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The Bold and the Beautiful characters take too much for granted. Instead of chasing Hope's tail, Thomas ought to be glad he isn't comprised of neutralized acidic scrubbing bubbles. Hope ought to be grateful Douglas doesn't have to draw bars around his mommy in his artwork. And Brooke -- she ought to be grateful Stephanie is dead! Let's scoop on who needs a gratitude adjustment this Thanksgiving!

After the kind of year our faves on the Bold and the Beautiful have had, you'd think some of them would be just a little bit more grateful for what they have. Maybe instead of trying to trick Thomas into giving up full custody of Douglas, Hope should be changing diapers and catching up on those moments with Beth that she claimed that everyone robbed her of. Perhaps instead of obsessing about how Ridge looks in swimming trunks, Shauna ought to be making sure Flo is bikini-ready to sling drinks. After all, the rent doesn't pay itself!

In this Thanksgiving edition, we'll get two scoops deep into what some of our B&B faves ought to be grateful for instead of whining about their current circumstances or coveting the lives and booty of others. Before we do that, we must scoop on why this week seemed so confusing and about what you might have missed even if you watched the show every day.

In case you missed it

This week, some viewers felt as if they missed an episode of the show even though they watched each day that hadn't been preempted by national impeachment coverage. Well, that's because you really did miss an episode. There actually was an unaired episode between Monday and Tuesday's broadcasts.

Many wondered if they needed to adjust their devices after Monday's cliffhanger left us waiting for Ridge's reaction to Hope's announcement that Thomas was dead, but Tuesday's episode began as if Hope had never said it. If you are one of those confused viewers, please https://www.soapcentral.com/bold-and-beautiful/recaps.php?day=tue&weekof=191118 to read our detailed recap of what happened after Hope told Ridge that his son was dead.

Thorsten Kaye delivered some gripping scenes in that episode and garnered sympathy for a father desperate to know what had become of his wayward son. Katherine Kelly Lang matched him with a mama-bear ferociousness, determined to protect her daughter at any cost. I could truly see how much each had in common as a parent, but at the same time, it became apparent that Ridge and Brooke are a million, unsurmountable miles away from each other.

The gap will be unbridgeable if Ridge ever finds out that Brooke could have ended his suffering but chose to lie to him about his son "dying" in order to protect her daughter from a murder charge. Yes, the selfish, self-centered, think-of-no-one-but-himself Thomas is not dead. As you might guess, he manipulated his "death" to his own end.

Thomas appeared to Hope in a blackened room. At first, I was convinced that she was seeing a ghost or hallucinating. The longer he spoke to her, the more evident it became that Thomas really was there. He'd remained "dead" for about 24 hours soap time to prove a point to Hope -- that people sometimes chose to keep secrets.

Thomas wasted his time with that one. He could have used the time to get his fittings in, because Hope already knows that people keep secrets. In fact, she watched him do it when he pretended not to know that Brooke had pushed him over a cliff.

But if that was the lesson Thomas wanted to teach Hope, I wonder what lesson he was trying to teach his son. That sometimes kids lose two parents in one year? What was Thomas trying to teach Ridge and Steffy? That their family can take yet another death?

There was no guarantee that Hope wouldn't have immediately told everyone that Thomas fell into hydrofluoric acid. If she had, think of the devastation Thomas would have caused just to make this "point" to Hope. I guess Thomas must really know Hope well to wager that she would feel that she murdered him over it being an accident and that she'd cover up that murder instead of confessing.

Why did Thomas think Hope wouldn't have told someone at Forrester in charge of the acid that he'd fallen in there? He must have been watching her look for him and then leave the building with Douglas. How else would Thomas have even known that she was aware he'd fallen in the vat? Can you imagine his embarrassment if Thomas had shown up for his grand reveal, but Hope had acted as if she'd never known that he'd been missing in the first place or that he had almost died in acid?

Matthew Atkinson plays an intriguing Thomas, and I almost want the writers to redeem the character so that we can have some longevity with the actor. However, with every chance they get, the writers seem to make Thomas even slimier. He really will have to be dunked in professional grade cleaner to wash these demented plans of his away.

As Brooke has pointed out about a million times, Thomas tried to trade his son for sex. Not very empathetic. Thomas let his family think he was missing and risked Hope telling them that he was dead on the slim chance that he might get Hope to understand why he'd kept the secret about Beth. That's borderline psychotic.

Even if Ridge can't forgive Hope and Brooke for not telling him about it, how can he justify Thomas' reasoning behind doing this? Ridge claimed that he's done making excuses for Thomas, but I can hear it now. Ridge is going to blame it all on Hope and Brooke for making Thomas so desperate to prove himself that he faked his death.

Ironically, Hope and Brooke are just like Flo and Shauna in this case. Each pair struggled the same way with keeping a secret from coming out. Brooke is just like Shauna, saying that Hope has to be silent to keep her life. Did anyone else's eyeballs hit the floor when Brooke asked why Thomas boiling in a vat of acid had to disrupt Hope's life?

Even so, Thomas' point is moot because the cases are not similar to what Thomas did. Thomas didn't just keep the secret. He bullied others into keeping the secret. He used the secret and Douglas to his advantage to manipulate Hope. While Brooke and Hope are on the level with Shauna and Flo, what Hope and Brooke did to keep the "death" secret is not the same as what Thomas did with the baby secret.

We scoopers didn't think Thomas was dead, but we hoped that the acid might burn some sense into his brain about Hope. As it turned out, it was cleaning fluid, not acid, and unfortunately, it wasn't industrial-strength Hope disinfectant. Thomas is still as obsessed as ever. He said that when he realized that he was in cleaning fluid and not acid, it occurred to him that they'd been given an opportunity.

Say what, Thomas? An opportunity? For what? For him and Hope to finally be free of each other? No, of course not. In his mind, it was the chance for them to keep going with the same disgusting issue as before -- as if he'd never fallen in the acid.

Brooke keeps asking who tries to trade his son for sex. In the same vein, I'm asking who awakens in a vat of what should be acid and, instead of thanking God that he's alive, thinks of how to use it to manipulate Hope? Thomas, she flipped you over into a vat of acid. Acid, Thomas. Acid! And when she figured it out, she did not tell anyone that you were melted into nonexistence. What is it going to take for you to get that she's just not that into you? Ridge is right. Hope might be the death of that boy yet.

Thomas ought to be grateful for three things -- his life, Douglas, and burn cream. But has he gone to a doctor? Nope. Did he even go to see his son? Nope. I'll bet he hasn't even rubbed anything but water and office soap on his irritated skin. Instead, he ran straight to Hope, and he continues to try to squeeze love out of a black hole.

You need to be grateful

Thomas isn't the only Los Angeles resident whose priorities are all out of whack this holiday. I've got a little sage Thanksgiving advice for our other faves who need to settle down and just be thankful for what they already have going on in their lives.

Brooke Logan Forrester. Brooke is running around town like the second coming of Stephanie Forrester. Brooke is trying to take Douglas from his father in just the same way Stephanie tried to take Brooke's kids from her. Just like Stephanie helped Ridge hide Shane McGrath's death, Brooke was willing to do anything to help Hope cover up Thomas' "death." Stephanie would be proud -- if Brooke's acts weren't against Stephanie's family.

Brooke ought to be grateful that while she's becoming Stephanie, Brooke's worst enemy, Shauna is not becoming Brooke, Stephanie's worst enemy. In other words, Shauna is resisting her Slut from the Desert title, and Brooke ought to be thanking God for it.

The last thing Brooke needs while she's trying to use her chemistry degree to absolve Hope is for Shauna to fall out of elevators half-naked with Ridge or show up handing out lollipops to R.J. because she expects to be his future stepmother. So far, Shauna's sluttiness is all in her own imagination, and Brooke ought to be grateful about it.

Hope Logan. Hope acts like she got robbed of all the baby moments with Beth, and truly, Hope was robbed. So why is it that, instead of enjoying her daughter and her life with Liam, Hope has become so obsessed with mothering Douglas that she almost lost her ability to mother either child or have a life with Liam at all? Instead of being mad at Thomas for making her think he was dead, she ought to be thankful that he chose to tell her before she wound up eating a jailhouse Thanksgiving dinner on a cafeteria tray.

What happened to Hope concentrating on getting full custody of Liam instead of Douglas? Shouldn't she and Brooke be planning wedding number 99 instead of plotting a murder cover-up? Hope ought to be grateful that Steffy is buried so deep in laundry, diapers, and OSHA regulations that she hasn't had a chance to "stop being a good girl" around Liam. Time's a-ticking, and Steffy can only screen-swipe for so long.

Ridge Forrester. Ironically, Ridge is concerned about getting the vat of acid out of Forrester, but he fails to get just how corrosive Thomas is to his business and the family. Will Thomas' custody-for-sex bargain wake Ridge up? Or maybe Ridge will sober up toward Thomas once Ridge realizes that Thomas abandoned work and let Hope think he was dead just to get sympathy out of her about why he'd kept the baby secret.

Somehow, I doubt those things -- or the facts that Thomas left Douglas alone in a dressing room on the complete opposite side of the building from the CEO's office and continued to use Douglas as a pawn -- will wise Ridge up to his son's ways. Ridge ought to be grateful that his family has tried to support him as he digs himself in deeper with Thomas. Ridge's family is all he'll have left after Thomas destroys Ridge's marriage and company.

Yes, Thomas could very well destroy Forrester with his fugly clothing designs and obsession with Hope. He already thought it was more important to disappear on the job and deadlines just to get empathy from her. How else might he jeopardize Forrester for the love of Hope?

Shauna Fulton. Shauna is growing on me, but it's time for her to stop pretending that she's on a rental home vacation and start acting like someone needs to pay the bills at her and Flo's place. Flo is laid up after surgery. Who would have known that, when the doctor said Flo would recover quickly, it meant that it would take real-time months or that she wouldn't want her mother around to help her?

Shauna, you ought to be grateful that your daughter's being a bitch. Not only did Flo's terrible bedside manner give Shauna the chance to live it up in the lap of luxury, but it also landed Shauna smack-dab in the middle of her own Fabio-cover romance novel with Ridge. The handsome and aloof rich man broods around in a dark manner, only able to open up to the new guest on the property. It's the stuff Harlequin paperbacks are made of, but as Shauna inches toward the climax of the novel, she can at least try to angle for some electric bill money for bartender Flo.

Zoe Buckingham. Zoe is perturbed that her kiss didn't faze Thomas, and instead of concentrating on their future, Thomas is still chasing after Hope. Zoe ought to take those sour lemons of hers and make Vinny a nice, tall glass of lemonade. After all, it's his apartment that she's living in, and if he hadn't approved it, she'd be in Europe, trying to revive her British accent, right about now.

Just hold on, Zoe. Thomas hasn't forgotten you -- at least I don't think he has. But something tells me that she won't be Thomas' "person to the right" at Thanksgiving.

In a look ahead:

In the upcoming days, Liam learns what happened with Hope and Thomas, and Brooke and Ridge's relationship changes in a dramatic moment. Ridge makes Brooke's attitude toward Thomas a hinging point for healing their marriage. Thomas and Hope tell Douglas that he once again has two parents, and Thomas will try to convince Hope to work with him at Forrester.

Thanks for getting two scoops deep with me this Thanksgiving week. Until we scoop again, I hope your holiday is bold and beautiful, baby!

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