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Thomas says the Forresters are on the rise. If they are, it's because truth is on the decline. Taylor forgot she's an alcoholic, and Ridge is sorry for a past that didn't happen. Did the writers forget, or is history being rewritten? Plus, learn why Brooke fans are willing to hand Ridge over to Taylor. But buyer beware: There are no backsies in relationships or Two Scoops.

Houston, we have a crossover

Last week, Deacon received a mysterious text message from someone asking him to meet at a hotel. Like any bad boy with a dangerous past who's done time in prison and might have enemies both inside and out, Deacon strolled right on over to see how he could be of assistance. The meeting happened on The Young and the Restless. Here's what you missed:

Nikki Newman arrived in Los Angeles to see Deacon. Fresh from kissing Sheila, the flirty Deacon told Nikki that she was looking good. Having none of it, Nikki tore into Deacon for letting her think she'd killed Diane Jenkins, the very woman whose death he'd helped fake. Quite ironic, isn't it, that he helped Diane fake her death and is harboring the "dead" Sheila? Maybe Sheila read about Diane, and that's what's fueling her hope for a future. Or maybe Diane is the reason Sheila had a bunch of money -- or vice versa?

Nikki got right down to revenge, telling Deacon that he would give her the ammunition she needed to expose Diane. At first, Deacon didn't believe he knew anything, but Nikki was intrigued upon hearing that Diane had driven a Bentley. He offered to show Nikki something he had at work, but Nikki refused to go anywhere near the snake's hole to retrieve it. Nikki's instincts were on point because a black mamba lives above the restaurant.

To find out more, we'll have to stay tuned for the next crossover! While Deacon was embroiled in this mystery, Ridge questioned Steffy about mysterious activity involving his phone.

Ridge should invest in a phone watch

At this point in life, Ridge ought to know his kids enough to realize that when they start scheming and guilt-tripping him to be with their mom, he'd better keep an eye on his phone. The first time I recall his kids tinkering with it is during the man-and-horse storyline when Steffy took his phone to throttle communications between him and Brooke. Thomas hid Ridge's phone as recently as this year to keep the parent-trap forming between Taylor and Ridge. Steffy did it yet again last week. My advice? Get a phone watch. You never have to put those down.

Straining credulity, Ridge stayed at Steffy's late into the evening without even thinking about calling his wife, who he didn't tell where he'd be. He was able to go home, go to bed, and get back up again without encountering his irate wife. It astounds me that Brooke didn't go to the cliff house or at least wait up for him in a night-cream mask with a rolling pin in hand.

Brooke eventually told Ridge what Steffy had done, but I'm more interested in knowing if Brooke told Ridge what Taylor said! Some ex tells a wife that her husband is in love with her, and that doesn't come up as an on-screen topic of conversation between the spouses?

Granted, Ridge is getting worn down like a pebble in a creek, but I have not heard him tell anyone that he's in love with two women and doesn't know who to pick. I have heard him be told that by his parent-trap kids, but he hasn't said it. Even so, I'm not a na´ve fan. I've watched Bold long enough to know that this waffle is about ready to flip. He just needs the right excuse.

Ridge hasn't said it yet, but we fans know he's feelings froggy. From what I hear, some Brooke fans wish he'd leap! Brooke's fans have already put everything he owns in the box to the left; however, Ridge should be warned that there ain't no coming back this time, and here's why.

Ain't no coming back this time

The plot with Ridge, Steffy, Taylor, and Brooke is probably really familiar because we've seen it dozens of times over the decades. Just insert different characters and viola, a refurbished story. Steffy acts like sabotaging Brooke's marriage has been a task handed down by Stephanie herself, but really, it's an ensemble effort. For example, Kate broke up Bridge, and Quinn helped Ridge cheat and sabotaged his marriage to Brooke. It never works because Brooke always finds a way to get over it, forgive, move beyond it, and take Ridge back. But not anymore.

This time, fans are begging Ridge to cross that line and begging Brooke to let it be for the last time. Some Taylor fans are wishing he'd stay put and that a new, untainted man will come on the scene for Taylor. It looks like the fan wars are not quite what we anticipated. Brooke's fans are literally shipping Tridge, but Taylor's fans are stamping "return to sender" on the plot.

One reason Brooke's fans want to hand Ridge over to Taylor is that he really isn't Ridge anymore. Thorsten Kaye made the character his own, but in doing so, he completely changed him. Ridge is no longer the roguish, romantic playboy, beautifully accessorized in scarves. TK's Ridge is rough, brash, rude, and sloppily dressed. He's grumpy and mean, calling people by demonstratives instead of by their names. Bye to that Ridge.

Another reason Brooke's fans are willing to surrender in the war for Ridge is that he's turned into a chauvinistic womanizer, and I don't mean the toy. Ridge always has some woman in the wings, and Taylor had better remember that when his head is turned by the next Quinn, Shauna, or Katie. Ridge is a one-way street. It's do as he says and not as he does. Sure, he can kiss the ex that Brooke feels threatened by, but he'll be damned if she can even hug an ex he's jealous of.

I don't know about any other fan, but I'm ready to surrender Ridge because he lied to us all. The last time this happened with Shauna, Ridge vowed to listen to Brooke, and he vowed not to let his kids get between them again. But what is he doing? Letting his kids and his ego have everything they desire. To that Ridge, I say don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The final reason Brooke fans would love Taylor to have Ridge is because his snotty, bratty kids will finally shut the hell up. But -- and I can't stress this enough -- no backsies. We do not want Ridge coming back in a year and realizing the "mistake" he made -- insert eyeroll emoji.

How do you feel? Are you ready for Taylor to have Ridge already? To have and to hold from this day forward until death -- which with Taylor can face any moment -- do they part?

The truth is stranger than fiction, but what if it's removed from fiction?

I love The Bold and the Beautiful, and I have watched it since I was 13. I was there on opening day, and I took pride in cataloging the history of the show and knowing my facts. I think the best part about the show is the ability to talk to other fans and reminisce about history. Sometimes, we argue and debate, but we have that history to fall back on and keep us straight.

Sadly, it's not that way anymore. Ridge isn't the only thing that has changed. The show itself is changing and rewriting its own history. Some revision is okay, but forgetting details, adding contradictory details, and letting history be rewritten by the loser is not okay. I have to speak out about it because for a show that goes down to the minute detail of making sure Katie always has her heart operation scar to make such horrible historical gaffes really isn't acceptable.

For example, did anyone notice the other week when Ridge gave Taylor a gin and tonic and said it was the way she liked it? Last week, she's clinking a glass of Champagne with her family, and no one pointed out that she shouldn't be. Well, I'm pointing it out. The recovering alcoholic Taylor, who struggled in the past with the addiction and killed someone, shouldn't be drinking! It's negligent of the writers who just had a story about Sheila spiking Brooke's nonalcoholic drink.

In another example, Taylor tells Ridge that their kids were too young to understand their breakup. That's not true. Thomas was seventeen, and I think the girls were fifteen. Ridge also hadn't just walked away from their family at that time. He'd been lured into marrying Taylor by Stephanie, who'd faked a heart attack to get him to return to Taylor.

I'm irate about it because it destroys my decades-long investment in this show. I feel like the writers don't care about me, a day-one viewer. I feel like they are giving me inferior product.

I question whether the writers even need to have the characters utter these lies or change history to tell a gripping story. Simply hand Taylor water. Why does she need a drink? Don't mention the kids' ages. Don't say that Ridge walked away. Say the truth. He left because of the thing with James. Why can't the writers have Ridge say that he should have forgiven her instead of having him lie and apologize about being a bad father and husband?

I could go on and on, but my point is, the writers can tell gripping stories by utilizing the truth. For instance, they could have Ridge tell Taylor that he left her because he was scared she'd "die" on him again. Ridge could question how she left for years to go to Africa. He's leery of her because she leaves all the time. It would be realistic for her family to be upset about it, even if she was helping people. Why can't the story be her making amends for abandoning them instead of Ridge apologizing for abandoning people he never abandoned?

I'm not saying the "Forrester" family can't reunite. I'm just asking why they can't become stronger and bond by dealing with their real issues instead of blaming everything on Brooke and the "Logans." Brooke is no more the reason Thomas is evil than she's responsible for whatever person people praise Steffy for becoming. Thomas and Steffy are products of Taylor constantly "dying" on them or disappearing. No, Taylor couldn't help "dying," but that doesn't mean it didn't leave an imprint on them or Ridge. The show should deal with that.

Oh, and another thing (or two or three)

Has Finn become Steffy's purse holder? He needs to go to the emergency room because I think he lost his spine and balls while escaping from Sheila. A fan told me that his balls are in Steffy's purse, and that's why he's holding it. I think that's a convenient place for them for the next time she needs a paternity test, don't you?

We had a Wyatt sighting this week, and he still said nothing about his long engagement to Flo or overdue wedding. Nobody asked him about it, either. I need to know if Wyatt is taken or single and ready to mingle.

Why can't any of the models show up to work, leaving Paris to do the model walk-on roles? I guess she's infiltrating Forrester the way Zoe warned she would. I think Zende is taking some design aggression out on her, having her model the ugliest and most uncomfortable ensemble I've ever seen. That black dress looked like Oscar the Grouch posing as Darth Vader.

Anyone else get the feeling that Thomas is still attracted to Brooke and only wants Hope because that's the closest he can get to Brooke? The man doth protest too much, and the Shakespeare has gone straight to his head. Or was the literary quote from Romeo and Juliet a clue as to how he'll respond to Brooke with the knife next week?

Lastly, can Li and Bill find something more intriguing to talk about? Bill's favorite topic is himself, so at least he's in character, I guess, but boring. So boring, I noticed that fugly vase behind Li.

In a look ahead: Fallout from Brooke and Thomas' meeting

Brooke becomes fearful after her encounter with Thomas, and the police arrive at the mansion. Steffy arranges a trip for the beleaguered Taylor to Aspen. If Bill loans that attempted murderer his compound, I swear, I'll...Ridge searches for the truth and determines his destiny -- for 2022.

It looks like there's no word about Quinn. Are they really going to just let her character fade away like they did Flo Logan's?

That's it! I'm all scooped out. I'd really love your opinions in the comments section below. Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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