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It was much ado about Deacon as Hope stood fast against Freaky Deaky's naysayers, but Finn started asking questions about his bio-dad...and may end up getting answers! Process the progenitors with Two Scoops' Mike!

Has your week been bold and beautiful? Did you feel your girlfriend was cattle that needed to be branded? Did you finally ask the mother of all father questions? These and more situations faced the Forrester-Logan-Spencer-Walton-Buckingham-Finnegan clan this week!

Check your calendars, Scoopers! It may be November, but on B&B, it's Father's Day full tilt. Yet I'm wondering why Deacon is getting such a bad rap with anyone who's not Hope, especially because the worst ish he did happened on Y&R! Then there's Finn, who, after months of bleating on about his bio-mom, is suddenly asking where the other half of his chromosomes come from. Holy DNA! Let's Scoop about it!


Cohabitation must be working out well for Thomas and Paris, because apparently, they went out and got their hairs did together! Thomas got his much-hated man bun chopped off (I liked it; Matthew Atkinson is one of the few guys who could rock one!), and Paris got her third hair color since arriving last year, which unintentionally matched the chair she was sitting in.

Douglas was visiting, and of course, he was there so he could bond with Paris. I'd be a little worried about Paris and any of Taylor's grandkids -- not long ago, Paris was nuzzling the misnamed Hayes as she started crushing on his pop. Turns out this time, it's Thomas who's crushing on Paris, and Douglas had to have picked up on that, because he asked Paris if she was his daddy's girlfriend.

Oh, that poor kid. No wonder he asked -- Thomas has gone through two women and a mannequin since Douglas lost his mommy. Hearing that Thomas and Paris were not sharing cooties, Douglas then thought that Paris would be coming to live with them when Thomas bought that house you know he's never going to buy. Paris and Thomas laughed off the cuteness of Douglas' assumption, but you know why they did this.

Ha ha, to shore up some connection between Thomas and Paris, of course. It's enough that we're obviously trying to find a place for Paris by sticking her into random situations. Shouldn't being Zende's girlfriend suffice? How about going social conscience and having someone from Paris' past as a social worker turn up for help? As for Thomas, I'm really beginning to wonder if women are his thing.

Hear me out. Aside from Sally and Gabriela, the illegal immigrant Thomas married to keep in the country that no one remembers, Thomas has, for the most part, developed fixations on other guys' girls. He constantly sets himself up for failure. Maybe it's because Thorne was right in 2011 when he mused that Thomas might be gay? I honestly thought that would have been a good rationale for Thomas losing his marbles -- internalized homophobia.

Hell, we've gone so far as putting Eric and Quinn into an open relationship temporarily -- why not make Thomas gender fluid? That's certainly au courant, and he might have better luck with guys. That's better than seeing him crush and/or obsess on girls he can't have, and far better than watching Zende mark his territory again with Paris in front of Thomas in such an overt way. Watch your shoes, Thomas.


Katie lunched with Donna, who was bummed out because Eric bounced her from Forrester. It can't be the money, because Donna got a boatload in her divorce from Eric; surely, she hasn't spent it all. Katie thought that Quinn should be grateful to Donna, since, because of the Delicious One, it became evident that Eric's ED wasn't permanent. Not the cure I would have written for him, but ya know.

I wonder how long before Eric realizes that his engine will only turn over with Donna's key and not Quinn's? Maybe Quinn already senses it, because she went sniffing around Carter for no apparent reason except to rehash their relationship and her rationale for sticking with Eric. The only new thing to come out of that was -- Carter is bitter! "Once again, I came in second," he groused.

Wow! And so true! Maya spent her whole engagement to Carter crushing on Rick, and of course Zoe dissed Carter by fantasizing about trading him in for Zende. Carter rather does have Thomas' luck with women, doesn't he? Maybe Carter should go "it's only bros" with Thomas! Anyway, Katie waltzed by the closed office door just in time to overhear Quinn blaming those damn Logan sisters for all her problems.

Katie wasn't about that! "Do you think if we weren't around, your struggles with Eric would magically disappear?" Katie spat. Good thing for Quinn, Katie didn't have Charlie's gun to whip out this time, because things got that heated. Lots of good banter between Katie and Quinn proceeded from there but ended with Katie declaring that Carter deserved a woman who would put him first. Gee, I wonder who that could be, Katie?


Before we really delve into this latest saga with Deacon, can someone tell me exactly what "pain and misery" he caused everybody to make him Public Enemy #1 in L.A.? Okay, yes, Deacon first came on the show, yanking "Little D" (who we never hear about anymore) out of the arms of C.J. and Amber and basically offering him up to whichever fashion dynasty, Forresters or Spectras, would pay him more.

That was shady as hell. As it was when Deacon forced the Forresters to listen to him devirginizing Bridget over the phone! But check it -- all that was before Deacon got involved with Brooke and before Hope was born! Ridge and the gang are all quick to name Deacon the Deadbeat Dad of the Millennium, forgetting that it was Brooke herself who wouldn't let Deacon be a father to Hope.

Then there's the whole business of Brooke telling Hope that "Ridge raised you." Um, maybe part of the time, but if I remember right, Hope was legally adopted by Nick at one point -- and aside from letting her near a hot tub where she almost drowned, Nick did pretty well by Hope. I'm not saying Deacon doesn't deserve his share of evil eyes for the crap he did pull. It's just that blanket demonizing him isn't working for me.

Like I said, the worst stuff Deacon did, he did on Y&R! Art forgery, kidnapping -- and he did his first prison stint because he obstructed justice in the murder of Diane Jenkins. That was when Bill bribed a warden to get Deacon out of jail so Deacon could disrupt Hope's wedding to Liam in Italy -- and that was the only time Deacon truly let his daughter down.

The other thing I keep thinking is, if Brooke and Ridge and everybody think Deacon is scum, why didn't they have a problem with him during his 2014-2015 stint, when #DrunkBrooke became Deacon's A.A. buddy and nearly reunited with him? Or in 2016, when Deacon helped Quinn keep Liam from Steffy and got pushed over a cliff for his troubles?

The stories Ridge and Deacon could swap about both taking falls into the ocean because of Quinn. Then there was Deacon returning to pop a cap in Quinn in 2017, which had nothing to do with Hope, who was in Milan then. So, I don't get this repeated mantra about Deacon "disappointing Hope over and over." And let's not forget, it was Ridge who once worried that Hope was "a stain on the family name" because of her heritage.

Hope, who has been written more as a victim than not, found her cojones and told both Brooke and Ridge that she was an adult, and it was up to her, not them, whether she included Deacon in her life or not. That's the Sharpe in her coming out! Hope's determination got through to Brooke, somewhat, because when Ridge was ready to throw Deacon out, Brooke yelled, "Leave him alone!"

To Brooke, Hope had never been able to form her own perspective about Deacon. Hope only had what everyone had told her about Deacon to go on. Ridge wasn't hearing it, even after Deacon made a big speech and left of his own accord. Why was Hope reacting like Deacon was splitting town for good? Strange. Hope took major exception when Ridge implied that Hope was a bad mom for wanting Deacon to meet her kids.

As well she should have! I can understand Ridge having issues with Deacon (even though it was Ridge and Thorne who once took Deacon out back and beat him up like they were a mob family because Deacon had brought Bridget to a wedding), but Ridge is really being a d**k here. And Ridge didn't like it when Brooke seemed to soften toward her office orgasm inducer!

The one, and perhaps only, thing Ridge was right about is that Deacon's presence just reminds everyone of Brooke's biggest betrayal. Even Brooke didn't want to risk Deacon coming between her and another daughter, which was great continuity. But what I didn't understand was Deacon going back to Sheila's hotel room after he seemed to part ways with her. What was that about?

Deacon had told Hope, Brooke, and Ridge that his "relationship" with Sheila was over. I wonder how Sheila will react when she finds out Deacon changed the plan behind her back? And Ridge wasn't wrong that Deacon could fill Sheila in on the whereabouts of Hope and Steffy's kids. Deacon seems like he wants to do good here, so why did he even go near Sheila again? Men going against Sheila's wishes never ends well for them. (Bees, anyone?)

But Sheila caught it when Deacon spoke of Hope and Brooke and said he "loved both of them." Is that where this is going? Maybe we can flirt with the idea of Breacon, but let's leave Bridge where they are. If anything, Deacon would be fiyah with another Logan sister -- Donna. After all, Donna can still cause woodies in even older trees, and she likes bad boys. Just ask her first B&B boyfriend, Mark!

Then it was Liam's turn to hear Hope's proclamation that Deacon be allowed past the family gates. Liam, of course, protested, but Hope shut him down by announcing, "My father has done things he's not proud of, but so has yours." Woo-hoo! Sick burn! "[Bill's] latest stunt landed the two of you in jail, and yet we let [him] around the kids." I was thinking the exact same thing! Go on, Hope and your bangs!


Well, Finn decided he'd lunch solo at Il Giardino because Steffy was going to be tied up in a meeting. When said meeting wrapped early, Thomas and his new haircut suggested that Steffy join Finn, after all. You know where this is going! Because noshing at said ristorante was Sheila. That place looks to be on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. If Sheila can afford to eat there, why can't she afford her own place?

And how I would love it if one of the waitstaff walked by and said, "Hey, Sheila! We miss working with you." At least then we'd know she wasn't in Il Giardino's employ anymore. Just what is Sheila doing for money these days, selling her old plastic surgery faces on eBay? Anyway, Sheila looked up from her menu and saw Jack, who hasn't been around since Sheila last threatened him.

Jack actually wanted to thank Sheila for not exposing the fact that he's Finn's real father! Hmm, and just when Finn finally started asking about who his bio-dad is after months of only focusing on the mama who birthed him. But Jack, how could you! Even Sheila noticed he shaved his 'stache -- nooooo, now Ted King isn't all daddy anymore! Still handsome, but it ain't the same. Give a guy something to work with over here.

Well, before you could say "Olive Garden is better," Finn showed up. Jack exclaimed that Finn couldn't see him and Sheila together -- maybe Jack should have waited to lose the 'stache until a moment like that, where it would have helped him go incognito! Sheila snagged Finn and assured him she had bread sticks to spare while Jack lurked near the host's station. Who the hell was Jack calling so urgently? Ghostbusters?

Finn, who completely lost his backbone the second Sheila crashed his wedding, suddenly took a hard line with her. Did she really regret giving him up? Why didn't she raise him? And then Finn tried to draw a line between Sheila and Deacon, and he asked if Deacon was his father! Nice assumption! Seriously, that was a cool way of intertwining things.

Before the appetizers could get there, Finn flat out demanded to know from Sheila who his biological father was! This with Jack looking for his mustache outside! So, I guess Finn's paternity is about to come out. And won't Sheila be sitting with an empty gun then! No Deacon to do her bidding, and nothing to hold over Jack. Maybe Sheila had better look over her old schemes on YouTube to figure out what to do next!

Where are your heads about all this, Scoopers? Is Deacon being done dirty, or does he deserve the mud being slung at him? Does Thomas need to find someone who isn't already taken? Would second stringers Katie and Carter actually fit? And would Sheila lose even more ground with Finn if the secret of her affair with Jack came out? Sign your card in the Comments section below or the Soap Central message boards, or simply click here to submit feedback. Your comments could be in a future column! Like these!

"Sorry but I'm NOT interested in any story with Donnarella and her Prince Eric!" -- "WideAwake in Sleepy Eye"

"I liked Krista Allen on DOOL; I think she is a good recast [for Taylor] physically. But I foresee the crazy Taylor going after crazy Sheila in our future. I think (the character) Taylor realized that her life in California is/was toxic for her which is why she stayed with her missionary work. Everything was painful. I 'think' she'll hear Sheila is back and will come back herself to protect her kids. Sheila has threatened both of them." -- "evave2"

"Thank you for referencing Little D, no one has brought up Deacon's son on the show, has Hope even met her half brother? He could come back as a stud muffin cop, the opposite of his dear old Dad. As for Taylor, her psychosis could have been triggered by giving birth to Brooke's son with Nick Marone, when Bridget 'accidentally' mixed up the petri dishes. And whatever happened to Brooke's son with Nick, she swore they would co-parent, or is the kid just inconvenient? And please, B&B, no more discussions as to Eric's penis. Really, it's disgusting." -- Rhonda

It's Father's Day before Thanksgiving, so keep watching, be alert, and most of all, be bold. And for soap's sake, get vaccinated! Because protecting yourselves and others from a virus and its variants is always beautiful.

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