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Christian Ramírez
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Actor History


Resides At

Presumably somewhere in Los Angeles

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


Hector Ramírez (brother)

Caitlin Ramírez (niece)

Jimmy Ramírez (nephew; via adoption)


None known

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

None (assumed)

Brief Character History

Christian Ramírez was a doctor brought in by Forrester Creations co-founder Stephanie Forrester to care for her daughter, Felicia Forrester, who was dying from cancer. Christian was surprised that Stephanie had moved Felicia to his clinic in secret, telling the rest of her family that Felicia had died in the ambulance. Christian hoped that a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, and a liver transplant might bring the comatose Felicia back from the brink. Christian had to take Felicia off life support for her to be considered a candidate for a donor liver; though Stephanie offered a portion of her own liver, Christian was able to find a donor for Felicia in time.

Christian developed a slight crush on the rallying Felicia, which his brother, Hector Ramírez, noticed. Through Hector, Christian met Felicia's half-sister, Bridget Forrester; Christian found common ground with Bridget, a fellow doctor. But Christian was surprised to see Bridget with baby "Dino" Damiano, the infant Stephanie had brought to see Felicia; when Bridget explained that she was caring for her deceased sister's child, Christian was forced to keep Felicia's survival a secret. Christian was let off the hook when Stephanie decided to let her family know that Felicia hadn't died.

Christian moved into the Forrester guest house as an on-call doctor for Felicia, who was losing her hair due to the chemotherapy. When Christian honored Felicia's request to shave her head, they shared a kiss. As Felicia recovered, Christian expressed his interest, but hit a roadblock when Felicia wanted to reunite with her baby's father, Dante Damiano, who was involved with Bridget. Christian and Dante sparred a bit over Felicia; as Felicia and Bridget did their own sparring over Dante, Christian was not amused when Felicia confessed switching Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil, which gave Bridget a severe sunburn.

Christian was on hand when Felicia's brother, Ridge Forrester, had a heart attack; Christian was able to attribute it to a cardiac defect he found in Ridge. Christian also ministered to Darla Einstein Forrester, the wife of Felicia's other brother, Thorne Forrester, who had been critically injured by a car. Christian went from doctor to visitor when his own brother, Hector, was temporarily blinded in a house fire. Later, Christian readied to immunize Bridget, who wanted to practice medicine in Africa; Christian advised Bridget that she couldn't be immunized if she were pregnant, so he administered a routine test, which turned up positive. After that, Christian disappeared from the canvas and hasn't been seen or mentioned since.

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Who's Who in Los Angeles

B&B Actor biographies
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