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Hey there, Georgie girl!
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Will Maxie's ghostly visit from Georgie be enough to make her finally come clean about whose baby she is carrying? And will Franco's hospitalization offers clues to why he is the way he is? Find out more in this week's Two Scoops.

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If you get the pop culture reference associated with the title, clearly, you're old like me. If you don't know what it refers to, you can check it out on YouTube here and fully understand the cheesy lure of 60's music.

But I digress... Over the years, GH writers have done a lot of things to irk me, but killing off Georgie was one of the most upsetting things ever. She was a cute and quirky character, like Spinelli -- a little offbeat, nerdy, shy -- and the moral center of her group of friends, up to and including her sister Maxie. When she was killed off, she left a giant hole that hasn't been filled.

I think all soaps need one character that always does the right thing and that advises others to do the right things -- Lila Q used to be that person, too -- dispensing wisdom to anyone who was confused or torn. Now, I think Laura has the potential to be that character on GH, but instead, she is bickering with Lucy over Deception's reboot.

All this to say -- I was delighted to see a heavenly visit from Georgie as Maxie wrestles with this huge secret she's been carrying for months. Okay, dear readers -- hear me out. Maxie slept with Spinelli on New Year's Eve, which means July is her 7th month. In that adorable outfit she had on yesterday, I barely saw any evidence of a baby, but Britt, who got pregnant after Maxie, looks like she has a watermelon in her dress. I realize the very petite Kirsten Storms would topple over with a baby bump that size strapped on to her, so I will suspend my disbelief,

I think it was a bad move for the writers to suddenly have Ellie change her firmly held, "I will never want children, ever, ever, ever" belief 30 seconds before Maxie decides she needs to come clean. It rings untrue and feels like a clear manipulation.

I predicted the baby's name would be Georgie way back -- if I could lay odds in Vegas on all my GH predictions, I could make a mint. I would like to remind all of you that I firmly believe the baby that Britt is carrying is one of Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos and that Dante and Lulu will still eventually get their baby.

Maybe since Britt is now moving towards Nikolas and trying to be a nice girl in spite of being the spawn of two über villains, Faison and Obrecht, she will confess her sins on her own. Especially when she finds out Prince Nik is Lulu's brother! I think a relationship between these two holds great promise. I'm excited to see how it pans out. Hopefully she will get better with kids before she meets Spencer. I actually feel for Britt in this regard, as I am also horrible with children, and babies terrify me.

I used to hate Britt more than anyone on GH, but I am softening to her and now hate Brad more than anyone on GH, and I hate GH for creating Brad. As if gay people don't get enough hate, they create a gay character who is a despicable blackmailing man whore who tries to bed every man he comes into contact with. Why not create a nice guy for Felix to date instead and depict a real gay love story? But no, they have chosen instead to make Brad a caricature. Dislike!

At first, I wasn't keen on the SORAS'd Morgan, but he's growing on me. Like the rest of his family, he is flawed and selfish, but I see hints of decency growing inside him. After all, Jax raised him for several years -- that had to have had some impact. Will Morgan tell Kiki that it was his dad and Shawn who beat her dad Franco to a bloody pulp? He's wrestling with it, and I am anxious to see how it unfolds. Will he fall in line and be loyal to Sonny, or be loyal to his beloved Kiki instead?

Another loyal soldier, Shawn, bought into Milo's words of "you were born for this" and went dutifully back to Sonny -- it's been so long since Alexis had love in her life, it saddens me to see it end so quickly, but I got a glimmer of hope when Molly said she'd been corresponding with her dad, Ric -- oh, how I want Ric Lansing back on canvas! He was such a rich character with a troubled relationship with his brother, Sonny, and now with Mike gone and Jason gone, I think Ric and Sonny need another shot at being brothers.

And Molly needs a Daddy, and Alexis needs a co-parent. And Molly also needs her sister, so here's hoping they bring back Lexie Ainsworth as Kristina for the bone marrow testing, as she is, after all, Danny's aunt, too.

The "kissing cousin" thing is getting pretty creepy. While I love the chemistry that Michael and Starr - oops, I mean Kiki -- have together, I can't set aside the fact that they are related. I refuse to root for an incest storyline. Either have them discover that Franco isn't really Jason's twin and they aren't related, or drop it. Seriously.

Sam is having a really bad year -- Jason's dead (or happily residing in Genoa City under the name Dylan McAvoy), she was nearly killed by a fake vampire serial killer, and her baby was diagnosed with cancer. She asked Alexis the question we have all wanted to know the answer to yesterday "Who is my father?" and I'm just as anxious to know the answer as she is. I heard a rumor that Stephen Nichols might be coming back as the presumed dead Stefan Cassadine, and I am hoping he is not the father, but maybe he has him holed up in some Cassadine prison, and Alexis will have to go crawling to Stefan, begging for his release on Danny's behalf. Also, this would spice up the Scotty/Laura storyline, because Laura had some mad chemistry with Stefan back in the day. Let's see how and if this plays out!

I am really enjoying the warming of Sam's relationship with Silas, too -- but if they end up together and Molly and Rafe have to live under the same roof - yikes -- I fear teen hormones will prevail.

Sonny and Olivia almost made it upstairs right before Connie showed up and announced she wanted Sonny back. Poor Olivia, she's so unlucky in love. But here's the thing -- we know that Kelly Sullivan was axed, so there is no long-term future for Sonny and Connie unless the role is being recast. What do you think, dear readers? Should they bring back the fabulous Megan Ward, or kill off the character of Kate/Connie once and for all?

I think my favorite new character is Maura West as Ava Jerome. And one of the best scenes this week was the fragile friendship forming between Ava and Tracy Q: "You're the person in this house I dislike the least." Ha. Ava seems to have loads of secrets -- her relationship with Silas Clay, her attempt to kill Franco, and possibly even her relationship to the Jerome crime family. I am anxious to see how this all unfolds and who she will end up with, but I don't think it will be Silas, as he and Sam are starting to hit it off.

I enjoyed our Heather sighting yesterday. Sure, Heather is crazy, and you can't have her out roaming the streets, but I'd hate to lose her permanently. It's good that they find ways to have people need her for something and have to go to Ferncliff to keep her on canvas even though she's locked up. But let's face it, she never stays locked up. I just hope Silas follows through and gets her a BLT every week, or he'll be on her next "People I'm Going To Kill" list.

What will happen next, dear readers? Will Lulu and Dante name their baby Rockette? Will Milo become the Richard Simmons of the revamped Deception? Will someone tell Duke to lay off the Grecian Formula? Will someone tell Franco to lay off the Sun-In? Will Rafe "be there" for Molly until he's just "there?" Will Emma really want a replacement doll for the creepy charred baby Britt torched on Fourth of July? Will someone please tell Chief of Staff Monica Q that one of her employees is sexually harassing patients and get his sleazy butt fired?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.


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