Finn seeks proof of Sheila's death

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, December 5, 2022
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Finn seeks proof of Sheila's death | B&B Recap (Monday, December 5, 2022)
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Monday, December 5, 2022

In the CEO's office, Steffy walked in as Hope and Brooke were saying it had taken guts for Steffy to tell the truth when Taylor hadn't been able to. Steffy assumed Hope and Brooke would start in on Steffy, but instead, Brooke thanked Steffy for what she'd done.

Hope still found it hard to believe what Thomas had done after the work he'd done to better himself. Steffy added that Thomas had dragged Douglas into it and had asked him to lie. Steffy was angry and embarrassed. She said her parents should be celebrating their honeymoon.

Brooke stated that Steffy's willingness to tell the truth said a lot about her character. Though Brooke didn't know what would happen, she hadn't wanted Ridge to make any decisions based on a lie. Brooke was grateful that Steffy had stopped Ridge from doing that.

Steffy replied that Brooke didn't have to thank her. Steffy had done what she'd done for her parents. She said that when Ridge and Taylor actually did get married, there would be no lies between them. Brooke said that it was important for any marriage, but Brooke wasn't sure Ridge and Taylor would get married "after this."

Steffy admitted that Ridge had soul-searching to do and said he'd left town to gain perspective. "Same with my mom," Steffy added. She declared that Thomas' lie didn't change how Ridge felt about Taylor or about a future with her. Brooke asked if Taylor's lack of action mattered.

Steffy scoffed. Hope said Steffy had to admit that Taylor's silence had been surprising. Brooke figured that Taylor had to know, moments before the wedding, that Ridge had left Brooke over the fraudulent phone call, and the ceremony had been based upon a lie; however, Taylor had been willing to go through with it. Brooke was stunned that Taylor would do that.

Steffy asked Hope and Brooke not to judge Taylor, who'd planned to tell Ridge. Hope remarked that it had seemed a little shady. Steffy defended her mother for believing Thomas' strong argument about why Ridge had said he'd planned to marry Taylor, which had had nothing to do with Brooke. Brooke said she was glad Steffy had felt different about telling the truth.

Though Steffy was confident in Ridge's promises to Taylor, Steffy hadn't wanted her parents to start out again on a lie. Hope said she was grateful Steffy had spoken up. Steffy received a message and decided she couldn't make the HFTF meeting because she had to meet Finn. Brooke thanked Steffy again for what she'd done. Steffy, who didn't know if it was a compliment or insult, said, "You're welcome."

Hope left for the meeting as Steffy left to meet Finn. Alone, Brooke gazed at a picture of herself and Ridge. Thomas entered, grinned, and asked Brooke what was going on. He suggested Brooke take the photo home with her because Ridge wouldn't want it around after he was married to Taylor. Thomas was certain the wedding would still happen after the "hiccup."

Brooke asked if that was really what Thomas would call what he'd done to her and Ridge. She asked what was wrong with Thomas. He said he'd had a screw-up stepmom. "This again? Do you really hate me that much?" Brooke asked. Claiming not to, he said he didn't even think about her. "Oh, you do. You think about me all the time," she rejoined. She added that he thought about how to ruin her life and destroy her marriage.

Thomas claimed that it was about Ridge and Ridge's happiness, but Brooke insisted that all Thomas cared about was his fantasy of reuniting his family. Brooke argued that Thomas had hurt his father, who'd done nothing but defend, love, and support Thomas. Brooke asked if that was how Thomas repaid Ridge and showed Ridge love.

Brooke asked if Thomas had anything to say. In a mocking tone, Thomas asked if she wanted him to be sorry or to hope she and Ridge lived happily ever after. Thomas refused to do either.

Brooke concluded that Thomas had no remorse. She said she was worried about him, but he claimed he'd be fine. Brooke persisted, saying she was worried about his lies, manipulations, and treatment of her daughter. She stated that he'd done so much and had gone too far, hurting both his parents. "This time, you're going to pay for what you've done!" she declared.

At Deacon's place, Sheila invited Deacon to play rummy. He declined. She suggested strip poker, but he refused that, too. She claimed to be trying to have fun, but he said they couldn't bury their heads in the sand. "Time's running out, Sheila," he stated.

Sheila replied that it was true for everyone, and they had to have as much fun as they could. Worried that things couldn't go on that way, Deacon said that if she kept going out in her costume, it would only end one way -- with her in a prison cell. Sheila complained that he was always doom and gloom, but he insisted that the reality of it was that she couldn't hide there forever.

Deacon didn't get why Sheila wasn't stressed out by it. She said she always landed on her feet. Joking that it had been when she'd had ten toes, he reasoned that it might not be so easy to do again. She said she'd had her back against the wall before. Recalling that she'd thought it had been over after Genoa City, she said she had turned it around and married Eric Forrester.

Sheila stated that reinventing herself was what she did, and it wouldn't be any different that time. Deacon asserted that she'd shot two people, imprisoned a guy, and driven a woman off a pier. Sheila asked if he'd heard of a corpse going to prison before. "And if they try to lock up this ghost, I'm going to float right through those bars again," she vowed.

Deacon looked troubled, but Sheila was adamant that she was off everyone's radar. Deacon still couldn't believe she'd cut off her toe. She said that nurse Sheila's surgery had worked out just fine, and that was all that mattered.

Later, Sheila recited "This Little Piggy." When she got to her missing toe, she said, "This little piggy, well, she had to take one for the team, but she's kept mama out of prison."

In Finn's office, Finn intently gazed at a photo of Sheila in an article on his laptop. Detective Sanchez arrived, wondering why Finn had asked to meet. Finn said something was nagging him, even though he knew he should forget Sheila.

Finn asked if Sanchez had a particular item. Sanchez held up an evidence envelope. Finn asked if it was okay if he took possession of it. Sanchez said the case was closed, and as Sheila's next of kin, "this now belongs to you." Sanchez set the bag with the specimen dish containing Sheila's toe down on Finn's desk.

Sanchez wondered what troubled Finn and how the toe could help. Finn remarked that he was looking for more insight into Sheila's brutal death. Sanchez figured a zookeeper could tell him more than a chomped-off toe could.

Steffy arrived as Sanchez was leaving. Alone with Finn, she asked why the detective had been there. She shuddered upon seeing the dish on the desk. "Is that...?" she asked. Steffy asked what he was doing with Sheila's toe, and he said he hoped to get much-needed answers. He confided in Steffy that something about Sheila's death hadn't sat well with him.

To Steffy, it added up, and the toe was proof. "'Chomped-off toe,' as Sanchez put it," Finn said. Finn admitted that it was a little convenient that Sheila had been mauled by a bear. He hadn't brought his suspicions up because Steffy had been preoccupied with her family. "Does this look chomped off to you?" he asked. Steffy said that was not her area of expertise.

Finn intended to look closer at it under a microscope because, to him, it was too clean. "Oh, my God. Are you suggesting that Sheila isn't dead?" Steffy asked. Finn asserted that Sheila Carter was alive.

Later, Finn held the toe in a clear bag after performing his analysis. Steffy asked if it was true that Sheila was alive.

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