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Charlie Webber
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Actor History
October 16, 2013 to present [recurring]

Security guard at Forrester Creations

Resides At

Los Angeles, California

Presumably from Omaha, Nebraska

Marital Status


Past Marriages

None known


None known


None known

Flings & Affairs

Pam Douglas

Crimes Committed

None known

Health and Vitals

No known conditions

Brief Character History

Charlie Webber is a security guard who was initially hired by fashion house Forrester Creations to protect the Hope for the Future diamond, a rare blue gem on loan to jewelry designer Quinn Fuller, and her son, Wyatt Fuller, to augment Hope Logan's clothing collection. Charlie boasted tall tales of bravery, but when cross-dressing jewel thieves caught Charlie and Wyatt alone in the Forrester boutique, it was Wyatt who prevented them from making off with the diamond. Later, Charlie learned that Wyatt had staged the theft and retrieval of the diamond to impress Hope and win her from his rival, Liam Spencer, but Charlie kept quiet on the demand of the intimidating Quinn.

Charlie met Pam Douglas, sister of deceased Forrester matriarch Stephanie Forrester, and the two hit it off over their mutual love of baking. Charlie told Pam about Wyatt's involvement in the diamond theft, and, after Quinn faked a friendship with Pam to ensure her silence, Charlie showed Liam the security footage he'd found, which Liam used to stop Hope from running off with Wyatt.

Off-screen, Charlie and Pam shared their love of all things medieval by attending Renaissance fairs; sometimes Pam's great-niece, Aly Forrester, would join them. Charlie was amazed when Aly's boyfriend, Oliver Jones, who had been recorded saying he was only dating Aly for job security, clumsily rode up on a horse dressed as a knight to prove his love for Aly. Later, Aly's Australian cousin, Ivy Forrester, fell into the River Seine in Paris, which caused Liam to miss his wedding to Hope; when Ivy suspected she'd been pushed, Charlie used his connections in the security world to uncover footage of Ivy being shoved off the Parisian bridge by Quinn.

Charlie was annoyed when Stephanie's brother-in-law, John Forrester, flirted with Pam. At work, Charlie came running when tyrannical CEO Rick Forrester shot at his ex-wife, Caroline Spencer, and his rival, Ridge Forrester. Charlie helped Pam search Rick's office and found estrogen pills in the purse of Rick's mistress, Maya Avant; Charlie correctly deduced that Maya was transgender. Charlie worked security for California Freedom, a fashion show featuring transgender models which helped push Aly, who had a history of mental illness owing to childhood trauma, over the edge; Charlie mourned Aly when she died after a violent confrontation with Steffy Forrester.

Charlie disapproved of Pam snooping into whether Caroline was pregnant by new husband Ridge, but happily declared his gratitude for Pam at the Thanksgiving table. When Liam supposedly went on a months-long retreat, Charlie uncovered security footage from the Forrester parking lot that showed Liam fainting and Quinn driving off with him, which Charlie showed to Wyatt. Then, when Pam's ex-brother-in-law, Eric Forrester, romanced Quinn and brought her back into Forrester, Charlie was one of many who objected to Quinn's presence. Charlie reluctantly agreed to attend Eric and Quinn's wedding with Pam, but they left before the ceremony at the behest of Ridge, who staged a boycott in protest of the nuptials.

After Eric was hospitalized following a brain hemorrhage, Charlie was stunned when Ivy, who had since befriended Quinn, refused to allow Charlie and Pam to visit a convalescing Eric at home. Charlie and Pam continued to oppose Quinn when Eric made Quinn interim CEO at Forrester Creations in his absence. Later, at the wedding of Pam's grand-nephew, Zende Forrester Dominguez, Charlie pooh-poohed Pam's contention that one of the caterers was disguised paparazzi, not knowing the young woman was fledgling designer Sally Spectra, the namesake grand-niece of knockoff queen Sally Spectra. Charlie helped Pam throw a party for Steffy and Liam, who were about to marry in Australia. Charlie also helped babysit Rick and Maya's child, Lizzy Forrester, whose biological mother was Maya's sister, Nicole Avant.

Charlie left Pam in charge of his gun, leading to Pam misplacing it and Ridge's former love, Katie Logan, aiming it at Quinn in retaliation for being fired from Forrester's jewelry design team. Having released Quinn and Ridge from a locked bathroom and discovering a lipstick-smudged napkin left behind, Charlie repeatedly told Pam about his theory that Ridge and Quinn were having an affair.

Charlie was rattled when a woman claiming to be a friend of Eric's approached him about Quinn and barraged him with leading questions; later, Charlie learned that the woman was Eric's ex-wife, the notorious Sheila Carter, whose crimes against the Forresters included shooting Stephanie and leaving her to die. Charlie slipped to Sheila that Ridge was Quinn's only friend, which had him scrambling to keep Sheila from putting the pieces together; Charlie then let Sheila drag him into spying on Ridge and Quinn, which led to Sheila telling Eric that his wife and son had betrayed him. Charlie blanched when Sheila came to him demanding money in return for keeping quiet about Charlie's part in things.

Charlie discovered Sheila commissioning a portrait of herself, which was meant to replace Quinn's in the Forrester mansion. Charlie had more cause to worry when Sheila threatened his life regarding the painting and when Pam filled Charlie in about Sheila's history of violence and baby-switching. After Sheila had him trap Ridge and Quinn in an elevator hoping to catch them in a clinch, Charlie, who was unnerved by Sheila calling him her partner, told Quinn where to find Sheila, which led to the latest in a series of catfights between the ladies. At Thanksgiving, Charlie helped Pam prepare the Forrester family feast and recoiled upon seeing Sheila's portrait in the closet, which had been left behind after Sheila's efforts to come between Quinn and Eric failed. Later, Charlie worried when Sheila tried to strike up a friendship with Pam, who wondered whether Sheila deserved another chance.

Charlie fretted when a mistake at the pharmacy left Pam without any bipolar meds; Charlie was especially concerned when Pam disappeared the night publishing magnate Bill Spencer, with whom Pam was furious for ruining grand-niece Steffy Forrester's marriage, was shot in the back. Eventually, Charlie proposed to Pam by putting a ring in an unbaked batch of lemon bars, but Charlie agreed to wait after Pam argued with Quinn so intensely over Pam's desire to marry in the Forrester mansion that Pam put the wedding on hold.

Months later, Charlie let Forrester intern Xander Avant look over Forrester's security footage after someone had broken into his car; Charlie didn't know that Xander had made up the theft because he was looking for proof that Ridge's son, Thomas Forrester, had murdered fellow Forrester intern Emma Barber. Then, Charlie helped supervise Forrester's use of hydrofluoric acid in cleaning their washing machines, unaware that Thomas later fell into a vat of the acid after an argument with Hope over Thomas' son, Douglas Forrester. The following year, once Thomas' obsession with Hope had been laid bare, Charlie thought it strange that Thomas had taken home a mannequin made to look exactly like Hope, with Thomas claiming he was using it for inspiration in Hope's fashion line.

Charlie played a prank on Wyatt's brother, Liam Spencer, sneaking up on Liam and pretending he was about to arrest Liam. Charlie apologized for scaring Liam, but noticed that Liam was far more spooked by the prank than he should have been, not knowing that Liam was living in fear of being arrested for hitting Thomas' friend Vinny with his car. Later, having installed Brooke and Ridge's security system, Charlie reluctantly agreed to Steffy's request to examine footage so she could prove that Brooke was cheating on Ridge with her returned ex, Deacon Sharpe.

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