A bizarre week

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A bizarre week
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Does Stephanie even understand how disturbed Pam really is? She seems to be in deep denial about just how far Pam would go to kill Donna.

Just when I thought I had seen the end of snakes attacking characters on B&B and now this! A cobra in a shipping crate and Marcus is the likely unintended target of Crazy Aunt Pam's psychotic rage. Remember the boa that almost squeezed Clarke to death? Yeah...bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. Oh well, what would this show be without evil reptiles doing the bidding of some one-note soap villain, huh? But that wasn't the only weird thing to watch this week...

Before I get to all that, though, does Stephanie even understand how disturbed Pam really is? I get this feeling that Queenie is in deep denial about just how far she would go to kill Donna (though Pam keeps telling everyone she wouldn't kill her, just scare her a little). And exactly how does a homeless, street wandering sicko like Pam get a hold of a cobra to begin with, huh? Of course now the fear of anyone else with the last name of Logan getting hurt by Pam has made Donna let Eric go. Sad, really...I think Donna is really meant to love him and he obviously still loves her. But until Eric finds out this truth about all this, Donna will be vilified again and Stephanie will make her move. I have to say I don't like Stephanie ghouling around the mansion so much...it makes her look desperate and sad.

So Katie lost the baby. Any woman has to know that the odds of carrying Nick's baby to term is always suspect. As a matter of fact, it was weird to see yet another woman lying in his bed (Katie). I sat here counting how many women have occupied the same spot in the last year. Yes, that would be three. A busier space than the front parking space at a Wal-Mart. Taylor, Bridget, and now Katie. For months people would write in to me saying that Nick was becoming the male version of Brooke and as much as I hate typing this, I think they may have been right. I swear Nick has slept with at least half the active female characters on this show. Not making it any easier to be his biggest fan, huh?

This weird obsession that Katie has with Jack can't end up very well, though. I'm thinking that Taylor (of all people as the only shrink in LA) will have to intercede to make her deal with her loss and not obsessing over her nephew as a replacement baby. I like Katie, though, and I hope that she gets back to her old self.

Okay, so Taylor has a hot young Rick about to bust wanting to marry her and she has a Freudian slip about Ridge in front of Brooke of all people! YIKES! I couldn't believe what I heard...I actually had to rewind the DVR to make sure I heard it right. I swear I just don't get this. I would think that viewers would be enjoying this May-December romance and now the writers are toying with the idea of Taylor sniffing around Ridge again? Wow. Well, I'll say this...I always liked Ridge and Taylor together because I never thought she was a stepford-wife when she was with him like Brooke is now. The problem is the same age-old issue Taylor has always had with Brooke...she'll do all kinds of freaky things that Taylor has too much class for. I just hate to see Taylor be turned into a stalker or something. She's been dragged through the mud over the last few years...first she is a drunk who has committed vehicular manslaughter and most recently declared an unfit mother who can't bond with baby Jack. So if the writers want to revisit this Ridge-Taylor thing, please do it right and have it make some sense. Brooke and Nick start to get too close and with Katie going off the deep end, Ridge gets a little insecure and looks to Taylor for comfort. You can fill in the rest, right?

Nice to have a relatively Bridget-free week...can't wait to see if she hooks up with Owen!

A few observations...I'm loving the beard on Eric. Very "Sean Connery." Did Steffy dye her hair? She's looking too Goth to be a Forrester. I think Alley Mills has done a very good job with Crazy Pam. It'll be a shame when she is finally caught or killed (because you know its coming soon...they can't keep her around with all these shenanigans for too much longer). And poor Rick has his Mommy trying to sabotage a wedding that may not take place now because his fiancée is mysteriously obsessed with her ex. Yep, he's doomed and doesn't even know it yet. Maybe it's time to introduce a new young hottie and quick!

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