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Brooke and Taylor at least have a carnal reason for chasing after Ridge. Presumably, he's a stud in the sack. But what on earth makes Stephanie and Steffy go on and on about how amazing Ridge is?

I have a secret wish that I'll probably never see on The Bold and the Beautiful. I would like to see the day when Ridge is persona non grata in L.A. You know, a time when every lady doesn't think he's God's gift to the world of women! I just about gagged this week when Taylor accepted a diamond ring from Ridge -- after she proposed to him -- with tears in her eyes. This was at the same time that Brooke was text messaging him with love notes and attaching the photo of their beach wedding including the giant sand sculpture of their names. Argh! Can't these women see Ridge for the stiff, indecisive playboy he's always been?

Brooke and Taylor at least have a carnal reason for chasing after Ridge. Presumably, he's a stud in the sack. But what on earth makes Stephanie and Steffy go on and on about how amazing Ridge is? They're his mother and daughter, respectively, yet they sure think he's Heaven on earth. Stephanie was practically dancing a jig when she heard about Ridge and Taylor's engagement. Seriously, Steph, can't you get that happy about anything in your own personal life? How long has it been since Stephanie had a lover? Maybe if she could work on her own life, she'd be less over-involved in her son's personal love life. This is all too Freudian for me, in reverse of course!

I was really turned off by Steffy's actions this past week. I understood Steffy's shock when she saw Ridge and Brooke embracing, but how dare Steffy go to see Brooke on her own to tell her to "leave my father alone!" What chutzpah! This is the same girl that defied her parents to have a romance with Rick. Where's the gratitude? Brooke stood up to Ridge in support of Rick and Steffy because she thought it was the right thing to do, and it cost Brooke dearly. Steffy apparently has some questionable ethics, especially when she destroyed the messages Brooke sent to Ridge asking him to remember their love. As I watched Steffy in action, I couldn't help but wonder, "What would your parents think of you now?" Morally, how can you do that? Weren't you a Girl Scout? Didn't you attend Sunday school? It's not your place to interfere with your father's life, and it's sure not your place to mess around with his romances. Imagine if that were Ridge doing the same thing to Steffy. Oh yeah, he already did. Remember his taping Rick or running after Rick and Steffy on the tarmac? Perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all. And what about Thomas? Was that flirtations with the bombs and arson just a mirage? I thought he had been undergoing therapy to correct his evil urges? Now he's conspiring with Steffy to keep Ridge and Taylor together? Is there no conscience in these young people?

Thomas isn't any better. Need we remember that these are grown children -- adults? Why are they so consumed with Taylor and Ridge's reconciliation? Why are they living at home? And why are they more important to Ridge than R.J. and Hope? I was shocked that R.J. actually got some airtime when Brooke brought him to visit his father. I don't get it, friends. When Ridge chose Brooke, it was in part because he didn't want to leave R.J. and Hope -- two little children -- without a father. Now, suddenly, he has to be with Taylor and Steffy and Thomas because that family unit is more important to him? Why, just because Phoebe died? I don't know. Maybe Brad Bell is planting the seeds for years to come when R.J. will turn on his father for leaving him as a boy! (Don't even get me started on poor Hope; who does she think of as a father figure? Watch, she'll turn on Brooke!)

Meanwhile, the ship continues to sink at Forrester. All that damn honey is drowning the once golden Forrester Creations reputation. The dumb idea to save the company this time around came in two parts: Number One was promoting Marcus to Thorne's position. Wow! Wait till Thorne hears about that. Talk about demeaning. Marcus is a smart kid, but from shipping clerk to executive with no college and virtually no experience, that's what I call career advancement. Nepotism is clearly the one asset that matters at Forrester. What did Donna have to do for Eric to get him to offer such a promotion to her son? Did it involve more than honey? Have they graduated to jellies and jams? Perhaps whipped dream and Hershey's syrup? Somebody's risking diabetes with all that sugar intact.

The Number Two idea was also an act of desperate nepotism -- turning Steffy into a model. Yes, yes, she's pretty and lithe and can flounce in front of the camera like a pseudo model, but what qualifies her to be the face of Forrester Creations other than her last name? Have these people ever heard of hiring from an agency? Where's the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Council) to investigate that part of FC? That's more egregious than the undocumented employees. Anyway, back to Stiffy -- I mean Steffy -- in front of the camera she was a bore. No charisma, no pizzazz. However, I have to say that any great fashion photographer like Giovanni would have taken the damn camera off the tripod and shot her from some different angles. Honestly, that photo shoot was a joke! But I'm not sorry that it was a flop because the answer to Forrester's problems is not Steffy modeling the clothes. They need new management because Eric's lost his touch clearly. He may still be a designer extraordinaire, but he's running his business like a mom-and-pop shop and mom is across town working for the competition.

Speaking of Mom, her new addition to Jackie M. has begun to whip it good. There's something refreshing about Rick Hearst's performance as Whipple Jones, like he's looking at the entire ensemble with a wicked new vision. Of course, his photo shoot was nearly as ridiculous as Steffy's, although in the opposite way. Hers was underdone, his was overdone. Also, some of those hot bod guys were not too handsome, did you notice? It was like they were chosen strictly for their abs. Sorry, I like a pretty face, too. Of course, the disparity just made Owen look more attractive.

As an afterthought, we also got a day of Nick and Bridget celebrating their one-month anniversary. Ho-hum. Nothing quite as boring as a happy couple on the soaps, you know? Something tells me that conflict or illness or a baby is going to be thrust into their idyllic little world very soon. Happiness can only go so far.

I'd also like to see more Bill and Katie, wouldn't you? He may be ruthless, but he's also shaking things up and Katie has the brains and beauty to match him. Here's what I think they need to do. They should team up. Bill shouldn't want to get into the fashion house business. He should want to expand his communications empire and bring Katie in to help him.

Well, that about covers it for the week that was. Please email me with your thoughts and check out Soap Central every day for news and recaps and all kinds of good soap stuff. Till next time, keep watching B&B and comment if you like. I love to hear what you think!

Allison J. Waldman
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