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by Tony
For the Week of July 15, 2013
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E.J. believed that his father didn't know best. J.J. didn't want his mother to preach. And Will and Sonny dealt with grief over their modern family. Find out which mamas and papas were singing the blues as their kids whined that parents just don't understand in this week's Two Scoops!

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DAYS could have taken a note from Glee and used a musical number last week to properly get the point across. Sort of a mash-up, if you will. The kids could have sung, "Parents Just Don't Understand," while the moms and pops could have retaliated with "Kids" from Bye Bye Birdie. Yep, it was one of those weeks filled with parents and children not exactly seeing eye to eye. Then again, when do they ever do that on soaps?

That rang especially true for E.J. and Stefano. The Phoenix has been bested by his still-embittered son. Well, at least for the time being. I agree with Sami, Adrienne, and, heck, just about everyone else who knows Stefano won't be down for long. Still, this was very well played on E.J.'s part, and I'm looking forward to the continuing fallout.

Sami, however, isn't. She had many, many issues with Eej's bloodless coup. I don't blame her. He's overly confident, and Stefano's a vengeful psychopath with endless resources. This isn't going to be the happy ending E.J. has in mind. He better enjoy the sweet smell of victory over his once-again-disowned father while he can. The bear has been poked. There's no going back.

There also seems to be no going back to the way things were between Jennifer and J.J. She has her eyes open now. She's using the tough love card and telling him not to do things. Oh, yeah. This should definitely work well. Telling a defiant teen not to do something is probably the only way to guarantee he's going to do exactly what you told him, uh, not to do.

That's probably also true for Jeannie. I'm sorry. I can't. I can't do it. I'm having a huge problem calling Jeannie Donavan "Theresa." But I will if I must just so I don't have to see her pouty, annoyed face crinkle and hear her "I go by Theresa now" explanation again. That's gearing to be worse than hearing "Theresa." But I digress...

Jennifer told Ms. Donovan to stay away from J.J. That thing I just said about guaranteeing she does the opposite should ring true soon here, too. Although I do hope that Jennifer gets her way this time. Jeannie-Theresa pursing J.J. is just kind of icky. By "kind of," I mean totally. He's a high school student. She's a young professional. Hasn't she ever watched a Lifetime movie? I'm pretty sure the Mary Kay LeTourneau flick plays at the beginning of every school year. Just saying.

But like most new trouble makers in town, Jeannie-T has a mysterious past. It's been hinted that she kept Kimberly and Shane busy. It's been noted that she's not a saint. And it's been confirmed that Caroline has shown her patience. This leads me to believe we have another trouble making Brady gal on our hands, god help us all.

There are two positive aspects here, though. Three, actually. One, a badass Brady girl is never boring (SEE: Sami, Chelsea). Two, at least she's not being painted as a saintly, tortured soul who was really a brain-dead Barbie who made horrible decisions (SEE: Stephanie). And, three, wonderful breaking casting news (SEE: this link )! Yes, number three alone has me excited for Jeannie-T's return to Salem. November can't come quickly enough!

Another thing that can't come quickly enough is the moment that old Adrienne returns and this new one shuts up about Sonny's life. She's a parent. Parents will always worry about their children. I get that, but good golly, Ms. Molly, she needs to take a step back. It's not only driving me insane, but it's driving Sonny and Justin there, too. And I Iove me some Justin and Adrienne fabulousness, so this fighting has got to stop. Ah, well, at least they're getting screen-time, so maybe I shouldn't complain, right?

Still, I'm going to complain. Adrienne's concerns are noted, but Lucas needs to shut it down, too. Sonny did nothing wrong by hanging out with friends. Will did nothing wrong with not minding him doing so. Loving and caring for a child doesn't mean a parent (or boyfriend of a parent) can't take a night off for some "me time." I'd be more worried about Sonny, Will, and Gabi if they didn't. Parents obsessing 24/7 about their children can lead to bad things. Just ask Kate. Heck, you can ask Maggie about that these days, too.

So, ultimately, I think that Will, Gabi, and Sonny are doing a bang-up job at parenting. Baby Ari is showered with love from all directions. Each parent (and Sonny) is pitching in equally to ensure the baby's needs are met as well as their own personal needs (school, work, fun, etc). And, well, maybe Adrienne and Lucas should just chill and learn that there's nothing wrong with their kids these days.

Rafe is awake. Oh, the joy. I'm happy for his loved ones, but my vacation from annoyance is over.

So, Kristen has secured a ticket to the new school's reception. Hmm! Methinks this may be when she's planning to release the video. It's just a hunch, but it would be a helluva time to do so.

It's amazing that when Dr. Dan is doing some medical sleuthing, I'm not itching to fast-forward his scenes. He is an amazing doctor. In fact, I think Sami should remember that before she continues to trash him. I'm pretty sure Dr. Dude saved Johnny's life a few years ago; Will's life, um, last month; her Uncle Bo's; and, well, about everyone else's she knows and loves. So, calm down, Sami Gene. We know you're nervous, but take the advice you gave E.J. and shut up.

I'm still enjoying Brady and Nicole's friendship. I'd also enjoy it if Brady adopted a baby himself. It would give Eric Martsolf something new to play with and give Brady a chance to focus on something other than his messed up love life.

Although Ms. Thang is tough on purses, Kristen isn't afraid to yell at Jesus. I guess she wasn't kidding when she said, "If you already know you're going to hell, what's the point of even trying?" I'm calling shotgun now for that crazy ride south!

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Extra Scoops

I totally dig E.J. and Justin's bromance! They were fun together. And rather effective, too! They beat Stefano DiMera. That's not an easy task. Sure, it's going to set off a chain reaction, but that's only to cause more delicious chaos. I'm in. Totally!

Holy overkill, Batman! Did we really need a Dannifer split-screen shot? They're sort of like the friends you dread hanging out with. You know what friends I mean. We all have a set. The Debbie Downer couple who always fight and make things awkward for everyone around them. They also tend to drive every well-meaning friend who braves to give them advice down with them. Their only allies are the drama queens who like to keep the misery going (looking at you, Maggie). Yep, that's Dannifer. Ironically, Dr. Dan said he's frustrated with Jen. Oh, dear, sir, I know the feeling. I know the feeling.

Kristen: "I'm not happy. Bad things happen when I'm not happy."
I think that should haven followed by "Kristen smash!"

Honorable Mentions
Jennifer (to J.J.): "So, rule of thumb. If it sounds fun to you, don't do it."
Justin (to E.J.): "I'll pray. You dial."

Wowza! A pink-ed out Alison Sweeney looked all shades of legally bombshell.

I love EJami as much as the next fan, but that painting is a little...well. It's something.

James Scott and Alison Sweeney are made of win! They do ugly fighting to hot and steamy amazingly. It's no wonder ratings are up!

What is it with Salem men and head injuries?

I have a feeling Cecily is kind of fabulous. I'd like to see more of her.

Um, yes! I want to read the DiMera blog. That would be amazing.

Sami calling 9-1-1 right away might have been more effective than her hugging Eric.

Thanks to Adrienne's probing, I think we officially know more about Brent then we do about Cameron.

I wonder if Bo signed Ciara's cast. You know, in invisible ink.

Why I love Kristen Example 5,653: Of course she will side with the winner of the Stefano vs. E.J. battle to the death. That's some smart, shady strategy. You go, girl! I'll see you in the sinners, I mean, winners circle, Kristen!

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of July 15. I have a sitting in a few for a new portrait of myself I'm having painted for my living room, so I have to rush off, but Laurisa will be back next week, and "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

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