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Dayzee Leigh
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Actor History

Former business manager at Dayzee's Coffee Shop

Former apprentice at Skid Row's Union Rescue Mission

Former street vendor

Resides At

Johannesburg, South Africa

Formerly an apartment above Dayzee's, Los Angeles, CA

Formerly the Forrester Guest House (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA)

Formerly a small tent on the streets of Skid Row

Former resident of Los Angeles' Union Rescue Mission

Formerly in and out of foster homes

Marital Status

Married to Marcus Walton Forrester as of July 23, 2012

Past Marriages

None known


unnamed mother (deceased)

unnamed father


Tanya (temporary foster daughter)

Flings & Affairs

Thomas Forrester (dated)

Marcus Walton Forrester

Crimes Committed

Threatened Stephanie Forrester with a broken bottle [2010]

Health and Vitals

Lived without proper nutrition on Skid Row

Brief Character History

Dayzee Leigh was a former foster child who ended up living on the streets of Los Angeles, where she was caring for a baby whose mother was in rehab. One day, Dayzee found a scarf wafting by, but its owner, Stephanie Forrester, who co-founded design house Forrester Creations, wanted the accessory back; Dayzee threatened Stephanie with a broken bottle, but soon learned Stephanie was dying of Stage IV lung cancer and refusing treatment. Dayzee told Stephanie how she'd decided to help other homeless people at a local rescue mission, which so inspired Stephanie that she gave Dayzee a place to stay at the Forrester mansion. Dayzee was shocked when Stephanie bought the former Insomnia Café as a place to provide employment to the homeless and renamed it Dayzee's, putting Dayzee in charge.

Dayzee met Stephanie's grandson, Thomas Forrester; Dayzee liked Thomas for himself, unfazed by his fancy dinners and excursions on the Forrester jet. Dayzee supported Thomas when he butted heads with his father, Ridge Forrester, but, when Thomas and Brooke Logan, Ridge's wife, were in a plane crash and Thomas came home lying that he'd had sex with Brooke because Stephanie promised him her shares in Forrester, Dayzee pressed Thomas to come clean, then broke up with him over his duplicity.

Dayzee began seeing Marcus Walton Forrester, standing by him when it turned out his former "friend with benefits," Amber Moore, had given birth to his child. It ruffled Dayzee's feathers that Amber wanted Marcus to be a family with her and their daughter, Rosie, so Dayzee was happy when Marcus confirmed that Dayzee was his clear choice. When Amber backed off, Dayzee agreed to participate in raising Rosie at Amber's request. Later, Dayzee stood up for her friend, Forrester intern Beverly, who was accused of stealing designs; Dayzee mediated for Beverly and Stephanie at a home for young adults who had aged out of the foster care system.

Dayzee caught Amber buying antianxiety medication on-line and warned her that Internet pharmacies often used lead-based paints and other potentially lethal poisons in their pills. Soon, Dayzee happily accepted Marcus' marriage proposal, but felt put off by his cold feet and obsession with texting. After their wedding, Dayzee couldn't believe it when Marcus was arrested for hitting her friend Anthony with his car while texting. Dayzee was confused when the usually sagelike Anthony demanded Marcus be put in jail; with the help of Thomas and his new girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, Dayzee learned that Anthony had been hit before Marcus drove by, and that Marcus had only run over a pothole. With Marcus freed, Dayzee settled into life as a newlywed but was soon devastated by the death of Stephanie, whose cancer had returned.

Dayzee saw a face from her past when Maya Avant, who had asked Dayzee to find a home for her baby daughter while she served time for a crime she didn't commit, came back to town demanding her child back. Dayzee worried when the seemingly unstable Maya wouldn't accept Dayzee's contention that she couldn't return Maya's daughter to her; Dayzee explained to Marcus that she had let lawyers handle the adoption but couldn't be sure money didn't change hands. With the help of Marcus' brother, attorney Carter Walton, Dayzee learned that Maya's daughter had died in a car crash with her adoptive family. Dayzee let struggling actress Maya stay in the apartment above her café.

But when Maya became interested in Marcus' adoptive cousin, Rick Forrester, Dayzee discouraged Maya, in part because Dayzee felt Maya might covet the Forrester wealth, and in part because Rick was already involved with Caroline. Dayzee agreed to help Caroline keep Rick and Maya apart and secretly worried her in-laws would be angry with her if Rick and Caroline didn't get married. However, Dayzee eventually came to support Maya's relationship with Rick, watching as Rick, Marcus, and other male Forrester execs modeled sleepwear in a fundraiser for Caroline's cancer foundation.

After Rick and Maya split up, Dayzee encouraged Maya to be honest with Rick about her continuing feelings for him despite being newly engaged to Carter. When Marcus went on an extended business trip in South Africa, Dayzee was able to see its sights thanks to Marcus' video chats; before long, Dayzee joined Marcus and Rosie in Johannesburg, where she now resides.

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