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Oh, baby! Chubby-cheeked Mickey got abducted! Justin seems to have stolen Kayla's heart. Chad and Abigail are railing against Gabi for snatching DiMera Enterprises away from the family. And just what is up with this Evan guy, and will he steal Sonny's affections from Will? Let's snag some sparkling cider and sort things out in this week's DAYS Two Scoops!

As Tootie Ramsey would say, "I'm in trou-ble!" Let's just say that if Laurisa wasn't happy with me last week for letting Salem skip a year ahead on my watch, she is not going to be thrilled that I let little chubby-cheeked, cutie patootie to the max Mickey get kidnapped. Look. In my defense, when John and Roman ask you to day drink with them at the Brady Pub, you go. How often do you get to compare Romans up close and personal if your name isn't Marlena? So, whoopsie!

Now, a lot is happening in 2020's Salem, and I'm digging this time jump. It's really rejuvenated the show. I love the mystery of it all, yet the comfortableness of going through the journey with our favorite Salemites. You can tell the actors are having a blast, too. The only negative is that I'm starting to hate my day job, as it's getting in the way of watching DAYS live! I now have a weekday "I Gotta Get Home!" countdown that begins as soon as the show airs. It's been that good.

Jennifer is basically our blank slate tour guide through 2020: A Salem Odyssey. I must gush -- Melissa Reeves is doing a remarkable job as Jennifer navigates life a year later! I've been thoroughly touched and impressed by her performances. She's nailed the complete confusion combined with the feeling that, yes, others have been through a lot, but so has she. She's exhausted, grateful, and overwhelmed. She's just bewildered. And so are we, so let's cuddle up to Jennifer and see what happened last week, or, as it could be called, a year from now minus a week. Yep. This confusion thing is real.

Justin and Kayla were certainly a bit shocking, but I'm okay with them...for now. Here's why. They're not endgame. Not as long as the Patch Man is out there somewhere. Heck. Adrienne's probably "somewhere out there," too. She could very well be "dead" in the Salem sense. I'm not personally that bothered by the new coupling, but I do get Jenny Bear's concerns, more so, her confusion...

That was a quick turnaround from "Jusla." Or is it "Kaytin," "Jaytin," or simply "Huh!?" I'm not sure. The timeline was explained as: Adrienne died six months ago; Kayla sent Steve divorce papers at some point, and they were returned to her three months ago; three months ago, Justin and Kayla got together; Jennifer woke up a few days ago. Yep. That's a lot. Though, for a little perspective, in a six-month period, Brady Black would have had at least two "Love of his life" type relationships and maybe a third if the barista at the Java Café was slightly crazy but seemed genuine when she asked, "How are you today, sir?" while preparing his coffee. Classic Brady.

There's also the Justin factor in all of this. He's not the best at being alone. There were Elsa, Hope, and Eve in between Adrienne ever since they got back from Dubai. Well. Elsa was in Dubai, but you know what I mean. He's not the lone wolf type. Kayla, on the other hand, is okay being alone. She pretty much put her dating life on hold for years in between Steve's reappearances. So, at least for Kayla, I'm sure it was a well-ish thought-out moving on moment. Sure. Let's go with that...for now.

While Jennifer might not be on board with Justin and Kayla, Doug and Julie support them. And Doug gives them cake. As if I couldn't love Doug more. I mean, that was one big piece of chocolate cake. Spoiler: I want in on that, Doug, please and thank you. What was I saying? Oh, yes...

Justin himself made it pretty clear how he feels about others' reactions to his relationship status. He said, "If people don't like us together, too bad!" That's fair. And I did love the conversation between Jack and Kayla regarding Steve and her decision to move on. So, for now, I'll bite. It's fun to watch all the interactions of characters who don't always have a lot to say to one another. Plus, they're not endgame, as the Patch Man cometh.

I'm sending Paris a "Thank You" card! I enjoy what happened to Abigail while she was there. This is the version of Abs I've always wanted to see -- strong, sassy, and smart. She's not frail. There's no "Poor Abby." Now she's not afraid to back down from a fight, give her opinion, or dig into an intriguing story. Yes! She's an investigative reporter this time around, too. Yes and yes! The Jack and Abby scenes alone were magical. I love the direction they're going. More, please.

I'm also seriously enjoying Chabby's "we're a team" schtick. I believe them this time. Their communication has been open and honest. They're on the same page, or agree to have each other's backs if they're not entirely yet. And they've been playful and fun like a young couple should be. Again, "More, please."

More so, with Chabby at the top of their game, they're a much better match this time around for Gabi, who's on top of her scheming game. Really. She's kind of on top of everything right now, from DiMera Enterprises to Eli. She's owning her divaliciousness and enjoys ruling the roost. With attitude and determination (and, thankfully, nobody mentally ill), Chabby vs. Gabi with a side of Eli should be a fun feud to watch, as the stakes are high for them all.

On the topic of smart Abs, she wasn't wrong for insisting that Chad stay a wee bit skeptical while chatting with Stefano. Umm. Stefano? We don't know-know that is who he's communicating with yet, and, while I get why Chad is hopeful, I like that Abigail wisely insisted that he approach things cautiously.

Speaking of the Phoenix, I kind of don't mind Princess Gina's one-way conversations with "Steffy." She's super self-indulgent. I totally buy that she'd dominate a conversation and not let anyone get a word in edgewise. Though, I am curious as to who the heck is sitting for that portrait! Like, I need to know this now. Stefan O. DiMera seems too obvious. Perhaps Andre? Maybe a brainwashed Tony!? A back from the dead Benji? Dr. Rolf himself? Or St -- nah! That would be too crazy. So, I don't know, but I'm dying for a sneak peek of that painting.

That kind of brushes us back to Chad. Cliffhanger! He's at the room where Stefano told him they'd meet. Guh! I can't wait to figure this out, yet something tells me we shouldn't break out the Limoncello just yet.

I had to laugh when I learned Hope, umm, Princess Gina was the Police Commissioner again. It was either laughing or rage eating chocolate cake and going back to the pub for more day drinking, and I really don't need those calories this close to the holiday binge time, so I laughed. Of course, she is. Of course. Way to screen applicants, Salem P.D.

James Reed is a beast! That's a compliment. I forgot how creepily fantastic he is as Clyde. I got the same shivers Ben did when he heard his father's spine-chilling voice. Clyde's utter ruthlessness combined with his connections are a scary thing. You can tell Ben is shaken. I loved that Will tried not to be (you go, Will)! This is getting interesting. Very interesting.

Right! So, we should get back to MIA Mickey. She's been kidnapped by Clyde and being held by some schlub named Ray, who likes whiskey, sideburns, and gold chains. A total "swipe right," amIright? I kid. I kid. He's bad news and can't hold his liquor. I think Ciara will ultimately outwit him, but I'm still shaking my head at her for ignoring Ben's advice...

Ciara should have called the police when Ben asked her to. Period. In fact, she should have called the police right away. Period. While she gets points for her tenacity (and faux-drinking abilities), I'm hesitant to give her a high-five for bravery when that chubby-cheeked cherub's life is on the line. Like, knowing what happened to Mickey yet hugging Sarah was tacky. You tell the mother. Hell, Ciara could have told her mother. Well. Okay. Hope is Gina-ing right now, but maybe that would have been for the better. Gina would have just charged in, shot Ray, and handed over the baby with an annoyed-because-she-had-to-be-there, "Here. Take this." Alas, we have Ciara in another potential abductee situation. Let's hope her logical thinking prevails.

With Mickey gone, Sarah's an understandable hot mess played to perfection by Linsey Godfrey. Xander is also a mess and in a mess of trouble, thanks to Clyde. I'd almost forgotten their connection! Well played, writers. Well played.

Plus, props to Paul Telfer! He's amazing. The layers he's built for Xander are impressive.

While one can't entirely feel sorry for Xander, as his actions have caused his headaches, Sarah seemed to peg him. She said, "You're not always a stand-up guy, but you have been a really great father." It seems like he has. Xander drips with adoration for Mickey. It's charming and heartbreaking, though maddening as we know the truth as to why he's even in Mickey's life. Oh, Xan. You torture us. Luckily, Paul is behind the wheel and makes the ride worth it!

From props to proposals -- Eric finally asked Nicole to marry him! Talk about a long time coming. As any Eric and Nicole fan knows, this is a happy occasion. That means, it won't end well. Drats.

Aww! I loved Kate and Will's chat. As a person with a past more checkered than Stefano's chess board, Kate was the right choice to give Will a pep talk. She excellently brought up the death of Dr. St. Daniel of Jonas as an example of forgiveness. A few years later, and his daughter is being raised by the man who accidentally killed him. See, Will -- there's hope.

Additionally, lady knows a thing (or two) about regrets, and oh, does she know a thing or two about loving hard. She will not give up on Will. From Kate, that's both a warning and a comfort. Will only needs to ask his dad about Kate's special brand of caring. He'll be fine. Just fine. Maybe fine-ish. Eventually.

I also adore any and all Chad and Sonny time I can get! Their friendship makes me happy, even when they're talking about sad things. Though, as much as I enjoyed the scene, it seemed odd that Chad didn't bring up Madeline, you know, since Sonny was talking about his mother's death. Sure, Chad can relate to Stefano seemingly being dead but not really dead-dead, but he can actually relate to losing his mother. Kate needed to be there to remind Chad about Maddie. Maybe next time.

Evan seems like a nice guy! And that's exactly what he wants people to think before he invites them into his white panel van. I watch Criminal Minds. Nothing good ever happens in a white panel van. If I were Sonny, I'd check what Evan is driving before accepting any more meals from him. Sure, it's tempting to like Evan with all the dreamy looks and liking of mac and cheese and such, but I don't trust him. My creeper radar is clanging louder than a drunk fool attempting to work their housekeys after a day of drinking with John and Roman.

Do I have proof of Evan being less than ideal? No. No, I don't. Will I make wild accusations, nevertheless? Yes. Yes, I will. Here are some of my working theories:

One, he's Jordan's not-so-dead baby brother. That was my very first instinct. Death in Salem (or on a rural road outside of Poplar Bluff) means nothing. Jordan admitted to killing her mother and the baby. I think he's that baby all grown up. Furthermore, I think he's either David's father (and Jordan stole him from Evan), and/or he revenge-killed Jordan, maybe or maybe not after reuniting with Clyde and learning the truth.

Two, he's related to Marlena somehow. Could Evan be homage to "Evans?" Mar Mar's been out of town. She hasn't had a chance to bump into him in the square or a blue office. Is he a cousin from out west? A nephew (or great-nephew) via her twin, Samantha, she never knew about? It would be juicy if Sonny swooned for someone related to Marlena's "My Dear Boy." Or could Evan be the long-lost love child (or love grandchild) of Doc and Alex North? Hmm.

Three, he's Connor Lockhart! Hear me out. What if Will accidentally killed Bonnie, not Adrienne, and Connor wants to further twist the shiv into Will's incarcerated back by stealing Sonny from him? I know we learned Bonnie wrote a book and is touring, and I'm not sure why Adrienne would either stay away from Salem or pose as the Big Bon Bon, but crazier things have happened. Perhaps Dr. Rolf liked himself some Bonnie, and, when she died, he Princess Gina-ed Adrienne into Bonnie. I'd believe journalist Adrienne wrote a book before I'd believe Bonnie did. Plus, Sonny did say to Chad, "Why doesn't it feel real?" Sure. That's a common question asked while grieving, but this time, is it? I repeat, "Hmm!"

Four, he's one of Will's ex-flings or a failed fling of Paul's. I know Paul and optimism go hand in hand, and I wouldn't say Paul put Evan up to anything, but perhaps Paul couldn't commit to Mr. Frears fearing his heart would be broken yet again. I mean, after the wringer both Sonny and Will put him through, I don't blame him. We heard from John almost *wink* a year and a half ago that he was doing well, but things change. So, Evan, to avenge his no-go relationship with a gun-shy Paul, is going after Sonny now that Will's doing hard time down in Statesville. Maybe? Probably not. But we shall see!

Extra Scoops

DAYS has been renewed and we're getting a "Last Blast" reunion via a digital series? Say what!? That's HOT. So, so, sooo HOT!

This is more a "NITPICK" than a "NOT," but I need her royal highness to stop referring to Chad as "Chadwick." I had to dig into the archives for this. Trust me, I spent way too much time going down a memory lane rabbit hole, searching through old Two Scoops, but I found what I was looking for! As confirmed by the man himself, Chad's real name is Chad, not Chadwick or Chadsworth. Just Chad. Maybe "Chad the Man" or "Superfly" to close friends. Maybe.

I remember this gem from 2010 as it's one of my favorite Chad and Stefano scenes. It was a great bonding moment for them. And it played out like this:

Stefano: "Ah, so William knows about his."
Chad: "Why do you do that? Why do you call everyone by their proper names? You're not going to start calling me Chadsworth, are you?"
Stefano: "Is that your proper name?"
Chad: "No."
Stefano: [amused] "Then I won't call you that."

So there, Princess Gina. You can mess with John, but don't mess with Chad. You're royally on notice.

Will (to Ben): "What are you going to do -- kill me again?

Clyde (regarding Xander): "A little pat on the head from old Uncle Victor is all that boy ever wanted."

Chad: "Except, you don't you think that two little kids are going to be too much for Julie and Doug, do you?
Abigail: "No. I think, if anything, Julie and Doug will be too much for our two little kids."

Drats! Sami and Lucas were in Salem for Will's trial and Adrienne's funeral, and we missed them. I hope we get to see those flashbacks someday. Hint, Ron. Hint.

Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi being back puts me in a happy place.

Ha! Sonny equated toddler David to a "caffeinated chipmunk."

If J.J.'s addiction storyline doesn't come with a side of Rory for at least a cameo, I'll be disappointed.

I love that Hattie is almost out of jail! She cracks me up. Plus, she has some interesting reading material. "Love Made Me Go Looney" by Bonnie Lockhart. That, umm, would surely be a colorful read. I can buy Justin and Kayla and all the other shocks, but Bonnie getting out of jail, writing a book, and going on tour? That's shocking. She seems more of a reality TV/Salembama Shore type fame seeker than a literary wannabe. But good on the Bonnie for reaching for the stars, even if it's the lowest one on the horizon. Congrats, Big Bon Bon!

I know he's a creep, but Xander explaining to Nicole that he kept telling Sarah during labor that she was brave when "I was scared as hell" was so charming. His entire faux-dad/father in the ways it counts speech was perfectly delivered by Paul. Sadly, sympathy for Xanimal can only go so far, but those were moving scenes nonetheless!

I love everything that's happening between Eve and Abigail! I want to see more of this.

I also love everything about Chad's blue jacket.

Though, really, would Sami actually let Will go to jail?

I'm just putting this out there, but Sunset Beach bombshell Sarah Buxton (ex-Annie Douglas) would make a great Sonja Hawk should Stefano's former daughter-in-law want to make a play for DiMera Enterprises, too. Say, for her son, Steven.

Ciara stated to Ben, "You can't help it. We're related to a bunch of idiot criminals." It kind of made me chuckle. Then pause.

Sure, Kayla's new place -- that looks nothing like Marlena and John's townhouse -- is nice and all, but I still miss the posh pad she shared with Steve. That was one of my favorite Salem homes in recent years. At least we can rejoice she's not living at the Salem Inn! There's that.

I like the décor in Xander's office. Very befitting. Very "My Big Fat Greek Office."

When Abigail said, "I feel so unstable right now," I'll admit I did get a little nervous.

When Clyde calls Ben "Ollie," it's like the creepiest thing ever. It's like he's calling a dog. Which, I think, is how Clyde likes it.

I bet Sonny would sing either "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson or "All Star" by Smash Mouth at karaoke. Maybe Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" while he ugly cries and clutches a picture of Will then apologizes to Evan. Though, if Sonny invites Chad and they sing Backstreet's "Everybody" together, I would die a happy Two Scooper.

Okay. I just imagined Sonny wearing a trench coat and turtleneck like in the "Never Gonna Give You Up" video. I think this has to happen. DAYS app, please?

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's it for November 25! I'm off to wait patiently by my door in case Doug delivers some chocolate cake, so Laurisa will be back next week to see what those turkeys in Salem were up to over the holiday. With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know this guy is thankful for a DAYS renewal, a "Last Blast" reunion, and, well, generally all things DAYS, especially after the last few weeks' hasty headlines. Viva la DAYS! And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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