The Ultimate Days of our Lives Quiz (Questions 41-50)

by Kambra Clifford
Posted Sunday, November 08, 2015 9:47:33 AM
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Are you REALLY a fan of Days of our Lives? Test your knowledge of the NBC soap with's ultimate DAYS 50th anniversary quiz.

Do you know how many grains of sand have fallen through Days of our Lives' iconic hourglass in the last 50 years? Okay, that question might be impossible to answer, but the following 50 questions Soap Central has put together in celebration of the NBC soap's 50th anniversary won't be impossible to nail -- but only for true fans of all things Salem. The rest of you posers may as well thrown yourselves off the deck of the Fancy Face because you are going down! Enjoy, and let us know in the comment section below if you were able to correctly answer all 50 questions of our Ultimate Days of our Lives Quiz.

41. In 2005, DAYS released an album called Days of our Lives Love Songs. Which of these actors were featured on the album?

a. Kyle Lowder, Arianne Zucker, Peter Reckell, and Nadia Bjorlin
b. Alison Sweeney, Kyle Lowder, Arianne Zucker, and Patrick Muldoon
c. Tanya Boyd, Kassie DePaiva, Nadia Bjorlin, and Peter Reckell
d. Drake Hogestyn, James Scott, Kristian Alfonso, and Martha Madison

42. Who was Bettina Lovelorn?

a. Eve Donovan's hooker name
b. Eugene Bradford's fake identity
c. Roman Brady's high school lover
d. The real Salem Strangler

43. Who were Jessica Blake's (Jean Bruce Scott) DID (dissociative identity disorder) alter egos?

a. Angelica and Angel
b. Bethany and Babe
c. Carol Anne and Carla
d. Deborah and Delilah

44. Stefano fancies himself the Phoenix, but he's also been a king. What did he once rule?

45. What was the name of the song Justin (Wally Kurth) sang for and about Adrienne (Judi Evans)?

a. Love So True
b. Only For You
c. Only In My Heart
d. Heart So True

46. Which of Salem's staple families sat around the dinner table and sang a song called Always for a special anniversary celebration?

a. The Brady family
b. The DiMera family
c. The Horton family
d. The Kiriakis family

47. True or false: Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady) accidentally uttered a vulgar term for male genitalia during a scene.

48. One of the most buzzed-about behind-the-scenes scandals connected to DAYS was the alleged affair between which of the show's actors?

49. DAYS' Salem was originally set in New England and then moved to the Midwestern United States in the 1970s. Though many references to Chicago have been made during the series' 50-year run, an episode that aired on May 23, 2013, revealed that Salem isn't actually in Illinois as many fans originally thought. The real state in which Salem is located is...?

a. Minnesota
b. Mississippi
c. Missouri
d. Ohio

50. DAYS features a fictional intelligence agency called the ISA, where many characters like John Black, Billie Reed, Rafe Hernandez, and Steve Johnson have worked. What does the acronym ISA stand for?

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