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Though Salem is a dark and dangerous place right now, the DAYS cast is shining brighter than ever! Celebrate the tangled storylines and epic talent (as well as welcoming Gabi back) in this week's swooning Two Scoops!

Confession time! Due to a crazy week outside of Salem, I didn't get a chance to start watching DAYS until Saturday morning. Though I was anxious to tune in as the show has been THAT good lately, I went into my five-episode marathon in a cranky mood due to said crazy week outside of Salem as well as some gloomy casting news floating around the interwebs. This was going to be a long stretch, I feared...

Then I started. Five hours flew by. My frown turned upside down, and I fell in love with DAYS all over again.

For starters, you can tell the actors feel rejuvenated. All those articles in which various cast members stated how excited they were are true. You can feel their energy through the screen, and it's captivating.

Actually, that's the biggest gem I took away from last week. The acting! Sometimes it's easy to take our stars for granted, since we see them every weekday, but last week was a fantastic reminder of how lucky DAYS fans are to have such a stellar cast. I started to list all of the performances that wowed me last week, and it literally ended up being too lengthy. So, I had to cut it for the sake of time and column space. I'll just start a cyber chant of "We're not worthy" and hope that each and every one of them knows I adore them.

The storylines are tighter now (for the most part) and new pace is great, too! Sure, if I'm being selfish finding room to cover everything and keeping things square in my head is a bit challenging, but I'm up for the task. I'll take that over trying to find creative ways to express my eye-rolling frustrations over elephant statues and front-burning stints of Dr. Dan scolding Nicole and her apologizing. Those dark days seem to have past, and I'm like Olivia Pope ready to stand in the sun, which is a bit ironic because DAYS has taken a darker turn.

Okay, I'm not just talking about the ominous lighting, which has helped create an eerie tone. I'm talking about the deep, dark emotions running rampant. A serial killer is on the loose, Stefano and Caroline are sick, Bo is in captivity, Aiden has turned out to be a shady little devil, and Clyde's creepiness is off the charts (and a hat tip to James Read for that). Actually, let's talk about that for a second...

I'm not sold that Chad is the killer. I won't be shocked if the guy buying shoddy polyester neckties to strangle Salemites turns out to be Ben, but Clyde is looking more like a major suspect, too. Though, I'm on the fence there because Clyde almost seems too obvious. Hmm. This one still has me stumped, but that's an amazing thing -- it keeps me wanting more DAYS!

One thing is clear, though, Clyde might not be the Necktie Killer, but he's certainly the second creepiest man in Salem. His scenes with Jennifer, J.J., and Marlena in particular sent chills up my spine. James, Melissa Reeves, Casey Moss, and Deidra Hall completely knocked them out of the park. I almost had to turn the lights on and check under the bed. Okay. I did. You know, just in case.

Throughout the killer storyline and Billy Flynn's Tour de Salem performances, love was also the message last week. Kate Mansi crushed her torment of loving two men. Sure, Abigail is convincing herself she's dedicated to Ben alone, but the pull of Chad is not going away anytime soon. And thanks to meatier material for Robert Scott Wilson, I'm finally not bothered by this love triangle. Robert brought more layers to Ben last week than he's been given the opportunity to in the past, and I'm grateful, as the man has talent. Bravo to this trio!

Also, a big bravo to the writers for bringing back into play the letter Bo wrote to Hope. I'd had it up to my Two Scooping eyeballs at people throwing shade at Hope. She didn't deserve it. At all. Despite whatever circumstances Bo finds himself in now, it was his choice to leave initially, and I think that's finally sinking in for all Salemites alike. Whew!

With that said, Steve and John are still on the case to track down Bo, and I couldn't be happier. Raise your hands if you wanted to join Steve and John and have a beer and be super cool spies. I know I did. These two are great together, and though I get Kayla and Marlena's concerns, I love it that they're on the case.

Oh, the case! Well, I think it's been solved. Bo ended up in Cancún via Hamburg and Copenhagen. Methinks someone is going through a midlife crisis and was enjoying the spring break he never had. I bet until his captivity, Bo was selling body shots and puka shell necklaces to college kids and Dr. Dan. I kid, I kid.

In reality, Bo is in deeper than deep undercover mode with the ISA, they wrote him off as a loss, or he went rogue. Bo has a rebel's heart, but he's one of the good guy crime fighters, so that last theory has been nixed. That leads me to believe the "S" in ISA stands for shady. Something is off about that organization. Steve senses it, too, and I don't doubt the Patchman's hunches (like the one that Kayla still loves him).

Luckily, Steve had a sidepiece named Monica, who has a boat and a bartender friend named Axel, who helped him track Bo to Mexico, which has prompted Steve (and I think John) to fire up the Black Bird and head south. Yes, please! I'm packed and ready, too, guys. I'll meet you on the tarmac. There'll be Champagne on this flight, right? Just checking. If not, safe travels, and we'll see you when you return!

Really, Stefano? "Blood is blood," he said. Did I miss the small print scrolling across my screen that listed all the side effects, err, exceptions to that? Then again, Victor understood. He just sold out nephew Xander in favor of non-blood relative St. Dr. Dan. Though I'll still never get tired of Victor and Stefano scenes, hypocrisy aside.

My blood pressure would also like to thank the writers for the new, quicker pace. I was totally ready to read joyless Joey the riot act for acting like a royal douchebag to his Aunt Hope, but the next day, things got smoothed over for the most part. Still, I'll be keeping an eye out, Little Johnson. You've been warned!

Praise be to Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans, who are effortlessly putting the "super" back into supercouple. Their chemistry is still off the charts, and each is playing the hourglass out of their roles. I know Patch was wrong, but you can tell Sweetness is tempted to dip her toe back into the wild side.

Aww, Will! He totally won when he admitted his faults in the breakup of his marriage to Marlena, and then he looped back around to Loser Lane while talking to Gabi and continuing to blame Paul. So close yet so far away, Big Willie. But it was nice to see you again! Where you been? Whatcha been doing?

Speaking of long time no see, Paul was back in the picture, too, last week! He's been on tour with Mad World for the Narita line. He didn't likey. Good. That just means he'll be more willing to stick around Salem. And I think he should stick to John's side as his dad investigates his past. It would be a good time for them to discover things together.

Finally, I was thrilled to see Camila Banus again! Though Gabi and I have had our rough patches, Camila is an asset, and I'm excited to see what the writers have given her to work with. Based on her exit storyline, I'm confident that Camila will shine again and again this time around, and Gabi's already promised Ari-Grace that she'll make better decisions, so I suspect good things are in our future.

As for Gabi's reentrance back into the Salem wildlife, well, I've had fortune cookie fortunes with more text. It basically boiled down to the judge in her case making a major mistake and Aiden finding it. Yep, that's the explanation we got in almost real-time coverage. Sure. Why not? Some murderers haven't even gone to jail. Gabi has served time. So, again, sure, why not! And welcome back, Gabi -- just watch out for wackos with neckties.

Extra Scoops
I can't think of a cast member who didn't bring their A-plus game to last week and they all deserve this HOT, but I need to give a special, extra-HOT two snaps and a twist to Kassie DePaiva. Ms. Thang was working it overtime and the payoff was amazing!

I know the Donovan dames are a little, say, dysfunctional, but I feel flat-out robbed that we haven't seen Theresa's reaction to Paige's death yet, not to mention Jeannie-T supporting Eve. I've been talking about incredible talent through most of my column and Jen Lilley is at the top of that list. Not showcasing her reaction is like benching Lebron right before the final minutes of a tied playoff game. Not a good time to drop the ball and cheat the team.

Victor: "You look chilly, Stefano. Should I adjust your blankie?"

Rafe (RE: Stefano): "He disowns his kids every other day."
Stefano: "I've been known to cry wolf."
Ben: "So, we have people come to our wedding -- free food, dancing, music, booze -- and we're supposed to send them home with swag?"

Though it seems like Laurisa and I were just teasing about the subject of this year's Two Scoops Summer Series, we've already reached the end of our summer fun. The final A Summers DAYS' Dream is linked below! Though just because said summer fun has ended, that doesn't mean that we're not still going to be celebrating DAYS' golden gala come the fall. Stay tuned!

Part One: Dream Girls
Part Two: A Few Good Men
Part Three: Phantoms of the Soap Opera
Part Four: Somewhere out there
Part Five: The show must go on

Wow! I thought Hope loved her children more than anything, but I'm going to check for dark lipstick and/or princess tiaras in her purse after what she said to Ciara last week. It was just downright mean. I hate to repeat such things, so cover your ears if you're underage, but Hope said that Ciara was acting like a "Little Julie." Ouch, Hope. Just ouch.

Of course Steve has a friend named Axel! Well played, writers.

Breaking news: Joey kinda, almost smiled once.

Mystery solved! The man Aiden owes money to has to be the florist.

Marlena and Chad scenes never, ever fail to disappoint me. Love. These. Two.

On the subject of Chad, he not only has Abigail in his corner, but Marlena, Ciara, and (sorta) Rafe, too. He should be good with that group singing backup.

Clyde called all of Stefano's kids "spoiled entitled bastards." Please, oh, please someone tell me where Kristen is secretly recovering so I can have Clyde say that to her face and watch what happens afterwards.

The pier is back!!! Well, the pier-lite, but I'll take it.

Rafe might be a little smug at times, but compared to Justin's new 'tude, I'll side with Detective Hernandez when he called the D.A. out on his own family's shady reputation. Game point goes to Rafe-a-roni and cheese!

I love incognito J.J.! I'm not sure why he was dressed like the Unabomber's composite sketch, but it tickled my funny bone.

Steve wasn't entirely wrong when he said that Bo is "closer to me than my own brother," but there was part of me who also saw it as another knife twist to Jack. Can't this flattened guy just rest in peace?

Serena doesn't have family and barely had a friend in Salem. Eve doesn't know who is suspected of killing Paige. Fans aren't complaining. So who is making threats against Chad!?

Speaking of which, in addition to Theresa, someone better tell Daphne her best friend is dead. #todolist

Aiden's tales about his hurt finger are starting to sound like the various origin stories the Joker gave people in The Dark Knight. Methinks his little damaged digit will be his downfall.

Chad asked Justin, "When did you decide you didn't like me?" I'd like to know the real answer to that, too, as Justin's response was a little generic.

I think J.J. inherited the Cheatin' Heart's music collection. His honky-tonk conversation cover-up music gave me flashbacks.

Hmm, if the nurse Aiden talked to ends up dead, I'm refocusing my investigation.

I want to send a "Congratulations!" Edible Arrangement to Robert Scott Wilson for finally getting meaty material to work with. I was impressed! Very impressed. Well done, sir.

I adore the look on John's face every time he sees Paul.

The "CPR Saves Lives" sign at the hospital is so nostalgic.

Of all the small things I love about DAYS, Marlena answering her phone is near the top of the list. I don't know why, but she always unintentionally cracks me up while doing so. Someone please call her now. I need another giggle.

Kudos to Guy Wilson and Camila Banus! That entire "guy I slept with" shtick was hilarious.

Clyde is one smooth operator! I can't even tell you how many times -- heck, how many times today! -- I've begun a conversation with, "I'm calling about the cat." Nope. That one won't stand out at all.

Just how many secrets safes are built into the walls of the DiMera Mansion!? I'm imagining a scene of Stefano forgetting which one he put something in and going room to room, searching for the right one -- "No, that's the CD of John's memories and the DiMera family vacation to Disney. Damn, that's the recipe for Phoenix Juice that I had Kristen inject Elvis with. May this is -- nope, that's the location of Hoffa's body..."

So, friends and fellow DAYS fans, that's Two Scoops for the week of September 21! Laurisa is back next week to usher in the return of one sinister Salemite as well as a few new faces to Salem...while trying to dodge the Necktie Killer, of course. And, "That's a fact!"

As always, thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Days of our Lives? What did you think of this week's Two Scoops? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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