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Antonio "Tony" Dominguez
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Actor History
Other Names

Tony (nickname)


Formerly head designer at Spectra Fashions

Resides At

Miami, Florida

Born in Colombia

Marital Status

Married to Kristen Forrester as of December 4, 2001

Past Marriages

None known


Eduardo Dominguez (father)

Liliana Dominguez (mother)


Zende Forrester Dominiguez (son; via adoption; 2001)

Flings & Affairs

Ellen (lovers; deceased)

Sofia Alonso (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Did not initially disclose HIV status to Kristen Forrester [2001]

Health and Vitals

Contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS [2001]

Brief Character History

Antonio "Tony" Dominguez was a designer recruited by dying fashion house Spectra Fashions to tap into the sizable Latin market. Kristen Forrester, of more successful design house Forrester Creations, tried to lure Tony from Spectra; Tony refused but asked Kristen on a date. As Tony embarked on a romance with Kristen, he learned that a previous girlfriend, Ellen, had died of AIDS, and that he had contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Tony went into therapy with psychiatrist Taylor Hayes Forrester to deal with his seroconversion and drum up the courage to tell Kristen about it. When Tony finally confessed to Kristen, he set her free, but Kristen accepted him and the realities of a mixed-status couple, and Tony asked her to marry him. Tony faced opposition from Kristen's parents, Eric and Stephanie Forrester, who were concerned for their daughter. But when the Forresters finally accepted Tony's love for Kristen, he was able to make her his wife.

Tony and Kristen honeymooned in Africa, where a young boy, Zende, stole their camera. Impressed by Zende's integrity in returning it to them, Tony and Kristen agreed to visit the orphanage where Zende, who had lost his parents and brother to AIDS, had been living. Tony and Kristen returned to Los Angeles but couldn't stop thinking about Zende; when they realized adoption would be the only way they could have a child, they visited Zende and asked if they could become his parents. Tony and Kristen brought Zende to L.A.; some time later, the Dominguez family moved away to Miami.

Tony received mention when a grown-up Zende moved back to Los Angeles on his own in 2015; Tony and Kristen made the trip from Miami in 2017 to attend Zende's wedding to Nicole Avant.

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