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Ben Rogers
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Actor History
Justin Gaston
Rob Wilson
Other Names

Ben Rogers (name his first year in Salem)

Kevin Reynolds (while in Miami)

Oliver (birth name)

Ollie (nick-name)


Bartender at The Edge (Victor's Club)

Former bartender at Club TBD

Former waiter in Miami

Resides At

Apt 623 in Salem

Formerly rented a room from someone in Salem

Formerly in Miami, FL

Formerly in Houston, TX

Formerly in Poplar Bluff, MO

Marital Status

Engaged to Abigail Deveraux

Past Marriages



Clyde Weston (father)

Jordan Ridgeway (half-sister) *Ben's mother is deceased and has never been mentioned by name



Flings & Affairs

Abigail Deveraux (dated/lovers)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Punched Rafe when he learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan (August 2014)

Punched Chad when he learned that Chad caused Ben not to get an apartment (November 2014)

Punched Chad when Chad told him that Jordan was better in bed than Abigail (January 2015)

Installed a tracking device on Abigail's phone (July 2015)

Brief Character History

Ben Rogers applied for a job at Club TBD in February 2014. But, it was clear that he was in Salem for something else - his sister, Jordan. He and Jordan frequently spoke of the secret they share and how it wasn't safe for them to stay in Salem. But, Ben was adamant to stay in order to protect Jordan.

While working at Club TBD, he met Abigail Deveraux. The two struck up a flirtation. When Ben saw Nick and Abigail arguing, he stepped in to defend Abigail, saying that a man never had a right to put his hands on a woman. Abigail and Ben grew closer after that. He even supported her the night Nick was shot and he accompanied her to E.J. and Sami's wedding.

Around the same time, Jordan told Ben that she needed to come clean with Rafe about her past. Ben was supportive of Jordan, but was still nervous that "he" would find them.

The "he" Ben was referring to was their father, Clyde. Jordan and Ben (back then known as Tammy Sue and Ollie) fled from their abusive father in Poplar Bluff, MO and hid all over the country trying to avoid him. But thanks to Kate's vendetta against Jordan, Kate tracked down Clyde and told him that Jordan and Ben were in Salem. Clyde came to track them down.

Jordan and Ben were not happy to see Clyde. But, Ben promised to protect Jordan.

Ben also stood by Abigail when the news came out that months before Ben came to town, Abigail had an affair with E.J. DiMera. Ben told Abigail that what happened in her past was in her past and did not effect their future. The two began happily dating.

A few weeks later, Ben learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan. Ben got into a fight with Rafe, which Abigail had to break up. She told him that she understood why he was angry, but he needed to control his temper better.

Shortly after, Abigail's ex Chad DiMera came back to town. Ben and Chad butted heads immediately over Abigail. To complicate matters more, Chad was still part owner in Club TBD, and therefore Ben's boss. Ben and Chad decided to keep their distance from each other out of mutual respect for Sonny. However, when a reference called to check on Ben for an apartment, Chad gave be a bad review. Ben got angry and punched Chad. Abigail, Sonny, and Rafe all witnessed it and warned Ben again about his temper.

But Chad continued to push Ben's buttons. After seeing Jordan kissing Rafe, Chad wanted to hurt Jordan back. So, he told Ben that his sister was better in bed than his girlfriend. Ben lost it and punched Chad in the face. Witnesses were there and Ben was charged was assault. Clyde told Ben that he'd hire Aiden Jennings to represent him. But Chad came around and decided not to press charged against Ben.

But Ben's legal troubles weren't over there. The FBI came looking for Ben. It turned out that the bar he worked for in Florida was really a front for a big-time gambling ring. Ben retained Aiden's services again. He told Aiden that while he knew about the games, he never took part in them. He would just direct people looking for a game to the action. The FBI wasn't after Ben, but was going to use him to get to the boss of the ring. When Clyde heard about this, he arranged for one of the FBI's witnesses to be killed in jail. Without the witness, the case fell apart and charges against Ben were dropped. Ben focused back on Abigail.

With E.J. gone, Chad assumed his spot on the hospital board. His first order of business was to give Abigail her job back. Abigail was happy to be working again, but skeptical of Chad's motives. But, Chad continued to reassure her that he was looking out for her best interest, much to this anger of Ben. So, Ben decided to step things up with Abigail and ask her to move in with him. Abigail said she needed to think about it. Nervous that Abigail was keeping something from him, Ben activated a tracking device on her phone.

Abigail professed to love Ben, but felt herself drawn to Chad. She kept making up excuses to see him. One night when she hand-delivered some papers to him, the two ended up sleeping together. Chad thought this meant that they could reconcile, but Abigail was upset with herself for cheating on Ben.

What Abigail didn't know was that Stefano had uncovered something about her. It turned out that her Irish nanny was set to leave Abigail a plot of land in Ireland that was worth a lot of money. Stefano wanted Chad to marry Abigail so that the DiMeras would have a legal claim to that land. When Chad found out what Stefano was planning, he decided to protect Abigail. He told her that their night together meant nothing and he was only trying to prove that she wanted to sleep with him and then dump her. Abigail was crushed. She ran to Ben and told him that she would move in with him. Ben was thrilled.

But Abigail had to make sure that Chad wouldn't ruin things for her with Ben. So, she went to him to ask for his silence on the topic. Chad agreed. But, Ben had used the tracking device to follow her. Ben overheard the whole conversation. But, he decided not to confront her. Now that Abigail had chosen him, he wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind.

A few weeks later, Abigail realized she was late. She took a home pregnancy test and got a positive result. She went to Kayla to run an official test. She got the same results. Abigail then confided to Kayla that she didn't know who the father was. Kayla told her that she needed to wait a few more weeks before she was far enough along to run a paternity test against Chad's medical records, which the hospital had on file. Abigail settled in to wait.

At the same time, Ben's father Clyde was busy trying to steal some of Stefano's territory. So, he had planted a bug in the DiMera living room. Through the bug, he learned of Abigail's inheritance in Ireland. He wanted Ben to have a claim to that valuable land as well. So, he presented Ben with a ring (that he said belonged to Ben's mother) and urged Ben to propose to Abigail. Ben did. Abigail told Ben she had to think about it.

What she was really doing was waiting for the results of the paternity test. But Clyde came across a prescription at their apartment for prenatal vitamins. He knew from Ben that Abigail had slept with Chad too. So, he figured that Abigail must be having a paternity test. So, he threatened the lab tech's family so that the lab would return the results that Chad was not the father of Abigail's baby.

However on the day of the test, the lab tech got called out of the lab. His assistant finished the test and delivered the results to Kayla. However, when the lab tech realized what had happened, he called Kayla to get the test back before she opened it. In it's place, he delivered a result that indicated that Chad was not the father. When Abigail read the results, she went to Ben and accepted his marriage proposal.

Chad was heartbroken to learn of the engagement. He asked Will to set up a meeting between him and Abigail so he could explain that he still loved her. But, Abigail was not moved by his speech. She was still determined to marry Ben. She told Ben about the baby and the two of them started planning their wedding and their life together.

Chad reluctantly agreed to back off. But, he wanted Abigail to be free from Stefano's grasp. So, he called her over and told her in front of Stefano about the land in Ireland. Abigail was moved by his gesture and started to believe that he really did love her. Still, she remained committed to Ben.

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