Bill capitalizes on Katie's forgiving mood
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

At Spencer, Shauna pressed Wyatt about whether he'd gotten Katie to reach out to Flo. Wyatt was coy about answering. Bill entered, wondering what was going on. Shauna said Bill's son had done something truly spectacular. "Wyatt?" Bill asked.

Wyatt claimed that it wasn't that big of a deal. Bill guessed that Wyatt had proposed to Flo. Wyatt admitted that he'd talked to Katie about helping the Logans find forgiveness for Flo. Shauna hoped it could be a new beginning. Wyatt said Flo hated being estranged from her family. Bill reasoned that Flo had no one to blame but herself for that. "Well, whatever," Wyatt replied. He hoped the Logans were talking and hearing Flo out.

Bill believed that Flo had turned her life around, and Wyatt had had a lot to do with it. Wyatt thanked Bill for saying that, and Bill said Wyatt deserved it. Bill didn't see the point in the Logans keeping Flo at arm's length. He wouldn't forget the "hell" Flo had put them all through; however, he said Beth was with her parents, and Flo had done her penance. He felt that family was too important to let it go on indefinitely.

Shauna stood, figuring she should be there to back up Flo. Wyatt stopped Shauna, saying that it needed to be resolved between them.

At Forrester, Flo knew that it was tough for Brooke, who'd suffered along with Hope while Flo had let the baby-napping scandal go on. Flo figured that her apologies didn't matter, but it meant a lot to her that Katie and Donna were willing to forgive her. Katie stated that she and Donna did forgive Flo. Donna added that it was what families did.

Flo told Brooke that Flo had felt like an outsider. She'd stayed away, hoping that someday, something would change how the Logans felt. Flo didn't know if it was possible for Brooke to forgive her, but Flo asked what Brooke thought about it.

Katie and Donna knew that it was hard for Brooke because Flo had been a part of something that had caused Hope unspeakable heartache. Brooke replied that it had been more than that. Hope hadn't been able to bond with Beth, who'd been ripped away from Hope at birth. Brooke understood that Flo hadn't taken the baby, but it didn't excuse Flo for not saying anything when she’d figured out that Steffy's adopted baby had been Beth.

Flo replied that she'd beaten herself up about it over and over again. Flo said she'd understand if Brooke couldn't accept her, but Flo vowed to never make any of them sorry that she was in that family ever again if Brooke would give Flo a chance to prove that she was worthy of being a Logan woman and Storm's daughter.

Katie informed Flo that Wyatt had helped the meeting happen by advocating for Flo earlier. Katie felt that Wyatt had made a good point in saying that Flo didn't feel connected to her family because they hadn't let her in. Donna said it really came down to what Flo had done to Hope.

Brooke didn't think going over the pain of it would change anything. She'd wanted to help Hope take the pain away, but the only thing that could have helped had been the knowledge that Beth had been alive. Brooke asserted that Flo had kept that information from Hope for too long.

Brooke wanted to put it in the past and move forward. She said she knew that Storm would have loved Flo. Flo was a living and breathing extension of him, and the Logans all missed him. Brooke was sure Storm would urge them to embrace Flo as a part of the family. Brooke stated that Flo was a part of the family, and acceptance was the key.

Brooke wasn't sure she'd be able to forgive Flo anytime soon. "But I could try," Brooke reasoned. She said she'd do it for her sisters and for Storm's memory.

Flo thanked Brooke. It was more than Flo could have hoped for. Flo had tried to make it okay to be without her father when she'd been growing up, but it really hadn't been okay, even though she'd had her mom and had been loved and cared for. Flo had never stopped wondering about her father. She'd never get to hear his voice or feel his arms around her, but he had left her with an amazing gift -- his family. It had never felt like hers until that day.

Flo said she'd make sure the Logans never regretted it, and she'd honor her father by being the best Logan she could be. "Okay," Brooke quietly replied, and the tearful women smiled at each other.

Later, Brooke hoped she and her sisters had made the right decision. She wanted it to work out -- just like she wanted Katie and Bill to work out. Katie didn't feel like having her sisters ambush her that day about Bill. Katie still didn't know if she could trust him or not. Donna believed that Katie already knew the answer to that, or else she would have moved on already. Brooke said Bill would always be the love of Katie's life.

"And you'll always be the love of mine, Katie," Bill said, entering the office. He wished Katie would believe that and believe in him again. He knew he'd given her reasons not to, but that was in the past. He said he'd never do anything to jeopardize their relationship and make her doubt him again.

Later, Bill and Katie were alone. Bill conveyed that Wyatt had said he'd asked Katie to give Flo a second chance. Bill was hoping there was a third or fourth chance for him and Katie. He missed Katie very much. He missed her smile and intellect. He even missed the way that she kept him in his place daily. He missed seeing her with their son, and he missed holding her close and making love to her. He missed who he was when he was with her.

Bill asked if he, Katie, and Will could go downtown and have lunch. Bill suggested they take their son to see money at the banks. Katie laughed. Bill said they didn't have to do that. They could do anything, as long as they were a family.

Katie missed Bill, too. She missed being with the man she'd made her child with. She missed their family very much. Katie thought that spending an afternoon or evening together sounded like a great idea. She believed Will would love it. She stated that Will loved Bill very much. "And so do I," she tearfully added.

Back at Spencer, Flo arrived and listened outside the door. Inside, Shauna was grateful to Wyatt, who'd defended Flo to the Logans and given her a chance to prove that she was the woman he'd always loved. Shauna couldn't wait for Flo and Wyatt to create the future they'd talked about and make Shauna a grandmother.

Flo entered, saying her mother was freaking Wyatt out. Wyatt asked what Katie had wanted. "Like you don't already know," Flo replied. Wyatt asked to hear something he didn't know. Flo revealed that the Logans were giving her a second chance, and it was all because of him.

Later, Flo and Wyatt were alone, and she was sorry that her mother had come on so strong. Wyatt was happy for Flo. She said it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for him, and it meant a lot to her that he'd gone to Katie. Wyatt hoped that Flo could finally forgive herself.

Flo replied that a lot had happened since she'd arrived in Los Angeles. Getting caught up with Reese had been the lowest point of her life. She'd had highs, too, like rediscovering Wyatt and finding out that she was a Logan. Flo was gleeful to have the Logans, her mom, and the man she loved. She loved Wyatt, who'd given her back her family.

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