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Last week was the end of an era. Dario ended up in Buenos Aires, Carly set forth for a European road trip adventure, Quinn and Taylor's time in Salem came to an end, and Vivian moved to India with Ivan.

Last week was the end of an era, DAYS fans. Dario ended up in Buenos Aires. Carly got a happy ending with Nicholas and set forth for a European road trip adventure. Quinn and Taylor's time in Salem came to a merry, little end, albeit demanded by law. And Vivian ended her latest reign of terror by moving to India with Ivan -- yes, that Ivan! Tissues were definitely dampened for some of these goodbyes (and for all the warm, fuzzy memories of Tom and Alice being shared), but, for better and worse, we said goodbye to the Higley era of DAYS.

But in this case, the end only means a new beginning for us. We've been rebooted. And for most of us, saying goodbye to the past several years is a reason to party!

In fact, this week, Two Scoops is taking a page from Hope's book, and Laurisa and I have planned some festivities of our own. We're not only celebrating the new DAYS with a joint venture, but also our upcoming Two Scoopsiversary. Yep, you've been stuck with us for nearly four years!

To help us celebrate all things DAYS, we've invited some of our beloved Salem-loving loved ones to join in the fun. This week, we're going to say goodbye to those who've left, chat about some of our favorite storylines, and, of course, complain unabashedly about the storylines that drove us to down our sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart.

And who exactly are the "us" we're talking about? Well, below is the gang that made our V.I.P list. They'll be joining Laurisa and me for our two-week, two-part Two Scoopsalooza!

Laurisa's Mom #2. Laurisa's best friend's mom has recorded and watched DAYS faithfully, since humans used those clunky pre-DVDs known as "VCR tapes." It was only a matter of time before the children in the house caught on to the trend. Thus, Mom #2 is the reason that Laurisa started watching DAYS. (Note -- Not to be confused with Jensen Ackles -- the reason that Laurisa kept watching DAYS.)

Mark. What catapults a mere co-worker to amazingly awesome friend status? The discovery that you both watch and love the same soap! Laurisa and Mark would time their lunch breaks so that they could make it to the break room TV in time for the first 30 minutes of DAYS.

Laurisa's Mom. She's a fabulous English teacher who knows the value of a good denouement, the importance of a Greek chorus, and the power of dramatic irony. She's also still totally bummed out that Marlena and Roman didn't work out.

Laurisa's Sister. She is the quintessential target audience for the all-important advertising dollars -- a yuppie with a good job, disposable income, and a fierce loyalty for a TV show. There's no proof, but there's a very strong possibility that she may have scheduled her college classes around when DAYS aired.

Dan's Mom. If you can believe it, the mother of the guy who created the Internet's most popular soap opera web site doesn't surf the web. And even more oddly, she's more than a foot smaller than him. Hmm... if Dan had been born in Salem, he might have reasons to demand a DNA test. They do, however, share a common love of soaps -- it must be in the genes.

Dan's Nana. Never one to hold back, Dan's Nana has been known to talk to the television screen when Days of our Lives airs and call out the various Salemites when they do something they shouldn't be doing. If you caught her Mother's Day appearance on Soap Central Live, you'll know that her heart skips a beat when Dr. Daniel pops up on the screen.

Tony's Mom. She has the wisdom of Alice. Maggie's class. She babysits like Caroline. And she's the sole reason Tony became the DAYS-head he's become. She introduced him to Salem when he was a kid, and it's still something they chitchat about each time they talk. Now if she'd only tell him if Stefano is his real father, their relationship would be a little less awkward.

Sumer. When you've had a bestie since the second grade, you're bound to have a few things in common. Tony and Sumer have not only shared many adventures, and a few misadventures, but a love for all things DAYS. Even when Sumer tuned in to *gasp* General Hospital, she's always kept one foot planted firmly in Salem. And if you're lucky, she'll do her Susan Banks impression for you, but only after she's had a few drinks like Nicole!

So, now that you know who's been invited, let's get this party started and find out what our DAYS inner circle is talking about!

Laurisa and Tony: Now that Dario, Carly, Vivian, Gus, Taylor, and Quinn are gone, and -- SPOILER ALERT -- Chloe and Kinsey are going, whose departure disappoints you the most?

    Laurisa's Mom #2: Chloe is the biggest disappointment. I thought she would be able to turn things around.

    Mark: I am most saddened that Vivian is leaving. We need a female villain on the show, and she is perfect! I will surely miss her scheming and trying to get involved in Victor's life and her causing utter chaos for Carly. Her time with us was so short; I think they are removing her from the cast way too soon!

    Laurisa's Mom: Carly's character intertwined within so many characters; her absence will create multiple voids. Additionally, she was a dynamic character with unpredictable responses to situations.

    Laurisa's Sister: Carly -- everyone else seems to bug the crap out of me; Dario probably lost an IQ test to a box of rocks, Vivian had no one left to try and torture -- or no one cared about what she did, Gus has no purpose without Vivian, Taylor cried too much, I couldn't decide if Quinn was good or bad, and Chloe and Kinsey...just saying their names out loud seems to make people less intelligent.

    Dan's Mom: It's a toss-up between Chloe and Dario. He was disappointing because I was happy that Melanie had finally found love. And, Chloe! I was sorry to see her go because she was on the show for so long, and was a favorite.

    Dan's Nana: Well, maybe Carly. I wanted to see what her future will be like since she got out of this drug program. To see if she'll go back to being a doctor.

    Tony's Mom: Dario's departure disappoints me the most. He was just getting his life going in a positive direction. It was fun to watch him grow from a punk into a caring young man.

    Sumer: Chloe, personally I think Nadia is a good actress and they didn't give her enough "good" storylines. On a sillier note, I will miss Viv talking to herself on how to get revenge on Carly.

Laurisa and Tony: Although the Higley régime had a few suspect moments, there were a few good ones, too. Right, guys? So, what have been your favorite storylines over the past three years or so?
    Mark: My favorite recent storyline was the passing of Alice. It was great to see a lot of characters returning...but it was way too short. Coming in at a close second choice was when Vivian [was going to] put Maggie in the sarcophagus, then the tables were turned and Vivian ended up in the sarcophagus! Although that storyline was dragged out a little too long, I loved every minute of it!

    Laurisa's Sister: I liked Nathan and Melanie, but not Stephanie. I liked Sami and E.J., but not Rafe. I liked evil, pill-addicted Hope.

    Dan's Mom: I'm glad to see that Sami finally has someone in her life that makes her happy. It was a long time coming. She really needed to find someone who was her match.

    Dan's Nana: I was glad that Hope and Bo got together... again.

    Tony's Mom: My favorite storyline over the past three years has been Sami and Rafe's relationship. Their ups and downs and the struggle they went through to get together. It was exciting and annoying at the same time.

    Sumer: E.J. ruining Sami's life, but always failing. He always almost gets the girl.

    Laurisa's Mom #2: Bo and Hope getting back together.

Laurisa and Tony: This might be a loaded question, but here it goes -- what has been your least favorite storylines over the past three years or so?

    Laurisa's Sister: Lucas and Chloe! And Daniel's sex addiction (Kate, Chelsea, Chloe)...

    Dan's Mom: The goings-on between Sami and E.J., and their constant bickering over the kids. I was kind of tired of hearing about it. I know it's a story, but I didn't like to see the kids being brought into it and torn between parents.

    Dan's Nana: *exasperated sigh* Well, there were a few.

    Tony's Mom: I get really tired of E.J....good guy...bad guy...good guy again...bad guy again. He's evil then he's changing. Pick one and stick with it. It was just too much of the same old, same old. You could predict what was coming.

    Sumer: Brady and the drug addiction. It was dumb. And they didn't play it out long enough on-screen. He hadn't hit rock bottom enough for my viewing pleasure.

    Laurisa's Mom #2: Maggie in the coffin.

    Mark: My least favorite recent storyline is the one [with] Chloe becoming a call girl. Boring!

Laurisa and Tony: Onto a happier topic! Do you have an all-time favorite DAYS storyline?

    Dan's Mom: The family traditions. The closeness when Alice Horton was still on the show, it seemed like such a homey feeling. It made you want to just tune in to see how family should get along. It was just a happy thing. In addition to Christmas, they used to have the big family Fourth of July picnics, and everybody would always come around. It was nice. Those were the couple times out of the year when everyone wasn't fighting, and they all got along. I don't like bickering and arguing at the dinner table.

    Dan's Nana: I liked Alice and Tom's storylines. They had a special togetherness and understanding. It was nice and mature.

    Tony's Mom: I can't help but to like Bo and Hope. They just make a nice couple. It is heartwarming to see them overcome some of their trials, and they are able to talk things out. I like their problem-solving abilities.

    Sumer: When Marlena was possessed! Legendary. 'Nuff said.

    Laurisa's Mom #2: There are too many.

    Mark: My all-time favorite storyline is when Eileen Davidson played Kristen, Susan, Sister Mary Moira, Thomas, and Penelope. Oh, those were some good times!

    Laurisa's Mom: Roman and Marlena (circa the early '80s).

    Laurisa's Sister: E.J. and Sami; Marlena as the Salem Serial Killer.

Laurisa and Tony: Because we asked about the good, we definitely have to ask about the bad. So, do you have an all-time least favorite DAYS storyline?

    Dan's Nana: The devil possession. That was kind of dumb.

    Tony's Mom: Anything to do with Chloe. She just annoyed me. Her character was just plain and simply boring.

    Sumer: John's car accident! DAYS usually does something more dramatic, and to see the John Black be killed off in such a manner lacked pizzazz. Granted, he wasn't really dead, but that's a different story.

    Laurisa's Mom #2: When Marlena was possessed.

    Mark: I don't exactly have a least favorite storyline of all time. I am a DAYS addict and will continue watching even at times when the storylines are unbearable.

    Laurisa's Mom: The killing-off of Tony DiMera.

    Laurisa's Sister: Sami...Sam...Stan? I still don't think I ever understood the plotline purpose of all that? I also don't like how Phillip had to get a new leg and face. He's halfway to becoming Darth Vader.

    Dan's Mom: When everyone was believed to be dead and they all ended up on the island. That was a little far-fetched. It was dull, and they should have used their imagination a little more. It didn't do anything for me.

Next week, we'll tackle all the juicy returns, what we think should happen in Salem, and who in Salem we'd like to become a supercouple with! To be continued...


All of the flashbacks and memories being shared warmed my DAYS-loving heart, but there was another thing just as hot last week -- Justin and Adrienne getting some screen time! Keep that coming, writers, keep that coming. Combine that with all the fun, little scenes scattered throughout the week like living room fashion shows, Sami and Jennifer's interview prep session, Horton bonding time, and all things Maggie and Melanie, and I suspect Salem will definitely be the place to be this fall!

Most of us knew speedy wrap-ups were coming, but I felt like we had to say goodbye to some fantastic Salemites as quickly as a flight attended would say "buh-bye" to people departing a plane. In other "Not" news, it's probably best to avoid the cheesy cliché-fest that was the hostage situation. Hmm, maybe hasty wrap-ups aren't so bad after all.

Vivian (to Gus): "Oh, my God. You're one messed-up little manservant."

Wowza! Abe had dinner with a woman who looked like Lexie. And, wowza! Lexie had dinner with a man who looked like Abe. Wait! This just in -- that was Abe and Lexie, together.

Did anyone else find it strange that heirs apparent, Chad DiMera and Sonny Kiriakis, had to look for secondhand suits? Methinks they might have a little cheddar sitting around to, I don't know, buy a suit...or a designer to handcraft them one.

Hmm, if Jen doesn't want to become some sort of life coach/career counselor guru, perhaps she and Austin should start a new talk show. I'll give them a topic. Where the hell has Stephanie been? Has she been hiding in Jack's new beard? I don't know.

D'oh! Jen talked about Frankie!

On topic, when Jen talked about Frankie, did anyone else want Mel to say, "Yep, he's my once-believed half-brother's adoptive brother."

Hope is breaking my heart! I didn't think I could miss Alice more than I did. We need a pick-me-up. Quick, someone page Maxine! Or just send out for one of those cure-all Horton hot fudge sundaes. Whichever is faster. Or better yet, both!

Roman's been watching Quinn since day one. So that's where RoRo's been hiding. I guess it was too much to dream he had a secret ladylove stashed somewhere.

I miss Sydney Penny already! Can the writers please, pretty please, find a way to keep her around? Lord knows Salem has enough addicts to keep her busy!

I love that Dr. Dad gave Melanie his credit card. One of the hardest-working girls with a huge divorce settlement really needed that. Okay, okay. It was sweet. And I'm jealous.

So, friends and DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of September 26th. We're heading out for hot chocolate and doughnuts before strolling over to the new town square, but we'll be back next week with more Scoops, more snarky answers, and more John Black! And, "That's a fact!"

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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