DAYS head writer reportedly takes leave of absence

Posted Thursday, August 13, 2015 9:27:37 AM
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DAYS head writer reportedly takes leave of absence

Days of our Lives' new co-head writer Dena Higley has reportedly been forced to take a step away from the NBC soap.

Days of our Lives' head writing team is one person short these days, as new co-head writer Dena Higley has reportedly taken a leave of absence.

Daytime Confidential reports that the scribe, who together with Josh Griffith took over head writing duties for the soap in February of this year, had to leave Salem for "personal reasons." There's no word on when -- or if -- she'll be back, and word on the street is that Sony may consider borrowing a writer from The Young and the Restless to fill her shoes while she's away.

DAYS is no stranger to Higley's work, as she's written for the NBC soap before. She served as the drama's head writer in 2003 as well as from 2008 to 2012.

Higley and Griffith's material -- rumored to be the saving grace of the show as it approaches its 50th anniversary -- will begin airing at the end of this month.

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