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This past week, Sami was revealed as Stan. What a time for Sami to admit the truth! Why does this always happen to her?

Sorry for the shortened column and the late submission - my grandfather's been in the hospital all weekend and I am tired from sitting vigil all night. I'll try to make it up to you guys next week.

Well my worst fears have come to pass and Sami has been revealed as Stan. What a time for Sami to admit the truth! Why does this always happen to her? She lies and lies and lies and lies... until someone says to her "tell the truth for once in your life Sami" - and she does. That is ALWAYS the line that gets her. Too late, too late!!! She should have told Lucas when she had the chance! As predicted, the reveal scenes were absolutely crushing. Kudos to Brian Dattilo and Allison Sweeney for their powerful performances. Both of them brought tears to my eyes as they brilliantly displayed their mutual pain. Lucas was completely torn apart as he desperately tried to make sense of what he had learned. "Who are you?" he screamed at a tearful Sami. She desperately tried to make him understand the circumstances of her disguise and that she did all in her power to save him when they were captured by Tony. But it was no good and in his hurt and anger Lucas told Sami that she disgusted him and was dead to him. Even Will got in on the act as accused Sami of constantly messing things up. My heart broke for this fractured little family. Of all the families in Salem; this little trio seriously needed some happiness.

Even though I was not happy by the turn of events, I do have to hand it to Days for giving us some compelling television. And both Monday and Tuesday's show were exactly that (minus any scene that Chelsea and Patrick were in). BUT I'm disappointed. There was just nothing good about watching Roman, Lucas and Will turn on Sami once again and express their hurt, rage and pain over this new stunt. I know what she did was wrong, but why is it that no one who claims to love her, can understand her? She is judged so harshly sometimes - can't they understand what it's like to have someone like Kate always trying to wreck her life? There are many times that I don't blame Sami for her actions against Kate. Why is Austin the only one who has sympathy for Sami? She did some terrible things to him personally, and he still he feels some tenderness towards her. Roman severely disappointed me; of everyone in Salem, he should be the most supportive of his daughter. The conversations that Austin had with Sami were the exact ones that I expected from her father. I can guarantee the fact that if this had happened to me - my father would have never deserted me when I needed him the most. Even if I had done something despicable, he would support me and help me any way he could. For shame Roman!!!

Why is Sami being arrested and charged for what she DIDN'T do as Stan but yet Kate drugged two people, stripped them naked and put them in bed together and she never even had a threat of being arrested. HELLO? Last time I checked, it was illegal to administer drugs to someone without their knowledge. And for those of you who emailed me and claimed that Kate could not be prosecuted because of the tapes...only one person has to be aware that the conversation is being taped to make it admissible in court. What the heck is it going to take to see Kate suffer? At least Lucas realized that Kate pushed Sami to the edge and he wants nothing to do with her either. Some may say that losing her sons' love is suffering enough...maybe so, but she has stated that it's worth it if it means getting Sami out of Lucas's life. So...obviously...she isn't suffering enough. I need to see her being a crying mess like Sami has been the last few days. The ONLY saving grace - and I do mean ONLY is that Kate practically chewed her own tongue off when she realized that she had gotten Sami out of Lucas's life only to have her land in sympathetic Austin's lap. Ha ha! Serves her right!

The scene with Sami and Austin and the 6 wedding dresses was pretty darn funny. On the one hand, I felt bad for our gal Sami that she's been burned all 6 times but on the other hand, I was wondering if she's just sucker for punishment sometimes. Why would she keep them all? You'd think that she would have sold some for extra coin during the lean years when she had no money. Speaking of which...that's quite a lot of money to be shelling out - a new dress for each wedding. It is nice to have Austin back - although it looks like he's been eating his wheaties and has grown a few brain cells during his absence. Austin was never a dummy but he was certainly always clueless. Which some people called naivety but I called stupid. Each to his own perception I guess. Anyhow...I hope his "feelings" for Sami don't stretch in to a real relationship. He belongs with Nicole! They make a fabulous couple AND he is just the thing to help Nicole straighten out. Speaking of Austin - there is a rumor that Carrie is on her way back to Salem. There was no mention of Mike so...I don't know what's going on. BUT I do know that if Carrie is coming back, I only want to see her with Mike. The last thing anyone needs is yet another rehashing of the Austin/Carrie/Sami triangle.

You know...I gotta give Shawn his props. He has been handling Belle's flip-flopping affections really maturely lately. This week alone he has backed off quite a few times and left Belle and Philip alone with their daughter. He seems to have realized that it's over between them and that he can be Belle's friend without having to turn every contact in to an opportunity to plead his case. I'm happy. Some people have emailed me and expressed their anger over the fact that Mimi is chasing Shawn. They've made a good point that, in real life, Mimi's actions (chasing after her best friend's former love) is wrong. Yes, I would agree that if this was happening in real life, Mimi would be the worst sort of girlfriend. BUT this is a soap and for the purposes of story; I think it's a great idea. I guess it's because I really enjoy Shawn and Mimi together and can't stand Belle anymore. So for me, it's win-win. Sorry :(

Alex North had a flashback of when Belle was born? Well that cinches it doesn't it? He HAS to be the original Roman! Why else would he have a flashback of being Roman during Belle's birth? What kind of new craziness is this now? However, if this is the case - why the friggin hypnotism? IF he is Roman; why would he want to win back his ex-wife's love artificially? This isn't the actions of a Roman we all remember. BUT I do think it would extremely interesting from Sami's point of view if North was really Roman. Of course that would make me wonder why the heck he hasn't approached Sami at all or encouraged Marlena to remember Sami...curiouser and curiouser...

I'm glad that Nicole has very quickly zoned in on Austin again. I love drunken-ass Nicole, she's a funny gal. But I also love the serious side of Nicole that came out during her interactions with Austin. We never really got to see that side of her with Brady because she was so focused on getting Victor out of the way and tricking Brady in to being in love with her. She never had to act like that with Austin.


  • Sheesh! Why is it that everyone in Salem - from the clueless neighbor to the frickin valet at Chez Rouge - feels that they can mouth off to Sami about her failed wedding to Lucas? I find that incredibly annoying. Did Kate have to face this kind of baloney from various strangers? Of course not...
  • Are we expected to believe that Rex packed up ALL his reminders, mementoes, pictures ETC from his relationship with Mimi and took them with him when he left for Chicago? And now...two months later...he decides to send it all back to her? Come on! How far-fetched was that scene? The only reason it was inserted was to give Shawn yet another reason to feel bad for Mimi. Yes, that's what all girls want - a relationship that started out as pity. Yikes!
  • The cat fight between Bonny and Maggie was utterly ridiculous. I could never see Maggie dragging herself down to Bonny's level like that. And what was with the dialogue? "I'll jack you up." I was like HUH? Who talks like that?

Reader Feedback: Thanks to everyone who wrote in! I love reading your comments and feedback about the show and this column; so keep them coming!

From Cindy Young-Johnson:"I love reading two scoops and all the views comments, even the ones I disagree with. It is obvious to me that about 80% of the views would do a better job writing for Days than JER. It would be interesting, less biased and exciting again if almost any of them were the writer. As for me, after over 30 years of watching I can't watch any more. This last trick of Kate's and once again making Sami the Days scapegoat has done me in. I will read the updates and if it seems that things are changing, that evil Kate is getting the awful consequences she deserves, that Sami is being given some happiness, that Belle stops whining and turns into an adult, that the show gets some advisers to tell them about being police, ISA, doctors, and maybe even just mature people, I may then begin to once again watch. It is too painful to see this once great soap slowly slide into this awful muck and sloppy, lazy storytelling."

From Trey D:"I've been an avid viewer of Days of Our Lives for over a decade now and must say, Im thrilled Austin is coming back. Sami and Austin were the reason, I began viewing Days all those years ago. The thought that Austin could genuinely love Sami, after all her years of trying to woo him is just tantalizing. Although, I have been disappointed with Days for the last couple years, Im sure the Austin/Sami/ Lucas triangle will breathe new life back into my beloved Days. I must also add that the Belle/Shawn/Mimi/Philip storyline is what Ive been waiting for, for years. Mimi and Belle going at it over Shawn is just delicious to watch. Meanwhile, all other storylines arent really doing much for me. It would be awesome to bring Kristen DiMera back!!!"

From Vicki Bell:"Hey Pamela! I enjoy reading your column! I am just as sad as you are about the sami lucas wedding. I was really hoping the writers would have really surprised us with Roman finding out about Stan but with holding the truth for Sami's sake and let the two get married (just to burn Kate). What is with Kate anyways? How does she get away with so much evil crap? Another thing I was wondering because I don't believe I have missed any episodes but what ever happened to Kate getting Shawn's court date sped up? Did he get off on his charges and I missed it? Or is it just another one of Days storylines that gets forgotten about or put on the back burner! I would also like to say that I hope this Dr North brainwashing thing doesn't go on and on and on...I really hope the storyline spices up fast! Lastly I agree with you all who enjoyed the funny moments with Bart and Bonnie!! They should start up a little romance! I would be great fun!"

From Bea Johnson:"TERRIBLE SITUATION! That is the only thing that I can come up with right now. Phillie Creme Puff (Philip) blaming Stami for his leg being blown off. First you make a mockery of the Marines then you blame someone else for your decision to return to duty. You were not a Captain or something dude, you were a buck Private. You would/could not lead anybody anywhere. Get over yourself, you couldn't even get your wife pregnant, that just tells me she fakes it when she is with you.(HAHA) I read that it will be revealed in a big way, (it being Shawn's baby)I don't know how much bigger it could be since every one has no idea that it could even be possible. I can not tell you how much I loathe PCP. He is the scum of the earth, he is torturing the very woman he loves with the Shawn and Mimi thing. He knows that it affects Belle and he does it all the time. I would not want to be with anyone that did not love me. Always preoccupied with what thier ex is doing. Why get so offensive when Shawn is in your place making tea for Belle, after all it is only tea. I despise Philip and he should really be ashamed of himself. He is something only a mother could love. Mimi, Mimi,Mimi, do the Eric Winters thing and just leave. Stop degrading yourself over a man. Your character has been tarnished by your recent acting (writing). Could someone in Salem be a true friend? If anyone knew the love shared by Shawn and Belle it was Mimi, as you have so eagerly forgotten it was Mimi that got Shawn and Belle back together, she believe in thier love that much. Rex who? You know the guy you loved so, the guy you lied to. and the guy who's child you killed, listening to your trashy mother. Only redeeming quality I see here since you obviously had sex before marriage, find out that you ARE pregnant with Rex's child and go to Chicago after him. If you must gravel, gravel with Rex. Shawn is the victim here and if he wants sappy, whinning Belle, then so be it. Shawn nor Hope deserve t! he unhappiness and sadness that has been put upon them. Make it right or lose fans (viewers) TO THE POWERS THAT BE, CHECK THE RATINGS."

From Alisha:" I have watched days ever since I could walk. My mom got me addicted to the show. I have to say the last few years have been some of the worst storylines and writing ever. My only bright spot this week was not the actual demise of yet another wedding for Sami, but the hope that maybe, just maybe they are going to take this opportunity to finally let Sami turn her life around. While I hate that once again they have destroyed all chances of happiness for her and Lucas, but another small beacon of hope was that they also layed alot of the blame at Kates feet for pushing Sami to this point. I was even somewhat pleased at the conversation between Austin and Sami to that same regard. I understand that Lucas is mad and hurt, but why is it that he who claims to love her most is always the quickest to turn his back on her? Another low point was that Marlena seems to have maternal feelings towards Belle but not Sami? When she needs her most? Thank God for Romans somewhat support as little as it may have been. Anyway, I hope that this is finally the opportunity for Sami to mature a bit and begin changing things so that while she stays spunky and feisty, she doesnt do stupid evil things that deliberatly hurt others. Its time for some happiness for our girl."

From Carol Reid:" hi i just read your column and sat laughing that someone else could agree with me about Sami and Kate. The one thing i disagree with you on is the Philip, Mimi, Shawn and Belle storyline. Has everyone forgotten that Belle and Shawn made love. I can't believe they can't remenber. I am disgusted with Mimi actions and the way she is trying to get Shawn now. She is only thinking of herself and how can she think that Shawn will ever love her like Belle. I am one that everytime that Shawn and Mimi comes on I leave the room and wait for them to be off. I can't stand this couple and if Days keeps on this storyline I will have to give this soap up. I thought Shawn and Belle would be our next Bo and Hope. I remenber Belle's wedding day and how Kate sabortage them Belle wouldn't have married Philip. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me. Oh well I am waiting for Kate to get all that is coming to her."

From Danielle:" I have to admit that I love your comments. I have to read them every week. I too have had enough of poor Sami never getting the guy. I do not want her with Austin. Let Nicole have a stab at him. That will drive Kate even more wild. I hope that somewhere in Lucas's heart he can forgive her and see that she did in fact save them. And what is this mess about Jack just leaving to die. Oh I do not think so... alright tptb... find the cure for him so we can move on. Also find a love for Frankie... I love seeing him on screen. I would love to see him stop going after a married woman and find love somewhere else. Too bad Mimi is so young. Bring back Kirsten Storms. I can not stand this Belle. Girl get over yourself... you made your bed now lie in it. You can not have them both. Thank you again. I love reading what you have to say."

From Kenneth Alverson:"I was bit disappointed in this week as well..By the way when did Frankie go to New York?? I thought he ended up going to Africa with Eve to do some kind of charity work or something and why no mention of his sister Carly Manning a.k.a Catarina Von Loechner or something..She and Jennifer were friends..Surely Frankie would tell her how she's doing?? Hated the way they did the Sami/Lucas wedding..I knew when Chris..I mean Roman came in and stopped the thing it was over..I just wanted to scream and what was with that priest having to follow the cops and do what they say instead of continuing with the wedding..this was a badly executed delay so that Kate come in and ruin things again..Lame...I am so glad I don't belong to the Brady family...If I was Caroline I would've slugged Kate but instead she has to think about whether or no she believes her grand daughter..gee thanx grandma...In the past I believe the character of Sami deserved what she got especially the slap from Carrie but this time I was fully on Sami's side...And Austin was no help...I thought he might at least understand after Sami told him about Kate drugging her and Brandon and at least condemn Kate for what she did but he said nothing instead raking Sami over the coals again..Yes Sami needs to accept responsibility in her part but Lucas got it right when he said Kate finally drove Sami over the edge...The only bright spot wa Alison Sweeny and Bryan Dattilo's performances...God only knows what they were thinking when they read this..Probably Oh no not this again...I think even these two are ready for Sami and Lucas to get together...TPTB have really screwed the fans this time I think...The only redemption is to have Lucas forgive Sami and stick with her and work it out if he really loves her cause no one put a gun to his head made him and the others rescue Philip who is a loser...I won't even comment on this lame baby thing...We Need Vivian Alamain back..She could put Kate in her place..! Thanx for the great column, Ken"

From Ryan:"Ha! so on Oct 5 i will be leaving home behind (as well as TV)to take part in a volunteer organization, no TV means no Stories, i'm gone for 9 months and i'd just like to say im betting that i can leave and turn on DOOL on July 5th and within the hour be able to tell whats going on and how much i HAVENT missed, keep you posted on exactly how slow the show is progressing (since you dont get the full effect unless your actually NOT watching the show for a period of time)

From Lauren:"I think your commentary this week is great. I am overseas right now and have been following by internet. I have to say, I don't feel like watching the tapes of it upon my return. I watched days from when I was about ten years old through early twenties when I tuned out from consistent watching about ten years ago. I thought Days might have hooked me back in, but I think not. It's the same storylines again and again and again. Why couldn't they have reformed both Sami and Kate and brought in new villians? For those that watched Another World, I used to hate the Vicky Hudson character until she fell in love with Ryan. She became my favorite on the show. Why can't DAYS get good writers?"

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