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Chance returned to town to investigate the mystery of the codicil to Katherine's will, which had left most of her fortune to Cane. Was Colin's claim that the newly discovered pages were ''the real deal'' true? Also, Kyle looked ready to raise Cain when Jack gave Theo a chance at Jabot. Read all about it in Two Scoops.

Well, if you're going to go out, anyway, you might as well go out with a bang. And it seems the writers are letting Cane do just that for his exit, with a grand finale about a codicil to beloved Katherine's will that may, or may not, all be a bunch of phony baloney. And to add to the mystery, Cane's loved ones have been left wondering if Cane was behind a huge scam that had Devon giving up most of his fortune, supposedly to honor Katherine's wishes. Let's face it -- Cane hasn't always been squeaky clean. In fact, he has shown in the past that he likes to get a little dirty once in a while, if the price is right. And I'd say that billions of dollars would tempt anyone into going over to the dark side, so it'd be nothing to convince someone a little on the dusty side, like Cane, to cross over.

I am happy, though, that Cane will get to go out blazing -- and he didn't even need Lily to get him there. Cane will have the chance to go out in all his glory instead of disappearing into the woodwork, never to be seen again, as other characters have done before him. Sometimes there's not even an explanation for why the character is no longer seen. They just vanish -- poof! -- and nobody seems to notice or even care. It almost makes me feel bad and even sad that the role just wasn't important enough for any kind of send-off. At least, a villain like Simon got his just deserts in the end, although we weren't quite done with him yet. Even Cane's twins didn't get much of a farewell, although we can figure they just went back to college off-screen. They were pretty boring, anyway.

The potential scheme was so enormous, Chance was even brought back to Genoa City to get down to the nitty-gritty and find out if the newly discovered pages were genuine. But Cane has acted totally innocent all along, so maybe his hands were as spotless as he claimed, which was what Jill believed. Actually, Jill suspected that her cunning ex, Colin, was behind the whole scheme, and that would certainly be right up Colin's alley. He was always looking for a way to make an easy buck, which was what drew Colin to Jill in the first place. So, Jill went on a search for her not-so-dearly beloved, and once Chance found out, he decided to follow right after her. And the way the flights work in Soapland, Chance would probably get to the Maldives before Devon had time to close the door behind him.

Apparently, Chance had a little time to kill before his flight to find Jill, since he made a stop at the Grand Phoenix first. He needed a place to stay, as he played cops and robbers (or I guess it would be agents and robbers in this case) and checked out the security system, which had been reinstalled to allow a backdoor access to the hotel's Wi-Fi. Sneaky Phyllis had to have some way to learn everyone else's secrets, right? Also, Chance needed to be at the hotel so Phyllis could overhear him say that he was going to the Maldives. And then Phyllis spread the word of Chance's travel plans to Abby. Man, that guy could really use a Complete Idiot's Guide to Being a Federal Agent, since everybody in town seemed to learn about his comings and goings, before he even had a "chance" to get gone.

Chance had definitely stirred up the pot, because Abby confronted Phyllis about the security system and then fired her. However, Phyllis had a contract, which restricted Abby's power over her. But since Abby, Phyllis, and Chelsea were business partners, they would need to meet to discuss any and all problems to try to find solutions before going off half-cocked. Abby obviously thought both Phyllis and Chelsea were liabilities to the hotel's reputation, yet while she viewed Chelsea's bad choices as unintentional, she only saw that Phyllis' treachery was deliberate. Abby was like a bulldog, chomping at the bit to get rid of Phyllis, but she'd better have a muzzle handy, since Phyllis' bite is much worse than her bark. As Nick observed, Phyllis never did play well with others.

So, while Chance was dilly-dallying around at the Grand Phoenix, Jill flew to the Maldives and straight into Colin's arms -- and eventually his lips. Colin claimed the pages were "the real deal" and that he had simply tried to right a wrong "in the most Colin way possible." Yeah, Colin's lure had worked, and no matter how much Jill fought it, Connor had cast a spell over her that would make any witch green with envy. So, apparently, Colin seemed to be the scoundrel behind the codicil of Katherine's will, yet he insisted that it carried out "the old bat's wishes." Of course, it certainly didn't hurt Colin that his son was the one who benefited the most from the document. Still, if what Colin said was true, where have these pages been all the time since Katherine died?

Okay, I stand corrected. Because Tristan Rogers is currently playing Robert Scorpio on General Hospital, I didn't think that we'd actually get to see Colin's face grace our screens on the network of the eye. (You know, CBS.) But that's the advantage of not being under contract to any one soap. Recurring actors can pop up on any serial, since they are not tied to a particular show. Hey, Wally Kurth has been doing double duty for years as Ned Ashton Quartermaine on GH and as Justin Kiriakis on Days of our Lives. He truly can have his cake and eat it, too. Or, if they are under contract, the terms may allow the actors to make a brief appearance elsewhere. That would be the best of both worlds for an actor, having a steady job while also getting to tip their toes into a new, challenging role.

Elena wasn't so sure that Devon had been conned, however, while Devon doubted that Colin would come clean if he truly was the culprit behind the suddenly appearing pages of the will. And he also wondered if Amanda was a piece of some diabolical puzzle, as well. Although Amanda looked like Hilary and even had some of the same character traits as Devon's dearly departed wife, she hadn't really shown her true colors yet. So, Amanda's intentions were almost as big of a mystery as the codicil. And since it appeared Amanda would be sticking around, we were all going to get the chance to see just what really makes her tick.

Chelsea still seemed to be trying to find her way, as her "ugly past" and her rather duplicitous present filled with questionable choices kept coming up to haunt her -- and to bite her in the rear. There was no "Pick Nick" button for her, as her illegal ways forced him to drop out of the City Council race. Nick chose Chelsea over his political future. Wouldn't it be a bug up Nick's bum, if Chelsea ended up leaving Nick, because Connor was dead set on having his family reunited? And Adam didn't appear to be too against his son's idea at all, although he seemed to still want Sharon lurking around, if possible. And he used Sharon's advice of having both parents work for the benefit of their son's future to his advantage. Adam couldn't be accused of not latching onto a golden opportunity.

Yep, sure enough, Simon wasn't gone for good just yet, since Nick paid him a special visit in jail to ensure that Simon would never bother his family again. And Nick may just get his wish, since Simon had other fish to fry by claiming to the Feds that he had useful information regarding Colin Atkinson. But, of course, Simon wasn't Nick's only threat, since Adam was always hovering just over the horizon in hopes of regaining Chelsea's affection. And Adam still had his convenient weapon, Connor, to help shatter an already fragile trust between the two lovebirds.

Then there was Phyllis on the sidelines, ready and willing to comfort her ex when Chelsea made yet another questionable choice. And naturally, when the chance arose, Phyllis didn't waste any time swooping right in to get hot and heavy with Nick -- playing a video game at Society. But with Chelsea's constant excuses -- I mean, reasons -- for staying the night at Adam's, she was making it so easy for Phyllis to seduce Nick. Oh, yeah, the seduction may start out innocently with video games, but eventually, it could graduate to some lip-locking followed with a romp in the hay -- and with Chelsea catering to Connor's every whim, she'd only have herself to blame.

In the meantime, Billy had to decide if he was being mean to Kyle at the office due to some sort of residual anger he had hidden away once he had given up his on vendetta against Adam. It's a good thing for him that Victoria has been so observant, because Billy could have gone spinning out of control again, only in a different direction, which could have harmed Jabot. Billy and Victoria still have what it takes to be one of those special couples that soaps crave to have, only our serials sometimes forget that it takes time and a special story to develop a big fan favorite. Jumping in the sack as soon as they meet no longer cuts it. Even with a new Billy, this couple still worked together, only in a different way. Oh, yes, Victoria was still all aboard on "the Billy Express roller coaster."

Victoria should know, better than anybody, all the ups and downs that come with being in love with Billy Abbott, but she stuck it out with him, anyway. Is that love or what? And Victoria kept zooming along on the ride when Billy unexpectedly announced that he would resign from Jabot, which was the wisest decision he'd probably ever made. Obviously, Billy was not happy running the family business, where his only goal was to make up for past mistakes. That's no way to live. With that attitude, Billy would always be looking over his shoulder, waiting for another project to fail. A clean break was just what Billy needed, and with the Abbott memoir almost complete, Jack then had the choice of returning to Jabot -- or of leaving the company in Kyle's hands.

Kyle chatted with Mariah about his power struggle with Billy at Jabot, and she also gave him some good advice to beware of Summer's intentions. It's becoming quite the habit of Kyle, turning to any other lady in town to talk to besides his wife. But Mariah was also right when she pointed out that Kyle really had no reason to whine about Billy not giving him the benefit of the doubt, when Kyle was doing the exact same thing to Theo. Take that, Kyle! Shoot, Kyle's made enough mistakes in the past, where he really didn't have a lot of room to talk. I remember. And just think how Kyle's life would be so boring without Theo around. He wouldn't have anyone to gripe about then. But then Kyle told Lola he would give his old friend a second chance, after all. How gracious of him.

However, it looked like Theo would no longer be there for Kyle to kick around, since he had accepted Ashley's job offer in Paris. At least, Summer and Lola were real friends to Theo, since they both thought he should embrace the opportunity. They were honestly looking out for his best interests. Kyle really needed to learn how to be a friend, and the way he's been going, maybe even a husband. Talk was cheap, and Kyle's words about a second chance wouldn't cut it. Yet, even if Kyle was mentally dancing a jig about Theo leaving the country, Jack was not thrilled, as he called Theo to meet with him.

Jack had a brainstorm to entice Theo into staying in Genoa City, but unfortunately for Kyle, it not only involved Theo heading up Jabot's social media department, but also Jack's decision to return to the family business, replacing his son as CEO. Poor Kyle. The look of horror on his face said it all. But Jack didn't leave his son out in the cold, of course. Kyle and Lauren became the new COOs of the company. Jabot has made so many changes to the top branches of the company tree lately, it's amazing that its entire foundation didn't become shakier than it already was. One minute, Phyllis was in charge, the next, Billy. And then Jack. And then Billy and Kyle. And then Jack again. Really, the musical chairs game of CEOs needed to stop before the public lost all faith in the business.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Amanda represented Nate in a case before the hospital board regarding his medical license, which he got to keep, and he seemed smitten as he spoke of her passion about his "powers of persuasion." But was Nate hoping for another kind of passion from "his friend" outside of the work force?

I love that Mariah still thinks of Summer as "snowflakey," but surely, she's the only one who considers the blondie as being "sweet and innocent."

Traci and Jack's passion project of the memoirs that detailed the good, the bad and the ugly sure proved that the Abbotts were, indeed, very "fascinating and inspiring."

Summer noted that Theo was "like a chameleon, adapting to any and every situation at lightning speed," and it was true. After all, he switched his family ties and roots with ease, without even blinking an eye.

When Jill scolded Colin for impersonating a federal agent, Chance, Colin exclaimed, "Hey, if you're going to aim, you aim high," and added that at least everyone thought that Cane was "a rich crook," which was " the best kind."

Until next time, please stay tuned.

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