Harmon, Quinlan sign multi-year deals

Posted Friday, October 19, 2001 1:03:11 PM
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Harmon, Quinlan sign multi-year deals

Though the news of Hunter Tylo's (Taylor Forrester) departure from The Bold and the Beautiful might have devastated fans, there is some good news in the contract talks department.

Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester) has re-signed with the show. The term of the contract is reportedly four years. Harmon joined B&B in 1996, fresh from a nearly year-long run on ABC's All My Children. Harmon is the third actor to play Thorne, following Clayton Norcross and Jeff Trachta. If Harmon finishes out the term on his new contract, he'll become the longest-running Thorne, surpassing Trachta's seven years.

Long-time recurring star Maeve Quinlan (Megan Conley) has finally been offered a contract. The actress, who joined B&B back in 1995, has been offered a three-year deal. Quinlan has been a non-contract player since she joined the show.

Meanwhile, Tylo's B&B exit is scheduled for the November Sweeps period.

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