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Even though Steve doesn't really remember a thing except for those little itty bitty flashes, he and Kayla are still one of the most interesting things on the show in a long time.

Happy belated Fourth of July everybody! This was a short week due to our favorite tennis tournament, so the story didn't seem to move forward a whole lot, but let's get to what we did see this week.

I still love Steve and Kayla. I could watch them all day long, together, separately, I don't care. They are just fantastic. Even though Steve doesn't really remember a thing except for those little itty bitty flashes, they are still one of the most interesting things on the show in a long time. I can't wait to see what Steve's reaction to Stephanie is going to be.

Speaking of Stephanie, how gorgeous is she?!? I honestly was just thinking a couple weeks ago that there aren't enough redheads on the show, so I'm really glad that they made at least one of Caroline's grandkids a redhead like her. But I digress. Although I personally don't get all the racecar driving going on lately, I do like the fact that Stephanie actually does something, and that she has attitude. Not the Chelsea makes you wish you could just bury her alive attitude, but spunky. Spunky good, demon child not so much.

Expounding on Philip's keeping it in the family comment, I would like for Max to date someone else other than his nieces by adoption, but if it has to be one of them, please don't let it be evil, whiny Chelsea. It completely served her right when Max let her have it at the party. She thinks she's going to play him to make him want her more and do whatever she wants and she is going to play herself right out of his life for good. I'm crying for her inside.

Who is the gloved hand? I think maybe it's Bart, only because everybody has been bringing up the DiMera's a lot lately, but Tony and Stefano aren't big on doing the dirty work themselves. A DiMera is the only person who would want to switch the lids on the Petri dishes that have the Black/Kiriakis and Lockhart/Brady samples in them (I am really tired of the sperm collection jokes though. Really gross.) and also have Lexie not expose Sami so it can be much grander than it would have been before Lucas and Carrie got married. Come on guys, we know that that is the only reason the mysterious gloved hand wouldn't let stupid Lexie spill the beans. If Tony is behind it, he may still be punishing Sami for the whole Stan thing and helping everybody escape so he wants to blow up another one of her weddings (please just let the girl get married one time for real). Between our gloved friend and evil, conniving Kate (if I close my eyes when she is talking I swear she sounds just like a witch), I'm sorry to say that poor Sami doesn't stand a chance.

And how wonderful is Frankie? That poor guy's heart has been crushed like a clove of garlic but he just keeps being wonderful to Jennifer and Jack. How nice was it to take Jen and Jack out to see fireworks so Jack could have a nice day? Frankie is a saint. Most guys would have at least punched something by now.

Carrie and Lucas's wedding honestly feels like the fakest (I don't even know if that's a word) TV wedding I have ever watched. Yes, I know that it is TV and they are all fake but it just feels weird. Everybody is in love with someone else, and frankly, Lucas and Carrie will just never jive to me. So of course this is the wedding that will happen. And you know what, I'll make a deal with all of you dear readers right now. If Sami and Austin actually get married, I will eat my shoe. There's just no way.

Okay, with all of that said here is a quick list of people I wish would shut up this week:

Shawn: I understand that you are mad at your father still and that's cool, but it is totally none of your business if Hope forgives Bo or not. They were together before you were a twinkle in your dad's eye so just butt out.

Bonnie: I just want to throw something at the screen (but I love Judi Evans) every time she talks.

Mimi: Not really her mouth this week. I'm just tired of hearing her thinking about Claire and who her real dad is fifty times a day.

Bo: Just a little bit. But I do have to say if desperation smells like mint, then it is minty fresh in here. Just wait for the test results dude.

Carrie: If you are having doubts that you are marrying the right man, you probably shouldn't be getting married, dum-dum.

Well, scoopers I hope you had a great Fourth and I hope you have a great week! See you back in two.

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