went along with this because you asked me to, but there's something that I'm missing." Shauna wanted to know why people thought Flo had given a baby up for adoption.

Flo glanced around aimlessly. Shauna reminded Flo that she could say anything to her mother. Shauna felt that Flo was so upset because, deep down, Flo was a person of integrity. Flo didn't feel like that kind of person anymore. Shauna figured something had gone terribly wrong to make her daughter feel that way.

In a jumble of words, Flo explained that she had an OB/GYN friend named Reese, and she'd hopped on a plane when he'd needed help. She wished she'd questioned things more, but she hadn't. Flo explained that he'd arranged a private adoption to raise money to pay off a gambling debt, and he'd needed a birth mother.

Shauna assumed Reese had wanted Flo to play the birth mother. Flo said she knew it had been wrong, but she'd thought it had been harmless at the time. "Harmless?" Shauna cynically repeated. Flo explained that she'd thought the baby would get an amazing home with the adopted mother, and she'd helped relieve the threat upon Reese's daughter. "You posed as this baby's mother," Shauna concluded in a knowing tone.

"I know, I know. It was the worst decision of my life," Flo replied. Shauna asked where Reese had gotten the baby. Flo repeated Reese's profession, but Shauna said that those doctors didn't just procure babies. Shauna demanded to know where he'd gotten the baby, why the birth mother hadn't been involved, and why he'd needed Flo.

Flo admitted that the real birth mother hadn't known. Shauna asked what that was supposed to mean. Flo stated that the real mother had thought the baby had been stillborn. Shauna asked if Flo knew who the birth mother was.

In Flo's silence, Shauna said, "Florence, answer my question." Flo confessed that she knew who the mother was, and Shauna ordered Flo to say who it was. Flo admitted that Hope, her new cousin, had given birth to the baby.

Back at Brooke's house, Hope was alone in the living room with her phone, scrolling through pictures of Phoebe.

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