The Ultimate Days of our Lives Quiz

by Kambra Clifford
Posted Sunday, November 08, 2015 9:47:33 AM
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Are you REALLY a fan of Days of our Lives? Test your knowledge of the NBC soap with's ultimate DAYS 50th anniversary quiz.

Do you know how many grains of sand have fallen through Days of our Lives' iconic hourglass in the last 50 years? Okay, that question might be impossible to answer, but the following 50 questions Soap Central has put together in celebration of the NBC soap's 50th anniversary won't be impossible to nail -- but only for true fans of all things Salem. The rest of you posers may as well thrown yourselves off the deck of the Fancy Face because you are going down! Enjoy, and let us know in the comment section below if you were able to correctly answer all 50 questions of our Ultimate Days of our Lives Quiz.

1. Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) has had a total of four of her marriages annulled. Which of her exes fall into the annulment category?

a. E.J. (twice), Rafe, and Lucas
b. Lucas, Brandon, Rafe, and E.J.
c. Rafe (twice), Lucas, and Austin
d. E.J. (twice) and Lucas (twice)
e. Austin, Brandon, Lucas and E.J.

2. While posing as Stephanie Woodruff, what did Brooke Hamilton (Eileen Barnett) do in order to hide her true identity from her father, Bob Anderson (Mark Tapscott)?

a. She paid a doctor to fudge the DNA test results
b. She burned her own hand to erase fingerprint proof
c. She poisoned Bob, which resulted in him dying of a heart attack before he discovered the truth
d. She had her sister, Mary, supply blood for the paternity test

3. DAYS allowed fans to dictate story for the first time when they offered an online poll to determine the father of Hope's (Kristian Alfonso) baby, Isaac (a.k.a. Zack). Fans voted from the available options but also expressed outcry over the fact that Bo (Peter Reckell) was not part of the poll. The NBC soap listened and eventually named Bo as the father. Do you remember which character fans originally voted in to be Isaac's father?

4. 2008 saw the beginning of an exciting storyline in which Nicole (Arianne Zucker), hoping to hold on to her relationship with E.J. (James Scott), stole Sami's baby. What led to her making such a decision?

a. Nicole's real baby died, so she stole Sami's and convinced Sami that her baby was dead
b. Nicole's real baby died, so she found a replacement on the black market and later decided to switch the "strange" baby with Sami's baby
c. Nicole couldn't get pregnant, so she faked a pregnancy and then nabbed Sami's baby
d. Nicole couldn't get pregnant, so she found a baby on the black market and later decided to swap it with Sami's baby

5. Alice Horton (Francis Reid) once helped Roman Brady (Wayne Northrup) escape from jail after he was wrongly accused of committing the Salem Slasher murders. How did she orchestrate his jailbreak?

a. She brought in a homemade pie to distract the guards while Roman sneaked out the back
b. She faked a heart attack in the jail lobby to distract the guards while Roman broke free
c. She poisoned one of the guards with arsenic-laced doughnuts so Roman could sneak out
d. She poisoned doughnuts she brought in for Roman, who was taken to the hospital after eating the baked goods and escaped from there

6. Who voices DAYS' iconic hourglass opening?

7. Time Magazine once featured two Days of our Lives stars on its cover -- the only daytime stars to ever appear on the front page of the magazine. Which two actors were featured?

8. DAYS went over 20 years without any of its performers taking home a Daytime Emmy Award in an acting category. Who won an Emmy for the show in 1988, and who broke the extended unlucky streak by winning in 2009?

9. One of DAYS' most memorable storylines, The Cruise of Deception, kicked off in July of 1990. Super villain Ernesto Toscano (Charles Cioffi) invited several popular Salemites aboard his ship, the S.S. Loretta, where mayhem ensued. Which of the following outlandish things did NOT happen aboard the ship?

a. Hope died in an explosion that involved her being locked in a cage and suspended over a vat of acid
b. Victor (John Aniston) nearly murdered Roman during a play called Fatal Passion
c. Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) made love for the first time
d. It was revealed that Isabella (Staci Greason) wasn't Ernesto's daughter but actually Victor's
e. Victor and Julie made love for the first time

10. DAYS garnered tons of attention during the 1995 storyline in which Marlena (Deidre Hall) was possessed by the devil. What led to the character being taken over by Satan?

a. She admitted she loved John, who had given up his position as a priest just for her
b. She got carried away with her research about the history of witches in Salem and accidentally uncovered a spell that allowed the devil to take over
c. She was drugged by Stefano, which switched her personality and allowed the devil to invade her soul
d. She got carried away with her research about John's past as a priest and accidentally uncovered a Bible passage that allowed the devil to take over