Katherine Kelly Lang makes a decision on her B&B future

Posted Friday, August 17, 2012 6:47:25 PM
Katherine Kelly Lang makes a decision on her B&B future

With news that one the show's four original cast members was leaving the show, some B&B fans worried that others might be out, too. Now, Katherine Kelly Lang has made an important announcement about her future as The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan.

Less than a week ago, fans of The Bold and the Beautiful were stunned when original cast member Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) announced that he'd be exiting the show. Now, another of the show's so-called "core four" has a status update of her own.

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) has announced that she's staying put.

"I'm very happy to tell you that I have re-signed my contract with The Bold and the Beautiful for two more years," Lang said in a statement. "Brad has come up with an exciting new storyline for Brooke that I think the fans are going to love."

In an interview with TVGuide, B&B's head writer and executive producer, Brad Bell, offered a slight peek into what that storyline might involve.

"[Brooke] and Ridge have been through so much over the 25 years of the show that I've felt an obligation to keep them happy and maintain them as a supercouple," Bell revealed. "But now that's coming to an abrupt ending and Brooke will have an important new man enter her life -- the first important one since Nick. This is going to be a full-on relationship."

Lang has been quite vocal on social media with her personal sadness over the exit of her oft-on-screen love, Moss.

"A lovely evening with Ronn Moss after taping scenes," Lang wrote on Twitter. "What a day. We love u @Ronn_Moss. A part of my heart is missing."

Lang, Moss, Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester), and John McCook (Eric Forrester) have been with B&B since its inception in March 1987.

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